Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame

Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame

It’s the only infant car seat frame engineered exclusively for the top-rated Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat (sold separately). Features: Lightweight frame with one-hand fold for maximum portability two parent cupholders extra-large storage basket height-adjustable handle automatic storage latch and front-swivel wheels with locks and suspension Infant car seat locks in for a secure attachment.

Main features

  • Accepts all Graco infant car seats
  • Stroller frame securely locks infant car seat into place and is ready to roll
  • Height-adjustable handles for comfort; Front swivel wheels with locks and suspension
  • Lightweight, 1-hand compact fold design; automatic storage latch
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Extra-large storage basket; 2 handy cup holders on top

Verified reviews


What a piece of GARBAGE!

Great. So my wife and I purchased this ultra-convenient frame/stroller for convenience. It worked great for about 8 weeks, then one of the front wheels bent to where we couldn’t use it anymore. AND, the front wheels would at times jam the stroller from opening up in the first place. In concept, a frame/stroller like this is awesome, but Graco needs to redesign this and make it better and sturdier. All in all, a major dissapointment.

Samantha Oak Hill, NY


We have the Laura Ashley travel system and while I love the stroller, it’s heavy as all get out to lift in and out of the car. When you are just running into CVS or doing a quick errand with the baby in tow, it’s really nice to just pop the car seat into the SnugRider frame and go. The SnugRider is light, it folds easily and it’s perfect for a quick transport or even an all day shopping affair! (Please don’t ever risk putting your car seat into a department or grocery store shopping cart!!!) I was able to put it together in about 8 minutes. At first the carseat got stuck on the frame and wouldn’t release easily by simply pressing in the red release handle – I actually had to disengage the release clasp manually and the seat came out fine. I think this was because the padding on the bars that you rest the seat on was so thick when we first got it, it needed some breaking in and now we have no problem removing it with the normal release. What’s also nice is that the handle bar is height adjustable. I’m 5’8 and when the handle is extended in the highest position it’s heaven to push. My mom is only 5’2 and ususally sets the handle in the semi bent position and it’s heaven for her. It rides smoothly and it’s much sturdier and alot more attractive than the Snap and Go and similar models. So, even if you don’t have a Graco car seat, the SnugRider frame will accept any carseat just fine. Definitely worth the extra money if you have it to spend!

Katrina Los Ebanos, TX

So handy, small, & lightweight!

Wow- when I researched strollers for our baby- the Snap N Go looked like a great option with our car’s limited storage- but it seemed difficult to use with the Graco SnugRide- and it lacked those little red lock-down tabs to hold down the car seat on travel systems. When I saw Graco had issued a similar car seat frame- I was thrilled!The assembly is easy and requires no tools. It takes me more time to prepare my diaper bag than it did to assemble this.The compact size fits beautifully in our car, the stroller is small enough to take anywhere and has a small turning radius so it’s quite maneuverable.I like that the stroller gives you the same perspective of an old style pram where you can see your baby’s face well while standing or sitting.Good handle height for people around 6′ tall. The wheels are good on mostly urban surfaces and rolls easily. The wheel locks are easy to engage and disengage- even wearing sport sandals.

Helen Rosebud, MT

LOVE it!

So lightweight, easy to fold, easy to steer, incredibly sturdy and convenient! We’re still using this at 10-months-old and probably will be for a few more months until my daughter switches to a convertible carseat. Fits perfectly with room to spare in the trunk of my Accord. The basket is even big enough for small grocery trips. I highly recommend this to all my new mom friends!

Corina Dubre, KY

A must-have for parents with a Graco car seat!

We recently bought the Duoglider travel system for use with our soon-to-arrive baby and our now-3-year-old son. We have an umbrella stroller for those times that my husband or I might have the baby in a sling and our 3 year old is tired. We didn’t think about the opposite — our son wanting to run or walk with us and the baby needing to ride until we went to Babies R Us and saw this stroller frame. Not only is it easy to assemble and use, but the car seat snaps in securely and it can be steered with just one hand — VERY important if you’re carrying a shopping bag or holding another child by the hand. It folds very easily and it’s very light, too. Plus, the handles adjust depending on the height of the adult pushing the stroller. The paperwork says it accepts all Graco car seats, but if you have a model older than the SnugRide car seat, I’d check in a store first.

Heidi San Jose, IL

Would Have to Pass

I borrowed this snap n go from a friend. While I appreciated not having to pay for it, if I were going to purchase one of these types of things I would pass on this one. There is no suspension. Every time I went over a crack or bump in the sidewalk it jolted my infant and at times woke her up. I know you can’t expect miracles from one of these things but I did want to let folks know that the wheel suspension leaves a lot to be desired.

Earnestine Pittsford, NY

Good for travel and short trips

Combined with your Graco Snugride, this frame makes the perfect stroller for traveling or for running quick errands with an infant:–lightweight–easily folds/unfolds–stands when folded; very compact–easy to attach and detach carseat–large basket underneath–height-adjustable handle–relatively smooth rideIt is not, however, a good walking stroller, primarily because of the fixed seat position — baby is stuck in the same semi-upright position the entire time, which is fine for a short jaunt but less comfortable on longer strolls. Also, the ride is smooth on paved surfaces but a bit bumpy over cracks in the sidewalk, etc. And finally, the cup holders are a joke; way too shallow to hold anything other than maybe a small paper coffee cup (but you can’t put hot drinks near a baby, anyway, so what’s the point?).This would not be good as your “one and only” stroller unless you don’t plan to use a stroller very often. But for the price, it’s definitely worth having on hand for those times you just want to go from car to an errand quickly or for travel.

Hilda Wilkes Barre, PA

Love this stroller

This stroller is so light and easy to use. We just pop the graco snugride car seat in and we are off. Much easier and lighter than a heavy travel system. And you can’t beat the price. Great item!

Sheryl Clarksburg, MO


This was given to me used from a cousin, and it has been the only stroller I’ve used with my Graco carseat for my 5 month old son. I am so thrilled with it! It is so light, easy to fold and setup, and can go anywhere with us. It’s such a breeze to snap the carseat in and out, too. I removed the cupholders and the net bag on the bottom, since they were unnecessary for me. THe wheels are still in great condition. The steering has bcome a little stiff, but i think if i put a little grease on them, it should be just fine.I have no intention of looking for another stroller for now. This is perfect for us!

Casey Wrightsville, PA

A good idea.

We had the Graco Laura Ashley travel system and I used this frequently during the 8 months that my daughter fit in her infant seat. It is very light weight and easy to open and close and would fit easily in any trunk and should still leave room.The baby bargian book that I used when creating my registry and making initial baby purchases recommended that expectant parents purchase an infant seat and and infant seat frame and wait to buy a stroller until baby is older. I think that is a good recommendation – we ended up buying a better stroller (Uppababy Vista) to replace the graco quattro that came with the travel system.

Zelma Creole, LA

Use it all the time, but wish I had bought a different one!

I use this stroller frame every day, so it’s not so bad that I’d throw it out or anything, but I really wish I had bought one that had a few different features.Pros:Folds up very easilySmall footprint doesn’t crowd others off the sidewalk and fits easily into elevatorsA stroller like this is really a must for those ghastly heavy and awkward carseats — don’t want to break your back!Fits in the trunk or back seat of my sedanConvenient for travel — great for airports!The basket underneath is a life-saver for grocery shopping if you walk to the store (as I do).Cons:Handles very poorly on anything that isn’t the glossy mall floor. It does especially badly on the sidewalks and roads around here (Boston). It can’t handle the heaved concrete slabs, cobblestones, tree roots, or potholes, and the curbs aren’t easy to navigate (though I’ve gotten a bit used to them).Prone to tipping over forward when you get caught on one of these obstructions. When I first took my daughter out in this, the wheels caught in a crack on the sidewalk and the whole thing almost went over, so, and this is important…ALWAYS DO UP THE RED TABS AND THE BABY’S SEATBELT!!!That way, at least if it goes over she doesn’t get launched out. Seriously, it is very easy to tip this thing, especially if you’re walking at a decent pace.Hard to steer, even when you unlock the front wheels.It’s easy to catch the parking breaks when you’re walking. Annoying when that happens.Very difficult to UNFOLD this. It folds up pretty smoothly once you get the hang of it, but unfolding it requires two hands. The women at the airport who helped me through security all told me that the snap ‘n go has one-handed opening. That would be very, very convenient.I’ve never tried the snap’n go, but I imagine it couldn’t handle much worse than this one, and one-handed opening would be a dream come true, so I think you should check that one out instead!

Sheila Pine Village, IN

Best invention ever

When the kid is in an infant car seat, this is a lifesafer. How easy is it to pop the kid out and click them into here while they are still sleeping from the car ride and get some shopping done.Super easy to fold up, fit in the trunk of my small car without taking up all the space AND light enough to get together with one hand (with practice).No tired arms, wrists or severely dented forearms from carrying the infant car seat!Loved it!

Kate Central Bridge, NY

Perfect fit

This was perfect for our needs. We needed something small and light-weight for quick trips to the store, restaurants and travel.If your baby falls asleep and you need to run an errand, no problem! Now that our son is too big for this I dread having to go to a store that isn’t walking distance near nap time.If you want to go out to dinner and eat with two hands, just put your baby in this thing. Even if he’s awake you can still talk to him and engage him.And for those airplane trips to introduce him to the family, you can use the stroller to carry the carseat and your baby through the airport. (I would recommend making sure you have read the directions and done a trial run of using your carseat without the base before you go.)

Guadalupe Poquonock, CT

Works but has certain shortcomings

We bought this stroller frame to use with the Snugride 35 car seat for our new grandchild. While the combination does result in a working stroller, it is not for everyone, particularly people who live in big cities and spend most of their time walking rather than driving. Here is what you need to consider.1. My daughter lives in Manhattan and uses the Bugaboo Cameleon stroller (I have reviewed it on Amazon) which is an amazing luxury stroller that easily navigates any surface and absorbs the bumps. By contrast, this stroller frame is very bare bones, every little bump is felt, and it is simply not as easy to steer and maneuver as the Bugaboo. Therefore, it is not a good choice as the primary stroller if you live in a big city.2. However, my daughter also owns this stroller, which she uses when she goes visiting by car because unlike the Bugaboo, it folds and unfolds in seconds, is very easy to put in the car, and takes up little room. She also uses it for restaurants in the city that will permit strollers only if they are folded up. In short, she does not do a lot of walking around with this stroller.3. If you live in the suburbs where people drive rather than walk to most places, this stroller frame is great because it is so quick and easy to transport and set up. If you don’t do a lot of walking with it, then it is satisfactory. However, if you are going to do lots of walking, keep in mind that your child will feel every little bump (which is not harmful, but may be enough to wake up a sleeping infant). And you yourself will have a little more difficulty than with other strollers in maneuvering uneven sidewalks, curbs, and paths in a park. Snow and ice will be even more difficult.Bottom line: For city use, I recommend this only as a secondary stroller for travel out of the city or for trips to local restaurants or stores that require folders to be folded. For suburban use, I recommend this if easy transportation and easy setup are important, and you confine most of your walking to smooth streets and sidewalks and park paths, and don’t plan to use this outside when it is snowy or icy.While the Bugaboo Cameleon is a luxury model, this stroller is the economy model, which may be all that you need. Just consider where and how you are going to use the stroller before making your purchase decision. Also, there are lots of models in between the Bugaboo and this model to be considered if you want to avoid the expense and travel inconvenience of the Bugaboo, but want something that is not so barebones as this stroller.For our needs in the suburbs, this stroller works fine because it is just to take our grandchild to a local park that has smooth walking paths, or to walk around our neighborhood that has smooth sidewalks, or to go in the car to local stores and restaurants. In short, we are not going to do lots of walking around, and minimal walking on bumpy, uneven, snowy, or icy surfaces.

Maureen Lynnville, KY

I love it!

This carseat stroller is very light and handy. I can bring it anywhere I want without worrying where to put it because I only using a small car. It fits in the trunk good and can put a lot of baby stuff under the stroller. I love it!

Jessie Wellsville, PA

Good for the price

This is great for short trips and shopping! My snugride fits into the frame easily and i can do everything with one hand! The basket is big and accessible and it is amazingly easy to put together. I have had to take my baby on my own to the Uk and back, through 2 airports and i have to say, this was brilliant. It is very light and so easy to put up and down, especially useful at security where nobody helps you! It serves its purpose well..however, it is NOT good for walks etc. Whilst in the Uk i was told it would not have passed safety tests there, and it is quite flimsy and wobbly..but it is not meant to be an every day stroller so i feel that for the price and for shopping or airport trips, it is excellent..and very cheap!

Deidre Whitney, PA

Seems working with Chicco KeyFit 30

Update: It totally works with Chicco. It doesn’t click of course, but feels pretty secure to me. The maneuver of the wheels is not the best, but I am not going to jogging with this carrying an infant in it, so it works totally fine to take a stroll. I will be using it until my baby big enough for her big stroller anyways, so for a few months, I think it totally worth it.4 stars, because I have not used it yet. I will update once I do.I was skeptical when I ordered as some say it fits, some say it doesn’t work with Chicco. But hey, if it doesn’t work, I would have simply returned it. It did though. I just received it yesterday, and assembled it, which is very easy by the way, and tried as I was anxious about the result. It seems quite stable and no wobbling. Regarding cup holders, some compliains about those but I think it is irrelevant. There is a new born here anyways. No matter how careful or safe you are, you don’t really wanna take the risk of placing a hot beverage near your new born, do you? This is meant to carry the infant carseat. Holders would be just fine for keys, change or small stuff while you take the baby for a stroll.I have few more weeks for my baby to arrive, and can’t wait to use it.

Joann Arvilla, ND

Totally recommend

The only regret I have is that I did not have this frame when I had my first son. Great alternative to hauling the baby car seat in your arm.

Georgina Lebanon, NH

Best Baby Purchase

We purchased this along with the Graco Snugride 35 car seat in lieu of the travel system and have never looked back. I have walked many miles behind this stroller and it is still good as new. The tires are rubber and the size is unbeatable. The basket is huge and the cup holders work for our purposes. It goes great with the “flint” car seat we bought. My son is 8 months and we still use this when he falls asleep in the car and we don’t want to disturb him. We bought a nicer umbrella style stroller with our savings. We still pat ourselves on the back for choosing this over a bulky travel system stroller.

Rebecca Winn, ME

Convenient – love it!

This stroller is so light, and is easy to fold up and throw in the back of our suv. I looked at regular strollers and they are heavy and huge and really unnecessary for what our needs are…those strollers are for like Disney World lol. I just want something simple enough to get around a store. I don’t plan on being out longer than a couple hours at a time so this stroller is perfect. And I love that I don’t have to take the baby out of the car seat to put him in a stroller. How nice to just put the whole car seat on this stroller without having to wake him up.If I have any problems with this stroller I will be back to explain the issues but hopefully all goes well as planned:)

Brianna Gray Mountain, AZ

A great, inexpensive option for a stroller

I am rating this 5 stars as this is a $60 item.PRO’S- Lightweight- East to un/fold although it clicks and takes a little force as if you were breaking it which takes a little getting used to- Huge basket, mostly easily accessible. I can go to the supermarket and use the stroller basket instead of a shopping cart.- Two compartments on the handle are handy for keys, remote garage door opener etc and are removable (I know one is labeled a ‘cup holder’ but it is not suitable for that so they should rename it to avoid losing star ratings for ineffective accessories. I simply put a bottle of water in the basket and find that easily accessible. If I want a coffee I will stop at a cafe, sit down and drink one, not drink it on the go)- Easily maneuverable- Used with a Graco SafeSeat it will be a useful stroller for a year- A cheap way to test the waters to find out what you really need in a stroller because you really do not know before you have the baby- Fine to use with exercise groups such as Stroller Strides- Baby faces you so you can talk and interact (I am not looking forward to getting an umbrella stroller)- Holds car seat in firmly (often one of us holds the stroller handle and the other holds the car seat handle as we go up/down stairs- I recommend every one to get a SafeSeat car seat and this stroller frameNEITHER PRO NOR CON- Comfortable for me at 5’4″ tall but my 6′ husband finds he can only take short stepsCON’SThe cons I notice I attribute to it’s price.- Non-extendable handles- Two handed fold- Feels a little flimsy sometimes- And the main problem: small, hard, wheels with no shock absorption. I believe there are more expensive stroller frames available like the Quinny tha have better wheelsAgain, for a $60 item this is great and I will use it for my next baby.

Alana Winchester, TN

Easy to use and assemble.

Love this stroller frame. I have the Graco Snugride 30 carseat and thought this would be perfect to use with it b/c its so lightweight. This frame is also really easy to put together. All you have to do is put on the wheels and they just click on. Easiest assembly I’ve ever seen. I’d highly recommend this to anyone that doesn’t want to deal with a full size gigantic travel system stroller for their newborn. If you buy the larger style Graco carseats, you’ll be able to use this stroller frame for longer.

Keri Franklin, MN

Good for car trips

We have two strollers, and use the Graco infant seat with both of them. The expensive Bugaboo (with Graco connector attachment) is great for New York streets, because it handles curbs, cobblestones, stairs, whatever. But collapsing and stowing the Bugaboo is a real pain – it takes a good two or three minutes, it’s heavy, there’s multiple parts, and you have to wrestle with them. That’s where this Graco comes in handy. If you’re not planning on taking any taxis, take the Bugaboo. If you’re jumping into cars, then the Graco collapses really quickly and is light. However, it doesn’t have suspension, it’s hard to get it up over curbs, it comes to a stop when you hit bumps or cracks, and it doesn’t turn so smoothly (this is all put in relative terms to the superb handling of the bugaboo).

Lynn Coleman, OK

Love my snap-n-go!

I love this as a snap-n-go for my Graco35. We were going back and forth between buying this and buying the adaptor bar for our City Mini but opted for this since it’s lighter and more convenient. I actually don’t love the car seat itself (Graco35) but this in combination as a stroller was perfect for the first 6 months. It’s lightweight, has ample storage and cupholders, steers well. Not a lot bad to say about it, except that sometimes when it’s folded the "one-touch" open button doesn’t work because the wheels kind of lock together. Then you have jiggle the wheels a bit then the button works. It was easy to snap the car seat in to place. All in all, this is a product I’m glad I bought and would use again if we used the same car seat for the next kid.

Serena San Jose, NM

Great product

I wish I had this when my first born was in the infant carrier!this stroller is so light weight & easy to handle. I bought it when my son was born & used it daily!The large basket under the seat is pretty easy to reach.. compared to my regular metrolite stroller.I wish Graco could keep the great features of this frame (easy to open & close & easy access to basket & great stearing, not to mention light weight) in other model strollers!

Bonita Wilson, NY

Great stroller for sleeping babies

I was so sad when my little one out grew this. It’s those times when he’s sleeping and I don’t want to wake him up that I think about this stroller. Up grade tips.. when your little one outgrows this.. please consider getting theJoovy Kooper Umbrella Stroller, Red(very compact stroller) and theGraco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat, Matrix(awesome convertible car seat). BTW: the Graco Snug Ride in Black/Platinum looks great with this.

Eula Lytle Creek, CA

Works great!!

Great product!! Easy to move around, up and down grocery store aisles etc. Very lightweight compared to the travel systems. I am glad that I bought it, enabled me to spend more money buying the jogging stroller I wanted. This is great for trips to the grocery store.

Juliana Owosso, MI

so happy I bought this

I have a graco car seat and thought I’d get by without a stroller base. However i quickly realized that it is impossible to carry and get around with just the seat, so I researched and finally bought this stroller frame. I’m so glad I did because I love it. I use it every single day. It’s very sturdy for a lightweight, it folds and unfolds easy, the basket on the bottom is big enough for the occasional shopping trip. Just in case the frame were to break (which it doesn’t look like anytime soon) I’d buy the exact same one again.

Kirsten Rogersville, MO

great product

We did a lot of research when shopping for a stroller. I knew that I did not want a big bulky travel system. I thought I was going to register for the snap and go frmae, but when I tested it out in the store with a graco snugride car seat it seemed loose, not really very secure. We tried the snugrider car seat frame and it was awesome.The only 2 drawbacks I have found is the only canopy you have is on the carseat itself. With the travel systems you can pull the carseat’s canopy up and the stroller’s canopy up shielding your baby from the sun. Also I wish that it folded more square. It folds flat, but takes up a lot of room in your trunk. It has a large mesh storage area, but it you load it like I do it’s sometimes hard to get to your stuff witht he carseat on top.Is great for getting through narrow aisles when shopping. Overall a great product. If had to buy again i would compare to the new Graco Mosaic stroller. I think it’s probably a better but as you don’t have to get a second stroller for when they outgrow their infant carseat.

Gabriela Cloverdale, IN

Great when I can get it open!

Okay so I love the snap n go, but seriously i have such a diffcult time trying to open it! My husband can open it just right (at times). Am I doing something wrong! I pushed the red button that says push and it still doesnt open and the handle! I spent nearly 10 mins trying to open it in the parking lot and still couldnt get it to open! but besides that It’s light and easy and love that you can snap the carseat from your car to your stroller! I also use it at the store because I don’t trust the car seat on top of the shopping cart. Don’t wanna risk of the chance of it falling and which I’ve seen!** Update we figured out the reason why I couldn’t open it because sometimes the tire gets in the way, so make sure the tire is straight or out of the way when opening it! so far so good!

Etta South Sioux City, NE