Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center, 2008

Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center, 2008

The world’s only newborn soothing center! SweetPeace Newborn Soothing Center soothes like you do to help your baby adjust to life outside the womb. Developed with significant scientific research and the input of countless moms, SweetPeace Newborn Soothing Center addresses the multisensory needs of newborns. SweetPeace has features to stimulate motion, sound, touch, sight and scent. Other thoughtful features include a carrier seat that doubles as a floor rocker, and a car seat compatible frame that works with all Graco infant car seats, so your baby can continue napping from car rides right to your living room. SweetPeace Newborn Soothing Center gives you and your baby a world of soothing possibilities. Features: World’s Only Newborn Soothing Center SweetPeace Newborn Soothing Center reproduces the movement parents naturally use to soothe, easing Baby’s transition from womb to world Patented motion with four seating positions that create four distinct sensations Developed with significant scientific research to address the multisensory needs of newborns SweetPeace soothes through the senses Motion – Moves like you do 4 unique seat positions mimic how you hold your baby 4 cradling motions create four different sensations 3 seat reclines keep baby comfortable through all stages 6 speeds let you choose the pace that suits Baby’s mood Removable carrier doubles as a floor rocker Sound – What newborns expect to hear: Comforting low-frequency sounds recreate what Baby heard in the womb High-quality speakers play both lullabies and upbeat, waketime music MP3 connection and holder let you play Baby’s personal playlist Natural soothing sounds like a heartbeat, rain and wind Touch – Comforts of the womb: Two speed vibration calms baby with subtle

Main features

  • Calms baby through sight, sound, scent, touch, and motion
  • Compatible with all Graco infant car seats
  • Includes swaddling blanket, mirror, adjustable canopy and more
  • No tool assembly required
  • Designed for babies up to 25 pounds

Verified reviews


right now its not about the swing that I gave a one its the deliverery

My sister was very happy with the swing I brought it for my niece as a baby shower gift she have not seen it as of yet because the baby shower is not still Jan 2013 but her mom said that’s the one she wanted so I am sure she will be so happy with it. I pray everything is working well for her once she open the box. But its a very nice swing

Deirdre Tire Hill, PA

Beautiful, but didn’t work for our baby

This is a beautiful piece of equipment. Of all the items I received at my baby shower, this was the one I was most excited about. It’s very well designed and I love all the features – especially how cuddly the seat is and the fact that we could also hook in our car seat. The only problem for us was that our son really didn’t like it at all. He would occasionally sit in it for 5 minutes or so, but most of the time he would start wailing the minute I got him anywhere near it. At his daycare, they have a Fisher Price Papasan swing and he LOVES it. We ended up buying one of those and sadly, the Sweet Peace is sitting in our basement in hopes that any future babies may enjoy it. The Sweet Peace is really nice, but if you can, try it out before you invest $$ since it doesn’t work for every baby.

Jackie Middle Island, NY

Choose Another Swing

I would not buy this swing…unless you use the carseat that fits into it. This swing has not been a hit with our son. We have tried it at different times from his birth to now – four months later. At no stage has he found this a place of comfort. We have used the sounds as a soothing device for him while he is in his room (not in the swing), which has been nice. It may be the angle of the seat or something else that doesn’t suit our little man. He won’t stay in it very long before throwing a fit even if we put him in there completely happy. However, when we use our Snugride 32 seat in the swing, it works like a charm. He has fallen asleep and stayed asleep in that combination for hours. We bought this swing over others for the interchanging of the seats. I would not make that mistake again.

Maryanne Newton Falls, OH

Great for fussy baby!! A few cons though….UPDATE!!!!! Great if swing works!!!

We got this swing as a second swing, with the first being a Fisher Price Papasan swing. I have had two colicky/fussy babies and nothing has compared to the papasan swings…but there are a lot of good features to this swing. It can swing fast or slow…which has been great for my second son who needs constant motion and a slow/weak swing wouldn’t do the trick. Also, the heartbeat/womb sound is great…I wish all swings had this. The music is nothing to write home about, but I haven’t had a swing that has music I care for one way or the other. Also, it is great that the swing plugs in…saves a ton on batteries!! It is also neat that you can put your graco carseat in the swing…if you can keep baby asleep long enough to get them into it.Lots of people complain about the noise of a the swing…it isn’t all that quiet but most plug in swings will be louder than battery powered swings. We have a baby who sleeps lightly and we just turn on the heartbeat sound and it drowns out the motor enough for him to stay asleep. One thing I don’t like is that the recline doesn’t recline back all that far. Our babies like to be swaddled really tight so the swaddler for this is too small and not tight enough, making it impossible to click the lap tray into place if you use any other blanket to swaddle your baby. This isn’t too big of a problem if the swing reclines a lot like the papasan swings do, but this one doesn’t.All and all, I think this is a good swing-especially for a fussy baby. I think the biggest issue is that it is expensive and could use a few upgrades. However, if you can find a deal or get it as a gift this is a great swing!!UPDATE!!!The piece on our swing that holds the swing part on to the base/motor housing cracked and broke, making the swing unusable. No big deal except the part is backordered so we have to wait for a min. of 6 weeks to get it. It seems rediculous to me that Graco has backordered parts that take that long to get in. Anyone who has a baby who uses a swing knows that being with out a swing for 6+ weeks is not practical. My baby uses his swing multiple times per day so this left us having to buy another swing.(we couldn’t take this one back) And if you read other reviews where people needed parts from Graco, it sounds like this isn’t an isolated incident. This was not a cheap swing so we are very disappointed in the fact it is unusable for much of the time my baby will need to use it… so I would reccomend this swing IF IT STAYS IN WORKING ORDER!!!! However, my suggestion is to read reviews and buy a swing that has good customer service reviews so you don’t have to buy another swing or not beable to use the one you have!!!

Tiffany Fairplay, CO

I thought you were irreplaceable… I was wrong.

I used this chair for close to a year and once my son started nearing 20 pounds the swing struggled to keep moving under his weight (my son was in a larger percentile for height and weight so we hit the 20 pound mark at 10 months old.) Did I think this swing was worth the money… between 3 – 10 months – yes, I thought this chair was the best investment, it was a distraction when we needed one – a napping place when no other would do… and a captivating toy for a standing and very curious baby. But here’s the thing – desperate to find another chair for napping, I searched the internet high and low for a chair not bound by a 25 pound weight limit (which honestly Graco was stretching the truth because at 23 pounds our chair stopped swining at all.) The only chair I could find was a $35 Fisher Price infant-to-toddler rocker – no bells and whistles (just a small activity bar and a vibrating feature) but, it turns out that infant/toddler rocker was the better investment. My son is turning 2 and still uses the Fisher Price chair. We honestly solved the problem of white noise by buying an external CD player (or IPod) and just playing music while he relaxed in the chair. So, as the Sweet Peace is taking up room in the garage… the $35 toddler rocker keeps on going!If I had it to do over, I would have gone straight to the Fisher price chair and saved myself $120.

Pamela El Dorado, CA

Perfect swing

very well made, perfect.I love the optionsSoft and the colors are perfectonly one down fall its a little loud when swinging but most swings are.

Ester Dayton, NY

Baby still sleeps in it!

Its all great! The car seat clicks right in. The noises are great and I love using it as a speaker for my ipod. He sleeps so well in it and he also enjoys playing with the mirror and rattle bar toy. The only thing I have problems with is at speed 6 it bumps a little on each end and kinda jars him. Its not a lot bu it does do a small little bump on each end but only at the highest speed. He doesnt mind now I think hes gotten used to the bump. Hes almost 8 months now and we had to sell his fisher price swing when he was 6 months cause he was just too big for it. He still has room to grow in this one!

Abigail Russells Point, OH


This swing has so much more than I expected! It was very easy to put together and is so multi-functional. Definitely worth the money! I especially love that I can plug it in instead of being stuck having to buy batteries every week like most all other swings. There are so many different sound options to play and when you have it on silent mode there is no sound at all its totally quiet unlike most swings that still make a motor noise. And I love that you can play the music or sounds without having the swing turned on. Altogether this swing has no drawbacks or fine print. 🙂

Lupe Seneca, SD

Easily in the top 5 baby items that saved my sanity

If you are on the fence about buying a swing with all the “bells and whistles” I feel your pain. I always thought these things were such a waste of money and refused to buy one for my first son, (had a crank up swing) and then when I was pregnant with twins, swore that if he didn’t need it, neither did they.I was wrong. So, SO wrong.My son was fussy, though he didn’t have colic. He just wanted to be held all the time and rocked and bounced. That’s all great, but when you have two infants to care for, its just not. Trust me. So we had the little portable swings that are battery powered, and he hated them. We bought two, and for the price of those two swings, I could have had half of this thing paid for from the get go. We got one of these babies and the first time he was in it, that thing paid for it self, let me tell you. I didn’t have to hear crying while tending to his twin sister, or cooking dinner, and my nerves got their first much needed break in months.You know that motion of swaying your arms side to side when you are cradling a baby? This thing does that. AND more. I love the way the seat pops out so you can change the way it swings the seat, and change their “view”, Graco really hit the nail on the head making this thing work with carseats, too. It never failed that we would run to the store and on the trip back, one twin would fall asleep, but not the other. Babies have a way of knowing when they stop moving, so if you bring them inside in their car seat, you can either set them down somewhere and have 2 minutes of them sleeping, or you can work on your Popeye forearms and sway the carrier back and forth to keep them sleeping. I can’t tell you how many times I came in, popped the swing’s seat out, and gently set the car seat in.The sound on this thing is impressive. Its not tinny, its not crackly, its just good. I’m not saying it will rival your surround sound, but I used the classical music on it for tummy time instead of worrying about hunting down a cd, and just turned it up louder. And believe me when I tell you, the speakers pack a punch. You actually can make this thing REALLY loud.An unexpected surprise is its disassembles and reassembles fairly easily. When trekking out to my parents’ I just broke it down and threw it in the car without the seat, and was able to use it with the car seats at their house. That’s something you can’t do with just about any swing that doesn’t have the word “portable” in its name. And everything on the seat easily comes off, so I was able to throw it all in the wash and keep it looking as good as new.I will say the only downside to this thing is the size. But, in order to have a swing that holds as much weight as this does and handle the motion it has, it just has to be big. Its sturdy, so I’m not complaining, but just know its not going to hang out in some small corner of the room and be out of your way.This swing is worth the money, and it holds up so well, you could probably get half your money back reselling after using it for a year. I passed mine on to a family member, so its already on its 3rd kid and going strong.

Estella Rushville, NY

Our best baby purchase

Our daughter has been using this swing for 7 months and we still absolutely love it. This swing has been such a lifesaver; our daughter takes all of her daytime naps in it. The slight recline is great for reflux. The white noise is awesome and we actually contacted Graco to find out if we could get the same white noise mp3’s to play elsewhere throughout the house and for outings to help our baby sleep. Customer Service gave me this website where you can download free mp3’s: […]For play time, we like to sit our baby in the swing and turn on the swing’s lively playtime music. Then she can situp and face us as we play with toys and such. The incline on the seat is great for preventing spitups while playing.We had a hard time with the swaddler and just use the Kiddopotamus ones instead because they have the cutout for the buckle. I love that when we come back from a car trip we can attach our Graco Snugride car seat to the swing to keep our baby sound asleep. The neutral color scheme is great because it matches so well in my living room as opposed to the bright pink, green, or other crazily-colored swings.My only complaint is that I cannot find those darn Mix ‘N Match toys for the toy bar anywhere! Graco lists them as replacement parts but they’re ALL unavailable to purchase through their website! That is the only negative comment I have about the swing, though. It has really been a lifesaver.

Kaitlyn Prattsburgh, NY

Great swing. A faulty motor is LOUD, but replacable.

The faulty motor (-1 star):The first swing we picked up had a problem with the motor; it sounded like a chorus of bullfrogs. A quick glance at the reviews show that this happens a lot with this model and that many people find that a replacement of the tower fixes things perfectly. The store I picked it up in were very accommodating and they swapped out my tower for me immediately – going through Graco apparently takes several weeks. The replacement was quite a bit quieter. This would be a one star review if we’d had to wait that long to replace the bad motor.One nitpick: the bear that hangs from the canopy looks out at the parents, not down at the baby. There’s no way to change that. Since it’s not really to entertain us, it should really face the baby. (This didn’t change the star rating.)The rest is great.The swing: Gentle rocking motion that can be set at different speeds, pleasant gender-neutral colors, a canopy to block out too much light, a little buzzer on it (which my daughter doesn’t like much, but it’s a nice touch), and a cute little bear-shaped head stabilizer that actually looks pretty comfortable. The toy bar will probably be useful once she’s a little older.Being able to face the chair in any direction is a big plus – it makes it easier to find a motion the baby likes. I’d like to be able to recline the back rest further, but the baby seems to like it well enough. Being able to set our Graco car seat in it is a very nice touch we probably won’t use often, but will be very useful if she falls asleep in the car while we’re on our way home.The audio: As far as an infant is concerned, any white noise through a tinny speaker will do. Someone at Graco finally figured out that what’s good for the baby isn’t necessarily pleasant for the parents and other adults in the room and they included a decent speaker (not the best, but decent) and a playlist of soothing classical selections – not just simplistic electronic tones, but actual music. Allowing parents to attach an MP3 player to provide their own music (which sounds decent enough) through the speaker is a brilliant idea.Battery consumption: What battery consumption? Plug it in! Brilliant!You can use batteries if need be, but the ability to plug it in and not waste batteries is such a nice change from the swing this replaced.Very nice overall. Just keep your fingers crossed about the motor.

Sydney Duckwater, NV

The cadillac of swings…

This swing has a ton of features and offers a lot of entertainment. With multiple music and sounds effect settings, it goes above and beyond with an additional tray for you to plug in your iPod.This swing will do the trick. The only thing it isn’t is portable…

Elvira Bethany, WV

Excellent product with few cons

We received the SweetPeace as a gift, so taking price out of the equation, I would rate this four stars.PROS:Music Features: My 6-week-old daughter loves the classical music pieces that are part of the music selection. She was also a big fan of the womb sounds as a newborn. My husband and I like the fact that the center has a place where you can plug in your MP3 player, so we can play her more of the classical music she likes. The sound quality is excellent.Swing Motion: With 6 settings, there is a speed for every mood.Easy to Assemble: Assembly is very easy and I was able to complete assembly in under 10 minutes.CONS:Funky motor: First, the motor is louder than I would like. We had the swing by our bed for the first few weeks of my daughter’s life and the motor is a bit louder than is comfortable for sleeping. Also, the motor skips on the first few swing settings, so rocks a bit unevenly on settings 1 and 2. This is not bothersome enough to us to replace the motor.Funky music: There is a piece of music mixed in with the soothing, calm music selections that does not seem to fit – it is too upbeat and wakes my daughter every time.Footprint and weight: The footprint for this piece of equipment is large. We live in an older house with smaller rooms and the SweetPeace is like having an extra chair in our living room. Further, the weight of the SweetPeace makes it very difficult to relocate on the fly. My husband can lift it to take it from room to room, but the average sized woman would have a very difficult time doing so.Overall and price aside, this is a nice addition. If I had to buy one on my own, I would try to pick up a used model or look for a bargain, trying to stay under the $100 mark.

Dorothea Saluda, NC

Necessity in my house!!

The soothing center has been a life saver for us. Our baby will not sleep at night unless we hold him, which means we don’t get to sleep. My ped suggested propping the bassinet at an angle. This didn’t help. I pulled out the soothing center during the day and he slept great (day time sleep isn’t a problem though). I finally thought to put the seat into the bassinet. He LOVES it. He is out like a light as soon as his head touches the bear-ears pillow. He likes the swinging base during the day, but just the cozy seat alone at night has been a miracle. I don’t know what we would do without it. Worth a lot more money for the help in our house!!

Daphne Morrowville, KS

My baby loves it, but the sound part stopped working

I love love this swing. I love that it has vibration. I love the cozy head rest area. My baby sleeps in it 2 out of 5 nights a week. I love the different speeds, and I love(d) the sounds it played.Pros:-mac daddy of all swings.-plays ipod lullaby playlist!!-comfy and snuggly-doesn’t scream “baby in the house”-great soothing sounds-has vibration! a great feature-I love the directions it swings-5 point harness!!-sturdyCons:-I bought mine used/new from a woman who said she never used it more than twice.-the whole sound thing stopped working after 2 months. No Ipod, no rain noises, NOTHING. It’s okay.. i mean I can live without that as long as the vibration works and the swing itself swings… but when you pay this much for a swing and now I cant even really resale it when I am done with it.. boo.-HEAVY and bulky. Not something you want to even move from the living room to the kitchen. Ever. Way way heavy.-basically impossible to transport over to grandmas for the weekend due to large size and weight and bulk. Even unassembled, this thing is a beast. So we just left it at grandmas and bought a rainforest swing for our place. Rainforest swing collapses flat practically, and can be crammed in a closet for a day if needs to be. it just doesn’t have the vibration. Or the ipod feature :)-the toys SUCK. I just took the toy bar off and tossed it in a closet. Completely in the way and useless. i’ll reattach it when i give it away. Since I can’t resell something that doesn’t play music. sigh.

Marta Pass Christian, MS


This swing is GREAT. I love that you can switch the seat so it can swing baby back and forth or side by side. when she was first born she loved the side to side but now she is 4 months old and she likes it back and forth. The music is great and the mommy tummy sounds are very soothing to her when she was first born. The only bad thing i hated is the buttons are blue led and shin VERY brightly and stay on the whole time so every time the swing wasn’t blocking the buttons she woke up so I had to keep a folded recieving blanket on top of the buttons. but it was worth that little hassle. Also the vibration on the seat is great. I did have a graco car seat and it went in place of the swing seat easily and was SOOOOOO great and handy from going from the car to the swing when we got home to keep her asleep while i put up groceries, etc. The harness i love because it is not like a car seat harness where you got to fold her arm to get it on..this one it detaches from the bottom part to you can just sit her in the seat asleep and put the straps over her shoulders than get the waist straps put them together and than in the leg strap it made it so easy to get her buckled it but not wake her up. I wish more car seats made them like that.

Viola Hanover, MA

best swing!

This swing is a lifesaver! When nothing else soothes our baby, we know that this product usually brings us relief. It has a lot of great features, like womb sounds, vibration, and the fact that you can place your Graco carseat in it instead of the swing seat. We love it and recommend it to all parents!

Jimmie Newark, AR

Works great about 75% of the time!

It doesn’t work every time, but quite often it puts a fussy baby to sleep in a matter of seconds! I think its a great swing, and its so versatile. I wish it was a little more portable though, I haul it all over the house as needed to manage the “crabbies!”Update: At 8 weeks old, we are still using the swing for naps and I think it works even better now! And, my baby is starting to like using it in a more upright position so he can look in the mirror better and play with toys. I can’t imagine putting him in a traditional swing because he has a pretty intense fear of falling, but this swing is perfect.

Erin Crosby, TX


I don’t know that we would have gotten through the first year without this. Fantastic, versatile, and worth every penny.

Bonita Meshoppen, PA

Best Swing – A Must Have

As a mom of a three year old and a 2 month old I have gone through my share of baby products and swings. I had this swing with both of my boys and have found it to be the most used product we own. We literally use it the day we get home from the hospital and we even used it up until my oldest son was 2 for nights he was congested. It is great to have congested and sick babies sleep in the swing because they are at an incline.ProsEverything is washable (a must with babies!!!)I love that the swing rocks side to side instead of front to back – this is supposed to mimic how a baby moves in your wombThere are multiple seat recline positionsThere are six speed settings (my first child loved to rock slow and my second loves to go fast!!)The seat actually comes out of the base and can be carried around the house if baby is sleeping. (We keep the swing downstairs and if baby is asleep I just carry him upstairs in the chair- obviously make sure they are buckled in)The chair vibrates (babies love this)Features 15 different sounds and MP3 and iPod plug-in for custom playlist (both of my babies loved the heartbeat noise)Offers safety harness, removable infant head support, and canopyCompatible with these Graco infant car seats: SnugRide, SnugRide 30, SnugRide 32, SnugRide 35, and the Infant SafeSeat (if you are leaving soon or just getting home and want to keep baby in the carseat you can set it in the base..amazing!!)Works with a wall plug as well as batteriesAlso, if you want to store this after your first baby just buy a car seat travel case and the swing will fit nicely in it. We did this and stored the seat in the garage until our second was born.

Angel Sabetha, KS

Better then traditional swing!

We had the f.p. luv u zoo swing first. It lasted a few weeks before one leg started lifting while swinging. Then came the creaking, etc. This swing is way better. More features…like the vibrating seat, all the music options (especially the womb sounds) and I love that the seat is removable and can be used other places. Very handy! My only complaint is that the music doesn’t get nearly loud enough to be heard over swing and vibrations. Other then that its great and I highly recommend this over the traditional swing.

Genevieve Fields Landing, CA

Very Soothing!

This swing really does all that it offers. You’ll save on buying a bouncer since this is included. As for the noise, it does make a slight sound, but not as loud as the previous reviews made it out to be. I tried the other swings before ordering this one since I heard about the noise, and they all either make some type of clicking/moving sound due to the movement. If your sweet peace is really that loud, then you may consider returning it. On the down side, it is a bit expensive for a swing, but then there are those other extra options you pay for.

Natalia Robertsville, MO

Pretty but noisy

I got this swing as a gift. I actually wanted the Fischer Price one, but I got this instead, and it was an expensive gift so I decided to keep it. The noise the swing makes while swinging a newborn baby (who is not heavy) is extremely loud and annoying. It literally sounds like a yapping puppy. Fortunately my baby is not bothered by white noise, so she is able to sleep in it. I find it irritates me more than her (as I like to enjoy some quiet time when baby is actually asleep). The design is pretty. It is good for both boy and girl. The music selections are great and very beautiful. Sounds like it’s in stereo. However it’s hard to enjoy when the yapping puppy sound is interfering with it. Sometimes I will just put baby in the swing, turn on music, and let her sit in place without moving.

Cherie Wagon Mound, NM

Worth the money

After reading a lot of reviews on this product, we decided to buy this item when I was 8 months pregnant. Now that our son is almost seven months, it’s a good time to write a review. I do think it’s an awesome product.On the specifics of this swing (pros/cons) I thought the one review by Carolyn Bracey titled “A great swing with lots of bells and whistles makes for a long review!” was 100% right on. I want to note, we never heard any loud, croaking noises from this swing. Only a very mild motor-like sound which seems very, very normal to me.Presently, we use this swing for our son’s naps. During the day when he looks tired, before he falls asleep, I put him in the swing. Most of the time, he will fight it by kicking and screaming while in the swing. This can last from 5-15 minutes before falling asleep (so the swing has held up!). This is where the toy bar has become so, so useful. I use the toy bar to keep him locked down vs. the straps which take too long with a fighting baby boy. I use the number four speed and the Ipod option (he has a set of lullabies I always use which means “time to sleep”). The sound quality is excellent. He generally naps for about 45-60 minutes (which is how long he consistently naps for now).When we brought him home from the hospital, he was a good sleeper so he slept anywhere, but especially good in the swing. Back then, we used the number 2-3 speed. However, I thought the three positions of the seat were still not horizontal enough for a newborn so, we place the swing in a horizontal position (non-snapped in position) which worked great.There was a period of 1-2 months whereby we didn’t use the swing at all because our son would only fall asleep nursing so he slept on our bed or couch. After he snapped out of that stage, we went back to the swing and it’s been amazing. So, do not be discouraged if your child goes through a non-swing stage! When we rediscovered the swing again, we were so, so happy and have concluded it’s so worth the money we spent.

Eula Nicholville, NY

sweet peace soother swing

This product is simply adorable. That is why we purchased it. When we got it, it was very easy to assemble. I like that fact that the part where baby lays you can take out and move to a different room and it rocks. I also really like the fact that you can put baby’s graco car seat in its place. It makes it nice for that second trip out to the car.

Tommie Rozel, KS

pricey but worth it

I actually have this swing in the snuggly safari pattern (way too expensive on Amazon, I paid $159 for it through Babies R’ Us). This is a great swing. My daughter came home from the hospital at 6lbs 7oz and had no problems being in this swing. She slept in it daily (it was a life saver in the beginning). As she got to be ~2 m. old she didn’t like the swing for some reason and I discovered she didn’t like to swing left to right (side to side)anymore, so I just changed the seat position so she could swing forward to backward and she was happy again. When she got to be 4m, she only liked to swing with the seat back high up so she could sit and play with the toy bar. She is 6m now and will still swing but only for ~15min. The best feature of this swing is that it plugs into the electrical outlet (but you still need batteries to make the seat vibrate). There are enough settings for speed and to recline the seat. I find it to be sturdy and safe. I definitely feel as though I have gotten good use out of this swing for the amount of money paid.

Lizzie Janesville, CA

our favorite baby product!

We received the Soothing Center as gift and we absolutely love it. More importantly, our baby loves it, too. Here’s what makes it great…- Very easy assembly. I am “mechanically challenged” to say the least, but I had no problem putting this together-even at 9 1/2 months pregnant.- Comes with a power cord. So many of the other swings we looked at only ran off of batteries.- Well made. The soothing center has so many nice features. The lining is incredibly soft and plush and in classic, neutral colors. In addition to the safety straps, it has a cross bar that raises from both sides, easily comes out and comes with a mirror and teething toy attached. There is also a pacifier attachment. The cradle is shaped much like a car seat and removes with ease to turn and allow your baby to swing in different directions. In addition to the music, it has a vibration feature with adjustible speeds. The sweet bear-shaped headrest is wonderful for keeping our newborn’s head positioned correctly. It even has a large, adjustable canopy for shielding the little one’s eyes from the light.- The music is wonderful! Many nursery favorites, but done in classy piano arrangements. There is even classical music and (our favorite) an Irish folk song. The music gives our h

Isabel Joshua, TX


~*the product description speaks for itself. you’ll love it! never buy batteries again! not to mention it fits all graco carseat bases!*~”

Fannie Peridot, AZ


I can not say enough positive things about this swing!!!!! I got the Sweet Peace Swing as a baby shower gift for my son, who is now 3 1/2 years old. We used it all the time for him, especially to put him to sleep when he was younger. The music always soothed him and the rocking back and forth knocked him right out. It was our savior when we needed to sleep. One of the best things about it is that the round seat comes out and you can put your car seat (we used graco)right in it. This helped when my husband and I were getting ready to go out, we could get him ready, put him in, turn it on, and finish getting ready ourselves and he would be good to go. Same thing when he wasn’t a good sleeper we could take him for a car ride, then bring him in, set the car seat in the frame, & the rocking would keep him asleep, thus we got to sleep! When I found out I was having twins (they are 23 months apart from my son and now 16 months old) I almost bought a second swing. Thankfully I had a friend who had the exact same swing, so she lent me hers (saving us the extra money, but it would have been worth it). When my girls were small I would even swaddle them in the round seat facing each other and they would sleep in it forever. In 3 1/2 years I have never found one thing I didn’t like about this swing, and I’m picky. Our last addition to the family is due in 2 more months and I am looking forward to taking it out & knowing that it will be my extra pair of hands. PS My son (now 34 pounds) has even climbed in it from time to time, although I wouldn’t recommend it, and it hasn’t broken, so I would say it’s incredibly durable as well. Another cool thing about the swing is the ipod compatibility, to play your music on the swing’s speakers. I hooked it into my iphone on Pandora a few times, but mostly just preferred the sounds that came on the swing so much that I didn’t use it often. Definitely a cool bonus feature. Did I mention that I love this swing?UPDATEMy baby…ahem toddler, who is now 14 months old still uses the sound machine for EVERY single nap & bedtime. The seat has been stored away. I used the swinging mechanism (with her swaddled) to put & keep her asleep until she was 7 months old. My “older” kids, then 2 years old twins & then 4 year old son managed to break the swinging mechanism due to too much horseplay on it, they put WAY too much weight on it constantly (they would hop in for rides). I didn’t correct them because they were having fun and I knew I had gotten my money’s worth out of it! 4 1/2 years later though & I still use the sound machine every day, most days it goes 24/7 with the rainforest noise!

Saundra Imperial, TX

Love It

Okay, so at first my baby didn’t like this swing which really upset me since it was so expensive. But we just took off the swing seat and used it for our Graco car seat. If she fell asleep on the way home, we would just put her car seat in the base and she would stay asleep. Now that she has gotten older, she is enjoying the actual swing seat more. She takes most of her naps in there and has even slept in there a couple of nights. I love all the different music options, especially the iPod connection! Our baby loves music and not just the little kid stuff. I also love how soft it is.

Ramona Stratton, ME