Graco Swing By Me 2-In-1 Portable Swing, Zooland

Graco Swing By Me 2-In-1 Portable Swing, Zooland

1803611 Features: -2-in-1 Portable swing that converts to full size.-Innovative, plush seat provides extra comfort for baby.-Variable swing speeds for baby’s different moods.-Removable infant body support provides support for baby.-Engaging toy bar with plush toys provides visual stimulation for baby.-Machine washable cloth seat pad for comfort and convenience.-Recommended use for children 5.5 to 25 pounds.

Main features

  • 2-in-1 portable swing that converts to full size allows you to move baby from room to room
  • One hand, two-position reclining seat helps your baby get cozy
  • Multiple motion swing speeds for baby’s different moods
  • Innovative, plush seat with large, round seating area provides extra comfort for baby
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews


not a fan of graco swings

this is our second swing by graco and our baby is only 6 weeks old! The first swing was purchased second hand, so we didn’t know long it had been used for and weren’t too upset when it burnt out after only 3 weeks of use. It made a very loud clicking sound, but otherwise worked well. My husband tried to fix it, but the motor was burnt out. Graco swings are much nicer looking than the other smaller swings. Unless you want a huge swing, or one that is bright rainbow colors you have limited options. We liked the height is adjustable and that this swing is portable since we like to use it in more than one room. It also make the loud clicking sound that our other swing made, then after a week it started making a terrible squeaking sound (like fingers on a chalk board). Unfortunately we didn’t buy it from amazon so we weren’t able to return it because we had gotten rid of the box and original packaging. We tried WD-40, but the squeaking is happening inside the motor casing. My husband is well acquainted with the mechanism since he took apart the first swing and he believes it’s the spring. The problem is there is one screw on the motor casing that can’t be removed so you have to break the plastic. The first swing was already broken so we didn’t care, but we didn’t want to break this swing. It doesn’t seem to bother the baby but it drives me crazy. Another flaw is that it doesn’t work on low speeds with low weight. Which makes no sense since a little baby should swing slower than a bigger baby. Our son has reflux, so he has to sit with the swing all the way up; but it doesn’t snuggle him enough and he tips over to the side. Which gets worse on the higher speeds. It really isn’t safe, so we can’t use it how we would like too.

Tammie Flovilla, GA

I really wanted to love this swing…

This swing has all of the features we wanted. The seat is very sturdy and looks comfy. Fabrics are high end. I love the single-hand recline. Extending legs were a nice feature. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the thing swinging. Without a baby in it, it worked great. Once I put my 7 week old in there, it would swing only for about 5 minutes. I’d hear it clicking like it was trying. This swing is rated for 25 lbs, and my little one is only 12 lbs. I’ve tried all of the recommendations in their trouble-shooting guide. I’m really disappointed.

Jennie Clintondale, NY

graco can do better

i’m with everyone else here. the swing was a gift, and my mom didn’t have enough to buy something better. but it eats batteries. i don’t understand the concept of battery operated gear in a society that is supposed to try to be ecofriendly. this would be better with a plug in option that can be switched out with a battery pack if they really wanted to keep it easy to travel with. i’d prefer to use rechargables but can’t afford them, so we’ve been going to the 99 cents store for batteries. i’m thinking of trading the swing in at our used baby place.

Regina Kingman, KS

Lasted 3 weeks

This swing only lasted 3 weeks before the motor died. It also needed the batteries to be replaced each week. This could’ve gotten expensive quick. I still gave it 3 stars though, because I loved it while it lasted. I loved the pattern and the speeds were great and actually adjusted how they were supposed to. It cupped my newborn great and they loved it.I called Graco when the motor died and they were very helpful. They were willing to replace the motor, but it was back ordered. I was not willing to wait 8+ weeks for a new swing with newborn twins. I sent the swing back and they promptly sent me a check. Props to Graco!To put the battery eating in perspective, know I started with two different Graco swings. This one takes C batteries so I think that is part of the reason it lost its juice faster. The other Graco swing I have uses D batteries and I still haven’t needed to replace them in 4 months. When I got my money back from this swing, I bought a Fisher Price swing that plugs in… Smart move! No battery replacement needed.

Gertrude Parsippany, NJ

Good for an alternative to a large swing

I bought this swing at a big brick and mortar store in a different pattern, but the swing is the same. I bought it when I was on a trip away from home with my 4 month old and she wouldn’t sleep in her Pack and Play for a nap. She is used to sleeping in a large Fisher Price Papasan swing for her naps, so off to the store I went to find a small swing that I hoped to be able to take home with me from my road trip. We will use it as a second swing in the kitchen or living room so we can keep her nap swing in our bedroom. Anyway, for a space saving or secondary swing it is pretty great. It has telescoping legs for two heights, the seat folds in half for storage and the legs fold in. Basically, the whole thing folds in half. It isn’t the smallest item even when folded, but it fit in my mini van with heaps of luggage and other baby items with no problem. The toys that hang from the bar are cute, but just attached with velcro, so they can come off easily. The swing has a dial for the speed setting, but no “set” speeds. The seat has 3 positions, easily reclined with a one handed squeeze. One setting is almost completely reclined, which is great for sleeping. It also has a 5 point harness, something I found as overkill until my daughter recently began pushing backwards with her legs off her swing and bouncer. The 5 point harness keeps her securely in place. I also like that it is low as I tend to sit on the floor, so the swing on the low height setting keeps her at eye level with me.As for the noise other reviewers mention, I do not find it to be very noisy. In fact, my daughter sleeps better with a bit of noise, so I find it to be helpful. The only things I don’t like about the swing are, number one, that it takes batteries instead of plugging in. Probably because it is a basic swing and portable. Number two, it doesn’t have a positioner for the baby’s head, so my daughter’s head was flopping to the side. The FP swing has a built in “pillow” and her head stays in place. I am sure I could find an after market item for her head.No, this swing doesn’t have music, lights, set speeds, etc. but it is meant to be a basic swing. Great for an apartment or as a secondary swing, or if you need something for travel. If you are like me, and your child takes regular naps in a swing, I would invest in something a bit more plush as long as you don’t need to move a swing from room to room. Moving the huge FP Papasan swing is a real pain as it does not easily fit through doorways and it has a HUGE footprint so it takes up a ton of floor space. This swing takes up very little space. As long as your expectations are in the right place, I don’t think this swing will be a disappointment!

Silvia Brady Lake, OH

Used for 5 months

My husband and I used this particular swing for 5 months for our daughter. We purposely wanted something gender neutral, which would work with any additional children. The pattern is very cute and the elephants that hang above are removable for baby to play with. This product, like most other swings, works on batteries only, so the longer and more often you use the swing, the faster you’ll use batteries. We used the swing daily and replaced batteries once a month until our daughter was three months old. Then we had to replace them about twice a month as baby got heavier. There are two different height levels to set the swing, the infant insert is removable and the straps are adjustable. The product doesn’t come fully assembled, but the instructions are very clear and it is easy to assemble. It only took me about 15 minutes. The seat can recline or sit further forward with a simple pull of a lever. Some reviews said the swing was noisy, but it’s a very quiet clicking sound as it moves back and forth. I didn’t find it annoying, nor was it loud. I would recommend this product and many other Graco items.

Verna Pickens, OK