Graco SnugRide Classic Connect Infant Car Seat Base, Tan

Graco SnugRide Classic Connect Infant Car Seat Base, Tan

The Graco SnugRide Classic Connect adjustable base fits any SnugRide Classic Connect infant car seat and is fully optimized for LATCH connection. This tan, stay-in-car base is sold separately and allows the car seat to properly recline and perform all functions while offering ultimate convenience for parents.

Main features

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • With this extra base, you can easily move your SnugRide Classic Connect car seat from car to car. Install extra bases in any car you use regularly.
  • Seat clicks in and out of base easily but locks in securely once it’s there. Adjusts to position seat to the proper recline.
  • Great for Dad or grandparents. Works with any SnugRide infant car seat (sold separately).
  • Base ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.
  • LATCH equipped for easy installation. Tan.

Verified reviews


Heavy, not secure

We went with the Graco Snugride because it received good safety ratings and fit our budget. Our newborn son fit nicely in it and seemed secure – the first few times. After the first couple of months I started to notice some definite drawbacks:1) It is NOT particularly lightweight, and even though my son was a smaller baby, it still got really heavy really fast. After about 3mos. I refused to use it anymore. We put it in hubby’s car and I put the convertible seat in mine.2) The straps adjust from behind, and they are the kind that need to be threaded individually. So, if the season changes (or you just live in a variable region like we do) you’ll find yourself fighting with it every time your child wears anything heavier than a onesie. THEN you have to re-thread again on the next warm (lighter clothes) day. And trust me – trying to adjust those things when you’re in a hurry to be somewhere will frazzle your nerves in no time!3) The handle was not very steady. What I mean is, these seats are pushed and pulled constantly, usually at a sideways angle in and out of the car or at your hip. I found that after just a few trips, the handle felt loose and would rock a little from side to side, and even back & forth slightly when supposedly locked in place.4) Last thing, but definitely my biggest concern. The anchor strap slips! You don’t notice it the first few times, and you probably won’t ever notice it unless you ride in the back seat or test it occasionally. Because it was in my husband’s car, we didn’t notice it at first. Then I rode back there one day and found that the base was sliding like crazy – the BASE! The strap (it was the LATCH strap) had gradually gotten looser and looser, even though we used a towel to even out the seat (as recommended) and pulled the strap as tight as humanly possible. We fixed it, then found that several weeks later it was loose again!I would accept that the loose strap thing was a fluke of this particular seat (since I’ve never heard anybody else complain of it), but taken as a whole we will NOT be using this seat again. Go with Britax or Chicco!

Ladonna Freeport, IL

For Infant model seat only

I thought I was getting a good deal on an extra base. Turns out that this base is compatible with the Snugride Infant (4-22 lbs) seat ONLY. It will not fit any other Snugride seat. The product description doesn’t make this clear, nor does the packaging or instructions. Check the Graco website to see which base you need for your seat- it looks like all of the other bases and seats are interchangeable, but not this one.

Faye Bixby, OK

shopped around and this is the best price

This base is a great price on Amazon! I borrowed the carrier from a friend, and I needed an extra base for my husband’s car! Amazon came through with flying colors!

Deloris Stevensville, VA

Great for second vehicle

We have a Graco Snugride that came with a base. We purchased this base so that we can have one in each car. The seat snaps directly into the base and in order to remove the seat you must press one button. It is that easy! My only complaint is that when placed in the middle seat of my car, it is difficult to fasten the seat belts of the two side seat, especially on the driver’s side.

Trudy Dresden, OH

Fits perfectly

This base fit perfectly with our car seat model. It definitely did the job.HOWEVER, before purchasing, definitely look into which models fit with this base.

Elisa Congress, AZ

Graco SnugRide Classic Connect Infant Car Seat Base

Absolutely excellent and easy to put in and out of car. Baby fits very snugly and the construction is quite sturdy. A great value for the money.

Lacey Rodeo, CA

Confusing compatibility

Be aware that this base does not work with all SnugRide models. The SnugRide 30 seat does not fit with this seat base at all. Neither the Amazon nor the Graco descriptions makes this clear at all. We had to return it, which fortunately worked out and we were credited with minimal hassle.

Nikki Norfolk, VA

must have for parents with multiple vehicles

We got the second base so that each vehicle would have one. With as many trips in and out of the car as there are, this one click system is the way to go! One of the best investments we have made!

Young Mallie, KY

Fast shipping

Great product, good price from amazon. Kind of surprised to see the tan base was cheaper than the rest but it works bc it matches the interior of our car haha! overall i would recommend this product to anyone that has a graco carseat with more than one car. the convenience is amazing!

Belinda Clam Lake, WI

Didn’t use!

Kind of an expensive purchase for something we never used! We thought we’d be using this base a lot, but we never really did. If we put my daughter’s car seat in a different car, we just strapped in it with the seat belt. I think it’s a waste to buy more than one. 🙂 I gave it 4 stars because the car seat and bases have functioned well and I’ve always been able to pop them in and out without much trouble.

Justina Scotrun, PA

nice to have two

I think it’s great to have an extra base- much easier to swap kids and cars. We just appreciated the convenience.

Valarie Bellona, NY

Just what you would think

This product is just what you would think it would be… it’s nice to have one in mom’s car, one in dad’s car and one in the grandparents’ car… makes life simpler.

Elba Taneytown, MD

Fits perfectly and works well!

This product is exactly as we expected. Fits our Graco carseat and we have no complaints. It is so much easier having two bases!!

Bessie New Oxford, PA

Must have!

The extra base for additional cars is a must have with the infant carrier. It makes putting the carseT in and taking it out a breeze. I often see people in a store with the base still attached to the seat – makes me wonder.

Ester Rush, KY

Just as described

This extra base works perfectly with the Graco Snugride car seats. We got an extra one for my husbands car so we could take either car when we go out and it is the same as the one that came with my car seat.

Nina Rice, TX

for the other car

we bought this for our other car. It’s easy to install and color doesn’t make our car seat but it’s cool because you can’t see it once the carseat is clicked in.

Irene Bynum, AL

Difficult to install

We love having a base in each of our cars, but in one we don’t have the latch system and had a hell of a time trying to get this in securely. At 8 months pregnant I had to climb in and push down on it with my knees while my husband tried to get the seatbelt tightened and make sure it wouldn’t loosen up. Now that it’s in we love it.

Loretta Jacksonville, OH

Good, affordable base

We needed three of these bases for a few different cars and found Amazon to be the best price around. And coupled with the free shipping we receive with Prime benefits it was very hard to beat. These bases are very easy to put in a car especially if you have a newer car that has the place to hook the latches into. So overall fast ship, affordable, and easy install makes this a five star product.

Lottie Baxter, IA

Perfect match

We purchased two of these bases to match the Graco Passage Travel System we received as a shower gift. I thought any Snugride base would work with my system, but was told when I called Graco that my particular travel system would match any Snugride base WITHOUT a number. I would recommend calling the manufacturer to confirm what base matches before purchasing. Once I did that, I purchased these bases and am very pleased with them. They even came with the metal clip sometimes needed if your car doesn’t have a latch system!

Diann North Hero, VT

Compatible with the Graco Alano Travel System

I wanted a second base to go with our Travel System, that we got from Target: Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System – Scribbles. It works fine, I had to use a beach towel to roll up under it for our 99 Chevy Blazer but don’t need anything under it for our 2014 Subaru Impreza. It’s a different color than the base that came with out travel system but the color doesn’t matter to us — we just wanted to save a few bucks.

Jeanie Oakridge, OR

Love it

Great base that fits perfect with my car seat. I brought this one so that my mother and husband could have their own base so they would not have to strap the car seat in the hard way. Just one snap and the car seat and base are connected. Easy as pie

Summer Strawn, IL