Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat, Platinum

Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat, Platinum

Features: 5 point harness for a secure fit EPS, Energy absorbing foam Convenient, stay-in-car adjustable base Removable, infant head support cradles baby’s head and neck Comfy harness covers for a cozy ride 2-piece chest clip makes buckling and unbuckling easier Easy-to-read level indicator for proper installation 180 Adjustable quilted canopy for weather protection Ergonomic handle for added carrying comfort

Main features

  • Top rated for both safety and ease of use by leading consumer magazines
  • 5-point harness
  • Convenient stay-in-car base
  • EPS energy absorbing foam
  • Crash tested

Verified reviews


not platinum:-/

We chose the Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat in Platinum because we thought it would be a shade of silver or gray with black. The color is actually beige with black, which is why I only gave this seat 4 stars.

Mamie Fenton, IA

Wouldn’t buy this again!

There are two MAJOR negatives for me about this car seat. First, as other users have stated, the handle does not move easily and is very loud and squeaky, which is just a nightmare when you have a sleeping baby. Second, you can only adjust the straps one way by elongating the top straps, you cannot lengthen the piece that goes in between the baby’s legs that the straps snap into. This is a huge problem as your baby grows, especially if you use a “bundle me” (which EVERY mom I know uses in a cold climate) or if your baby is wearing any bulky clothing, or a cloth diaper. My baby is 18 pounds and 27 inches at 5 months and my baby has already out-grown this car seat for this reason. I would have loved to be able to have used it through the winter, so this is a huge disappointment and the main reason why I would never buy again! One last note, the strap adjustment is under the baby’s legs which is just awkward to try and blindly thumb around to get to after your baby is in the seat and you want to tighten up the straps!

Janice Wattsburg, PA

Reliable, Easy and Attractive

My husband and I decided to purchase a Graco infant car seat after the good experience we had with our firstborn’s Graco travel system. We decided on the Snugride in Platinum because of its neutral tones and good reviews, and I liked the fact that it includes a foot muff for cooler weather. We wanted a color that would pair nicely with the Graco Snugrider stroller frame, and this works brilliantly. The photo makes the light color look almost silver though, when in fact the seat is black with a khaki/beige accent color. I expected that from other reviews I’ve read, and it’s still neutral and sharp looking, so we don’t mind. Once we received it, the seat was easy to install in our vehicle (Latch system) and the sun shade was really the only item needing assembly. (That took about five minutes.) The sun shade seems a teeny bit flimsy and the material of the foot muff seems likely to snag on Velcro or other rough materials, but so far we haven’t had any problems with either. The material of the seat pad, head positioner and foot muff is extremely soft, which I appreciate for our tender little newborn. It was nice not having to spend the extra money on a car seat head positioner, this one works just fine for our compact little 7-pounder, and I’m pretty picky about his comfort. The 5-point harness, albeit super-safe, is a little cumbersome next to a baby body, but we’ve remedied that with soft strap covers and our baby doesn’t seem to be bothered much by it, and snuggles right into his seat when we travel. I find the seat to be fairly light to carry, and have even lifted it without straining or hurting myself within a week of having a C-section. (Not recommended at all, but shows how light the seat is.) As expected, we’re finding this seat to be extremely easy to use, comfortable for baby, well-constructed and attractive. There are a lot of trendy and pricey car seats on the market, but Graco is a trustworthy and reliable brand that offers a great product that we’ve been very happy with, for a fraction of the cost of other car seat manufacturers.

Sophie Nora Springs, IA

Awesome car seat

We have been using this car seat in Platinum for 6 months now, and we are really happy with it! I chose this model over the Snugride 32/25 because I couldn’t imagine lifting such a heavy seat plus a heavy child. Now that my child is 16lbs, I already find this seat sort of heavy. She will probably grow out of it by length, not weight however.Pros- Easy to install- Easy to clean- Nice neutral color (we didn’t know the sex of our baby before birth)- Fits securely on all grocery carts I’ve tried- Fits child comfortably- The adjustable base made it easy to install the seat at the proper angle (do buy an extra one if you have 2 cars)- Easy to install without base (using seatbelt)- Fits in most restaurant booths and high chairs- Slight curve on bottom allows it to rocks back and forth, good for crabby babies – make sure its on a flat, safe surface!Cons- If you have a small car with a low roof (we have a BMW 335i) and you put the seat in the center, its hard to get in an out because you have to lift up high to get it off the base. I constantly hit the roof with the carry handle and it jostles my baby around and sometimes awake 😮 This never happens in our SUV though- Newborn heads will tilt to the side even with the head protector, although it did help- Handle can be a pain in the bum to adjust backwards and forwards. You have to press in both releases on each side really hard- There’s no cover for the sunshade viewing window, not good if the sun is in your baby’s eyes or if they are sleeping and you want it dark. However, I made my own very easily with some old fabric- Sometimes my baby seems really hot from it, but I bet that happens with most any car seat- You do have to re-thread the harness when your child gets taller, not a problem for me, but could lead to an improper install if you’re not carefulI’ve been so happy with Graco, that I will probably purchase a Graco convertible car seat for when she outgrows this one.

Keisha Babcock, WI

High hopes for this car seat!

We are due in August, and this just arrived today. Just judging from the seat itself, and not having yet been able to actually use it, I am quite optomistic. It is very well padded, and seems to be a very comfy spot for a newborn to snuggle into, and it is very lightweight. It snaps easily into and out of the base, and though the handle is rather noisy to move through it’s positions, and is a bit too snug against the canopy at times, all in all I’m pleased with this purchase. The boot is a nice addition, and though it does not snap down by the elastic where one would think it may, thus easily slipping off, we are used to harsh winters where I live and I doubt I shall leave the house without having those little feet well covered even beneath the boot, so I’m not too terribly concerned. As stated in some of the reviews, the fabric does appear that it shall snag easily, but…this car seat only has to last a short time and through one child, so if it snags, it snags. My main concern is comfort and safety, and by what I gather just by inspection, it appears to meet both of these points quite well.

Willa Kim, CO

Why did I buy the smallest version??

Ugh. I registered for this car seat because it was simple – why are so many baby items covered in loud ugly patterns? I digress. I chose this car seat because it looked nice.And it does look nice! It also does a great job of keeping my little one snug when we go for a ride. And it fits on our old secondhand Baby Jogger stroller base.But man, I really wish I had bought one of the bigger versions. This is the Snugride 22, in case that’s not obvious from the product details. Graco also makes a 30, 32, and 35, representing the maximum weight each car seat will hold. I glossed over all the numbers in my pregnant state, having no idea they would actually be important.My baby is now 4.5 months old, 15 lbs, and 25.5 inches tall (he’s exactly average according to the growth charts). For the past few weeks it’s been a real struggle to get him strapped in (especially with a winter coat on), and the harness seems way too tight. I adjusted the straps to their maximum length and have been wondering why it hasn’t solved the problem. Only yesterday did it occur to me that he was actually getting too tall for the seat!Short version: knowing what I know now, I would have gone for a larger model to get a little more time out of the infant seat before having to buy a new one.

Blanca Millbury, MA

Great Car Seat!

We had similar car seat for our first child few years back (different neutral colors), and there were no questions what car seat we should buy for our second child.There are many different car seats on the market, and I prefer Graco with GracoPedic foam under the cover. It’s softer and if you compare regular Graco car seat with this one you will feel the difference immediately. It’s much softer, and you don’t have a feeling that your newborn baby is laying on hard plastic itself.The weight limit is not a concern for us. We moved our first one from infant car seat when he was about 20 lbs and 6 months old since it was to heavy for me to carry around (I had blisters on my hands!). I honestly don’t know how women can carry their babies in car seats with 35 lb limits… Maybe they leave car seat in the car and just carry baby.For this particular model I hate the material. It shows signs of ware fast. I wish the material was different – not so easy to scratch.I recommend Graco car seats with GracoPedic labels but not the ones without this label. It’s the best infant car seat on the market!

Nora Saint Onge, SD

Great and convenient

Very pleased so far, I’m a new dad and after extensive research, friend’s recomendations and reviews these car seat has made our life very easy, it performs as advertised, it is light (at least for me), seems to be very comfortable for our daugther who sleeps on it for long periods of time, it seems to keep the baby very worm (great for winter), easy to install, good quality of materials, hard plastic and elegant yet resistant fabric, seems very safe, instructions put lots of emphasis on safety. The entire cover comes off for easy cleaning in the washer machine. It fits securely in the Babytrend stroller frame (new parents out there this is the lightest & easiest folding frame, better than graco’s) my wife and mother in law are very comfortable using the car seat. It’s been 5 weeks and we are very pleased, hope this helps, good luck with your baby!

Sofia Huron, CA

Snugride is more like Sweaty Ride

I don’t understand why this car seat has so many amazing reviews. And why I see people EVERYWHERE with it. Yes, it is safe. But that is a baseline expectation for an infant seat. I would not buy this again.The platinum material DOES NOT BREATHE. Every time I take my daughter out of this seat her back is absolutely covered in sweat. When she was only 3 weeks old we had to abandon our Snap ‘n Go because she hates being in the carseat so much (she screams inconsolably because she is soaked with sweat). We keep her in the carseat for as short a time as possible, very lightly dressed, and move her into a “big girl” stroller with a snuzzler when we get where we are going. Look up the snuzzler by the way, the thing is a dream and the head support is removable and can be used with this or any carseat for added support when your child is very small.I have friends whose kids love their car seats so much they nap in them in the house. The snugride is not that type of seat, at least not with the platinum fabric.

Samantha Thatcher, ID

great buy shows dirt

The material of this seat is just not ideal. It gets dirty so easily and starts to look old really quickly. That’s my only complaint. It’s lightweight and offers the safety Graco is known for.

Stacy Douglas, ND

snuggly carry

I really like this car seat. I like the foot cover (boot?) and the rain shield, they both work wonderfully. I like that it isn’t extremely heavy or difficult to carry. I like that it hooks into the cars seat. I love the texture of the fabric and the harness set up. I feel like my baby is protected when riding in a car. Plus, I think its comfortable for baby, no complaints after the ride gets going.The only thing I noticed was the infant headrest thingy doesn’t really keep the head upright. However, it may be more upright than without it. All in all, I love this car seat.

Lakisha Vernon, IN

Fabric is Mediocre

You can see plenty of reviews on the functionality of this carseat-it works just fine for us and we like that is is rated #1 in safety, which is most important.Though, I’d like to review the fabric for the Platinum Snugride. It’s a beautiful color, kind of taupey-champagne. Though, it stains with just drool and creates water spots that you cannot get rid of, or you will just create more spots. Also, it’s kind of delicate fabric. My tiny baby rubbed her feet on a spot ]and there is already peeling and little balls forming. It’s almost like a satiny fabric, which just isn’t practical for a baby’s everyday gear. It also doesn’t help my baby stay cool and she can become sweaty.I recently purchased a Meeno Babies Cool Me Bucket Seat Liner in black to help with the constant stains and to keep my baby from getting sweaty. [[ASIN:B004RVKGJI Meeno Babies “Cool Mee” Universal Bucket Seat Liner (Black)] So far, this has worked really well. Although I am not a fan of the quality of the Platinum fabric, I do like the sleek look of it, as I do not like the other cheesy patterns. With the new seat liner, this looks and functions much better.

Sally Sabine, WV