Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30/35 LX Infant Car Seat Base, Silver

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30/35 LX Infant Car Seat Base, Silver

The Graco SnugRide Click Connect base fits the SnugRide 30 and 35 Click Connect infant car seat and is fully optimized for LATCH connection. The base features integrated belt lock-off for easier seat belt installation, including 6-position dial adjustment to make proper installation easier. The on-base easy-to-read level indicator ensures accurate installation. This silver, stay-in-car base is sold separately and allows the car seat to properly recline and perform all functions while offering ultimate convenience for parents.

Main features

  • Click connect system provides a one-step secure attachment.
  • Base features integrated belt lock off for easier seat belt installation.
  • Easy to read level indicator helps eliminate guesswork from the installation process, so you can feel confident it’s been done right.
  • Fits with Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30/35 LX infant car seats.
  • Silver base.

Verified reviews


Did not use

Had to return car seat. So extra base not needed. No use for it. Am sure if getting infant car seat, you need second base so you don’t need to transfer back and forth 2 cars or with babysitters

Shawn Gilchrist, OR

works well, and very secure…

Works great. Fits in our car well, and with the leg part that lowers, now holds the car seat even more securely than they used to. Only gripe is that I wish it could be attached in the car using the latch system, not a seat belt. Otherwise, perfect. Car seat clicks in and out effortlessly.

Marylou Coopers Plains, NY

Four Stars

Good Base, Good price. Graco Click connect has its issues….I would suggest not buying the click connect set up.

Geri Whites City, NM

Great base, easy to install, easy to use!

We have the Graco Monroe car seat and were looking for another base for our 2nd car so we didnt have to fight with two car seats and two different bases. We got this car seat in black (to match the interior of the car). Install was quick and painless. I prefer using the straps that physically attach to the back seat as well as the seat belt for added security. Doesn’t budge an inch and works just fine!

Jeri Manhattan, NV

EASY to use

I love the ease – it was clearly labeled, which made installation a breeze. I like the one-click feature, it helps when carrying a baby!

Karen Cat Spring, TX

Graco car seat base

This is a spare base so that the car seat can be used in a second car. It is very good and easy to use.

Bertie Marshall, MO

Works great

For some reason Babies r Us only carries the gray version here, and our carseat is black.. as I thought most models were.

Deirdre South Carver, MA


This works great for our Graco Click Connect 35 car seat. My only recommendations is to check and double check which base you need.

Brandy Conconully, WA

Gets the job done

This is a great base and cheaper than the grey version. Great quality and great price! I would absolutely purchase this again!

Elnora Paton, IA

Fits the graco click connect and in the car

Product is as described, fits the car seat and in my husbands track as well. Expensive, but it is worth the convenience of just clicking the baby seat into the vehicle instead of messing with the buckles.

Kelly Baskerville, VA

Works perfectly

Out of all the car seats we checked out, the click connect is by far the easiest. I definitely recommend the extra base in case grandma and grandpa want to pick your little one up from daycare for some extra snuggles 🙂

Lila Merry Point, VA

Needed 2

This was perfect for my husband and me. We purchased one car seat, and 2 bases so each of our vehicles had one in it.

Avis Upper Jay, NY

Great car seat base

Needed a second base for the graco click connect carseat I got with my travel stroller system. Works perfectly for that and is a great carseat and base.

Adrian Meadow Creek, WV

We have two cars, a second base is a MUST HAVE with this car seat.

LOVE this car seat/base. We bought this as a second base for my husbands car. As many of you know that have the Click Connect car seat already the base is not easy to take in and out which makes it difficult to only have one base if you are a 2 car family. We knew after trying to switch the base out we had to purchase another base and I am so glad we did. We now can take whatever car we want and not worry about the base. The car seat clicks right into the base and makes it so easy to take the seat on and off. I love that it’s just a click away and my baby is safely in her base. I can’t imagine having any other car seat/base.If you have two cars in your family and both cars will be used with the baby having a second base is a must! This was a must purchase for us and we are so glad we paid the extra $50 for a second base.

Sherri Semora, NC

Good product.

This base works great with my infant 35 car seat. It is exactly like the one that came with it. I would def. recommend it to any new moms.

Carrie Lees Creek, OH

Great fit, but it would be nice if all Graco car seats had a universal base!!

Does exactly what it’s supposed to. However, be careful when purchasing that you triple check you are purchasing the correct base. I needed the click connect and double checking was not sufficient. The first time, I ended up with the classic connect and had to exchange it for this one.

Lolita Sterling Forest, NY

It works.

I was looking for another car seat base for my car so that I dont have to remove the one car seat base every time my wife and i use a different car. The base work the same at the original car seat base that came with the car seat. We havent had any problem and installation was simple and easy.

Lena Ajo, AZ

Makes transport simple

We have one of these in every car. You can just drop the car seat in and go, no need to mess with seatbelts and levels, it’s a simple, easy way to get baby from point A to point B!

Dionne Scroggins, TX

2nd base for our Carseat

Just wanted a 2nd base for our 2nd car so we wouldn’t have to move it in and out. Now we can just click the seat in and out of the cars. It’s divine and super easy to install.

Kaitlyn Grambling, LA

Easy to install. Easy to use

I highly recommend the Graco Click Connect car seats and base. It’s simple to put the pumpkin seat into the car with this thing. And with most newer cars, you don’t even need to use the seatbelt any more. Just hook the base onto the anchors built into your car.

Chandra Atlantic Beach, FL

Easy to use as long as you lift straight up!

I have a four-month old and have been using the SnugRide carseat along with this base for four months. The carseat is so easy to pop in and out of the car, which makes quick trips all over town super-easy. Here are some of our findings:
• The SnugRide carseat has an awesome feature that lets you tighten and loosen the harness with a little lever and strap. When the carseat is in the base, just remember to leave the strap on top of the seat so that you can take your child out of the seat more easily. If the strap is not left on top, you have to either dig around between the seat and the carseat and the back of the seat for the strap to tighten it or you have to remove the seat altogether to tighten your child back into the harness once he or she comes out.
• The base does wiggle a bit. We purchased a wench to help tighten the base with the seatbelt. The wench stays on the actual seatbelt after we are done using it to tighten the seat–it holds the tight grip that way. I wouldn’t want to use the base without that wench to ensure a tight fit.
• The directions were challenging for me to understand. I had to learn all about the LATCH system and figure out whether my Honda Pilot had it or not (it does). The installation process was confusing at first, but I understood it better after reading through the manual for my car and for the base. Basically, this base is versatile and can fit any car, is what I understand. But figuring out how to attach it to your car model might require breaking out your car manual.
• The carseat itself has a lever that you pull up to release the seat from the base. We’ve noticed that it’s hard to remove the seat from the base if we are pulling up on the seat unevenly. However, if we hold the lever while pulling it and hold the front of the carseat between our daughter’s feet and pull directly up, it is simple to remove the carseat. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge because the seat is so snug against the back of the car’s seat. It takes some practice to lift the carseat straight up to get it out of the base, but it works!
• My husband’s car is a coupe BMW, so there is no back door to make getting the carseat into and out of the car easy. However, we can drop the carseat onto the base super-easily to snap it into place. Getting it out of his car is a pain, though. I have to crawl into the car to do it, but he’s more adept at it.Overall, this is a simple-to-use base that makes us feel very safe. We listen for two clicks and know that the seat is safely in place!

Catalina Abell, MD

Base #3

I got the 3rd car base for my grandson’s click connect snugride. That way we will not have to switch the base from car to car, but leave it secured in all 3 vehicles.

Marie West Kill, NY

Don’t buy a second base until you’ve lived without one for a while.

We got the Grace SnugRide click connect travel system when our son was born. It came with the stroller, carrier and one base and has been great so far.. The latch system (in most cars) makes moving the base so easy that you may be able to spend the $50 for an extra base on other things. We ordered th second base becuase one of our cars is difficult to reach the latch ancohors, but if you are primarily going to use one car for baby transport, I’d skip the second base.

Paige Biggers, AR

Loved it so much, we own one for each car. Money well-spent!

Pros: Easy to install. Modern vehicles have anchors buried between the cushions in the back seat, so you don’t have to fool with seatbelts, but you CAN still use a seatbelt to install this product if necessary. Carseat snaps into place very securely with an audible "click" that lets you know it’s secure.Cons: Removal of this product… Once you know what you’re doing it’s easy, but I was cussing at this thing because I needed to remove it to place a mat underneath, and I couldn’t get the blasted strap loose. There’s a button that you squeeze, and if you tighten the strap super tight like I did, you can’t squeeze this button by hand. Or at least I couldn’t (6’3" 270lb fairly strong male speaking here…) I had to get a pair of pliers. The strap released without issue upon using pliers, so this isn’t even enough to remove a star, in my book. The extreme safety I felt when I installed these trumps the strap being stubborn on my first attempt at removal.Other Thoughts: Purchased this to replace the SnugRide Classic connect that we purchase accidentally. (Our stroller was compatible with BOTH Click and Classic connect, and lead us to mistakenly believe the carseat bases were universal as well.)Technically you DON’T need this base. Most carseats have the option of still being secured with a seatbelt, and the SnugRide Click connect definitely is one of those. This product makes putting baby in and taking baby out of the car INCREDIBLY easy, and I would recommend that everyone purchase one of these for every vehicle.Also, keep in mind that until products are used multiple times (broken in) some things could feel "stiff". I surmise that my difficulty in depressing the button to release the strap that holds this product securely to the seat in the back was a result of how tight I made the strap, and due to the fact that the button had never been used, and was "sticky".

Luisa Soldiers Grove, WI