Graco Sweet Snuggle Infant Soothing Swing, Oasis

Graco Sweet Snuggle Infant Soothing Swing, Oasis

Soothe and comfort baby with the Graco Swing Snuggle Swing. With four seating positions and six swing speeds, you can choose the option that best suits your baby. This swing includes a deep plush seat, and three-position recline for baby’s comfort and an overhead toy bar and 15 songs and sounds to keep baby amused.

Main features

  • Four seating positions with patented cradling motion allows multiple soothing options
  • 6 swing speeds for baby’s different moods
  • One-hand, 3-position reclining seat helps your baby get nice and cozy
  • Innovative, deep plush seat with large, round seating area provides extra comfort for baby
  • Overhead toy bar with detachable soft toys engages and visually stimulates your little one

Verified reviews


Does anyone know how to take apart this swing

I’m having a hard time taking apart the metal bar that connects to the seat. I’ve tried pulling it out but nothing. All the screws to the base are bolted on. This swing was so easy to put it together all i did was click the seat into the metal bar but now its a nightmare to take it off. The swing is useful if your baby likes if but my baby hates it and I’m trying to return it before time runs out. Thank you

Kendra East Quogue, NY

We have twins & being without this swing would be like cutting off your arms, neither one advised! LOVE is an understatement!

We have twins so to be without a swing would be similar to cutting off your arms and trying to care for a baby, neither one is advised! My son totally loves this, he loves the way it swings and the different sounds. We have been using this swing for a couple months now and love it! I would like to dispel some “Cons” by another reviewer. I will put their review in “quotations” and I will put mine after each statement in ***stars***.”Despite what another reviewer said, this swing does not go back and forth like traditional swing. Yes, you can adjust the way the baby faces (up to four directions), but that does not change the fact that the swing moves in a side to side motion. Considering that I bought this swing thinking it could go front to back, this is a major con for us.” ***Think about it. So it does go back & forth like a traditional swing but the seat is angled a bit different. Actually, this can face more then 4 directions because it totally rotates around in a circle.***”The highest speed is still incredibly slow. We’ve never used the lower settings because we don’t see the point. I’d like to have more reasonable speed options.” ***I do agree with this, the swing is slow but not too slow, my twins still love it.***”The mobile bar is a bit pathetic. The two stars are velcroed on. And the bar doesn’t fully collapse back, making it very difficult to get your child in and out of the swing without bopping his head. The mobile bar is removable, though, so that could be an option each time.” ***The mobile bar does collapse TOTALLY back, maybe they re-designed it? Because mine comes off or sits all the way back, which makes it completely out of the way. No bopping heads here.***”The footprint is pretty big. Luckily, though, the swing radius isn’t much bigger so you can set the swing in one spot and expect for it not to take up much more space.” *** The swings radius is not any bigger then the base, we live in a 860 square foot house and there are 8 of us combined, this fits nicely in the corner or our living area without hogging up a ton of space.***”…. it doesn’t sit flat, causing it to flap around a bit against the floor every time it swings. We’ve put felt pads underneath the uneven parts to keep it steady and quiet.” ***I too noticed this when on my hardwood floor that is not completely level. We moved and in the house we moved out of, we had carpet and we never had that problem. Felt pads took care of the problem cheap and easy for use in or new house.***”There is no locking feature, so when you put your baby in or go to get your baby out, the chair still has some movement, making it more difficult. I’m sure most swings are like this but because it rocks side to side, not front to back, it’s more pronounced and frustrating.” ***I do not notice this with my usage of the swing.****** Everyone who comes over to visit loves the swing too! Super easy to assemble (my 12 year old and her 13 year old friend put it together in less then 20 minutes! LOVE the battery OR plug in option. The only Cons for me would be that it could use a softer seat (like some memory foam or the like)and that the swing had an obnoxious squeak straight out of the box, I called customer service and they had me a replacement motor within days, great service! I have had different swings for each of my 6 children and this is by FAR and ABOVE my favorite swing yet!***

Veronica Shelby Gap, KY

Looked good, baby hates it

The unfortunate truth about baby gear is that you won’t know how wonderful or useless something is until you try it. If you’re lucky, someone gives or loans you an item, and the trial doesn’t cost you anything.We received this swing as a gift, and I feel terrible because it’s expensive and baby hates it. I’ve tried putting her in it multiple times – from when she was 7 lbs to 12 lbs. I don’t know the exact reason why but will guess. The dangling Velcro stars do not keep her attention. They don’t make noise, have texture, or an interesting pattern. The swinging pattern is somewhat unnatural – an arc shape. The low settings are too slow with no travel. The seat is very reclined and perhaps not supportive enough for our LO.I give this swing 2 stars because it looks attractive and was easy to put together. However, it’s expensive and several reasons why baby might not like it.

Edith Simon, WV

Life Saver

My baby loves to nap in this swing! At first, he was too small in it (he was born 6 lbs 12 ozs). His head keeps dropping because it could not be properly supported, but he eventually grew into it.Pros:
• The swing was perfect for my baby to sit in after each bottle feeding to avoid spit-ups (There was still spit-ups, but not as much). His pediatrician recommended a bouncy seat, but this works just fine.
• You could swing this 2 ways (but you can adjust the seat in 4 directions). So if my son falls asleep in my arms while I was swinging side by side, I would put him in the swing and rotate the chair so it swings side by side and he could sleep in it for a long time.
• The nature sounds were more like white noises. It really helps when my baby had colic, I just turned up the sound all the way and he would get quiet instantly and falls asleep to the sound of the white noise.Cons:
• The sound quality is bad. I play him music on Pandora instead.
• The plush seat makes my baby’s back all hot and sweaty so he couldn’t stay in it long during summer (about 15 minutes and he’ll let us know to take him out) It escalated his eczema because it was too hot.
• The stars on the toy bar are sad … You could put your own toy bar toys on there though.

Leanna Morris, NY

Thank you Graco for creating a swing that gives me a break!!

My son wants to be held ALL THE TIME. This, of course, is impossible. Anyways, this swing made it possible for me to get things done around the house.Cool things:-It plugs in!-You can turn the seat 360 degrees!-The chair rocks side to side or front to back!It always plays music and has a variety of soothing noises. It has six speeds.Oh and I am not the best when it comes to putting things together- it seriously took me less than 20 minutes and that’s with my 3 year old “helping” (we all know what that means! LOL).I love this swing and would totally recommend it to others.

Jannie Maywood, MO

Great swing

This swing is neat – watch the video because it swings very differently than a typical swing. My son seems to like it ok – he’s 3 months old now and uses it a few times a week. I do wish it reclined a bit more flat for when he’s snoozing.

Vanessa Cutchogue, NY

Best Out of 3

We tried and returned 2 Fisher Price swings before getting this swing. As opposed to the FP swings, the motor is practically silent, and the variable swing settings actually work. It has a pretty big footprint, but it’s a sleek looking swing that doesn’t look clunky. Overall, a good product. I just wish my baby enjoyed it more.

Bettie Seneca Rocks, WV

Great for baby soothing.

This has really come in handy, if she gets too fussy a little time spent rocking and she is calm. The music is an added bonus.

Vicky New Freedom, PA

Space saver.

The baby is not here yet so I can’t say if it will hold up without tipping but it is smaller than most of these types of swings which means your whole living room is not taken over by a swing. I’m concerned that is might tip because of the way it is made but haven’t used it yet.

Louise Winnetka, CA

Excellent buy, worth the money

We initially purchased another Graco swing for our twin boys. It fell apart, and we picked up one by another brand. Also fell apart. So when we picked the Sweet Snuggle swing up on clearance, we weren’t hopeful. But this swing totally delivered on everything Graco promises to be. We have liked all our other Graco products (save the first swing), and this one was no different. I’ll break it down in simple terms:PROS: easy assembly, love the six swinging speeds, adorable designs, plugs into the wall so you don’t have to use batteries unless you want to, has volume controls and lots of different songs and sound effects to use, seat turns 360 degrees to face any direction you want, five-point harness so you don’t have to worry about baby pitching himself forward, doesn’t cost a fortune and is well worth the money you’ll pay… for baby’s safety and parents’ sanity!CONS: bulky/takes up quite a bit of space, time-consuming to assemble, music/sound effects are rather low quality (and get annoying after a while)ADDITIONAL NOTE: When I contacted Graco about the first swing we had that was falling to pieces, they were INCREDIBLY helpful and friendly. Great customer service.I’d definitely recommend this swing to anyone! Will probably keep it in case we have another baby if we have room to store it!

Julia Orleans, MI


My daughter hated swinging front to back so we looked around and found this swing. . After reading reviews and checking out weight charts this was the best choice. Holds up to 30 lbs and swings any way you want! ! God send!!! I am able to do dishes and laundry because toys swing is so gentle and relaxing for her. We don’t use the music on it however. . It’s kind of twangy :/ but all of the good far outweighs the one complaint I have for this swing! Super easy to put together ( coming from someone who can’t build ANYTHING) just love this swing all around!!

Kelley Sumneytown, PA


I took care of a LO prior to getting PG who had a swing just like this that swung side to side. He loved it and so did I, so I knew I had to get one as soon as my LO arrived.A lot of people complain about the side to side motion that it doesn’t work for their LO’s but babies are in general particular about swings. I’m lucky that my LO isn’t particular and enjoys both this and a traditional swing.So far, we’ve only used it in full recline. She often takes naps in it and in her first month, would really only sleep in this overnight. She loves the ocean sound and now that she’s 2 months, I’ll sometimes put the seat all the way up (strap her in) and let her listen to the songs, look out, and look at the toys which she enjoys.I’ve had to wash the cover and also travel with this (via car) and it’s easy to clean and disassemble into a few main parts.Some have commented about how deep the seat is. It’s a little deep for a newborn and I have had to put blankets in the bottom to help cover the uncomfortable straps and raise her up when she was new.Great swing.***Update*** My daughter (5 months old now) doesn’t love this swing as much as she did when she was a newborn but it still comes in handy every now and then. I will say, this is in the same room as her crib and I use it as a noise machine at night which is a major lifesaver. I have another noise machine in my room since we were bed sharing but now it’s at my work, so being able to just turn on the noise machine is great. We’ve always used the white noise which is really great. So, this item really serves a double purpose!

Reyna Leetsdale, PA