Graco Swing By Me Portable 2-in-1 Swing, Little Hoot

Graco Swing By Me Portable 2-in-1 Swing, Little Hoot

Save space with the Graco Swing By Me Swing, the multi-purpose swing that offers two products in one. Designed to allow you to bring baby with you from room to room at home and when you are traveling, this swing includes a comfortable seat, multiple swing speeds, and an overhead toy bar with soft detachable toys to keep her engaged. This swing’s compact, folding frame makes for easy storage and provides on-the-go convenience.

Main features

  • 2-in-1 portable swing that converts to full size allows you to move baby from room to room
  • One hand, three-position reclining seat helps your baby get cozy.Multiple motion swing speeds for baby’s different moods
  • Innovative, plush seat provides extra comfort for baby. Removable infant head support. Overhead toy bar with detachable soft toys offers visual stimulation.
  • 5-point harness with fabric covers to help keep your child secure.

Verified reviews


My grandson loves this

My four month old grandson received this as a gift, and this is something I definitely recommend. Here is why.1. This is well made, has a nice swinging motion, and doesn’t run through batteries. We used this every day on a week long vacation for at least a couple of hours a day without any battery issues (it runs on D batteries).2. This is very easy to put together and take apart, so putting it in your car to take on vacation or for a family visit is simple.3. This swing was great for putting my grandson to sleep on our vacation. When he was awake, he also enjoyed being it and listening to the music. He also loved when we all talked to him and played with him while he was swinging.4. The music can be turned on or off, the volume can be adjusted, and the music itself is soothing.5. The swing has multiple speeds, though as a practical matter we always used the same speed.6. There is a harness for strapping your child in and a swing away table that can be placed in front of him. There is no danger your child will fall out when properly secured.Bottom line: This swing has already traveled over 1000 miles on different family vacations this summer, and is one of the “must bring” items for my grandson. He also uses it everytime he visits grandma and grandpa.

Mavis Nelsonville, OH

Great swing!

We have this swing(in a different color,Graco – Swing By Me Portable 2-in-1 Swing, Twister) in our nursery at church and all the babies seem to enjoy it. I came home and ordered this one when my daughter instantly fell asleep in the one at church. We had a much older hand-me-down Graco swing and I like this one so much more. It does make a slight “clicking” noise, but I think all swings will make some sound. It doesn’t bother me or my baby. I also really like that it has a 5-point harness. My daughter had started throwing herself forward in her other swing that only had a 3-point belt and I was afraid she would fall out. I also like that it does NOT have a tray, I’ve had two other swings with trays and I think they are pointless. By the time the baby is big enough to “use” the tray, they are too big for the swing. All the tray does is get in the way, in my opinion. So I’m fine with this swing not having one. This also does NOT play music, which I don’t mind at all. I never used the music on our other swings anyway. Another reason that I decided on this swing was because I knew my baby would fit in it. Some of the other swings seemed like they would only accommodate a small baby. She is 25 inches long and 15 pounds, and she’s comfy and has some room to grow. The seat is a soft “hammock” style so I know her tush isn’t sore or her back doesn’t hurt from sitting on plastic.When it’s in use, I would say it takes up the same amount of space as larger swings, but it folds up small enough to fit in a closet or maybe underneath a bed when you want it out of the way, which is great because we don’t have much space. It’s a basic swing, it’s comfy, it swings the baby. That’s all I wanted, and it does the job. The only way I would say it could be improved is that it should come with an adapter so that you don’t have to buy batteries. My swing came with a sticker on the battery compartment that said, “Push swing to start”, which just makes sense to me. Why would I make the batteries work extra hard to get my chubby baby swinging? So for the other reviewers complaining that they had to push the swing at first, or that it doesn’t swing their baby very high, maybe you should give it a little shove? I don’t see how that’s an issue for people. Once it gets going it’s fine. I’m reviewing based on my experience with the swing at church and the one that I’ve had for only a couple days, so I will update if it breaks or goes through batteries like crazy or something. But so far, so good. My baby is currently asleep in it and it’s keeping up a good swinging pace. Definitely recommend!

Rochelle Alice, TX

Not loud, but the material is wearing down where his feet rub

I read reviews that said this was loud, but I find it is not. Sure you get a small clicking sound (but that’s expected.) I did notice there is some rubbing down on the bottom part where my son rubs his feet back and forth. Love the portability and how light weight it is.

Dora Cisco, IL

Battery pack is loose? Swing stops on own.

Battery pack where batteries are installed is loose. I had to roll the batteries until they actually made a connection, then tape them in place. Also, even with new batteries, swing loses momentum and eventually stops while seat is in reclined position. Bought this swing for my 4 month old out of desperation.. it works, but could be better.

Simone Sumava Resorts, IN

Lullaby-less but great

I know I had seen farther down the page a description saying there were lullabies and nature sounds…not so. That is my only disappointment, but already found a little plush monkey that plays music to hang. The swing is otherwise so impressive I have to keep it! Wonderful that it can be a portable lower swing to use outside or in, or a regular height swing which babies sometimes prefer. It also folds up nicely to a narrow form of itself when the grandbabies aren ‘t here…readily available when they arrive! Also the hanging-toy bar moves along with motion of swing so the baby isn ‘t passing the toys by with each pass of the motion and it ‘s fully adjustable and detachable. The noise is not differently any louder than most other swings…have gone through a few through the years. So the fifth star of rating missing only due to no music.

Rebekah Woodville, FL


I received this swing as a gift and it is the cutest little swing, but for some reason it will NOT swing when my son is in the swing. If I take him out it swings perfectly for a while until it becomes lazy and starts to slow down. The battery life isnt good at all either it seems to drain my batteries and give me horrible swings. I would not recommend this swing to no one unless you was a manual swing for inside the house.

Imogene Union, IL

Not portable but everything we needed

This is certainly NOT portable. The base of the swing is huge and I don’t even like moving it throughout the house let alone moving it in a car. I had a little blue graco swing that was portable and I loved it.This swing is wonderful in other ways. The material is soft.Speeds: It had varying speeds that are easy to adjust. It could be improved by having a marker on each speed level so you know where to go back to once you figure out the speed baby likes. We took a marker and marked our baby’s favorite speed and that worked.Height adjustment. It can be used low to the ground or adjusted up higher so that baby doll can see me while I’m cooking or cleaning.Swings one direction. I never got the swing that did all that fancy stuff. A lady tried to sell me a used one cause her baby hated it. On the other hand my baby is not colicky or difficult and if she were I’d be signing up right now to try it out. So since she loves this swing, there’s no need to look further.One note on the color. I initially gave color no thought on baby toys. But this is a calming color for her and blends well with my furniture (being a neutral color it will blend with most things).

Alexandra Austinville, IA

Great price

This swing does it’s job and has a great price point. It seems a little small though. My baby is 3 months and his head is frequently resting on the hard handle. For this price though, I would buy it again.

June Laurie, MO

Stopped working

This swing worked for 2 days. After that, the low setting didn’t move the swing at all – and my baby is only 10 pounds, far under the weight limit. The higher setting was way way too fast for a 6 week old. Very disappointed.

Antoinette Kaaawa, HI

Does the job

Does the job, although a little bit louder than I would like, but it doesn’t bother the little one which is all that really matters. He loves swinging in this thing which gives me a small window to get other things done. He didn’t like it at first, but has grown to like it more and more over time.

Genevieve Tyrone, NY

Loud motor.

Pros:the incline featurethe insert is great for a newbornseems very comfortablecons:the motor is extremely annoying and loud

Debra Buford, GA

Lightweight, compact, but underpowered and eats batteries!

This product is a good occasional swing like if you do travel with a swing or want to keep an inexpensive one at a relative’s house. It works, simply put. We purchased this swing from Target while it was on sale (for roughly the same price as listed on Amazon right now ($60). I like the adjustable height settings, and it’s compact and easy to fold up.Now for the bad, it EATS batteries. I have probably spent at least the purchase price in batteries for this thing. I even went as far as looking up how to convert it to a plug in. I was not about to solder wires! If you need an inexpensive, easy to move swing that you won’t use much, then consider this one. If you plan on frequent use, then go for a plug in unit.Also, the weight limit on this swing is 25 lbs. That is all well and good if your child is average sized, but mine weighed 25 lbs at 6 months. I had to buy a different Graco swing with a higher weight limit (and yes, I bought a plug in). When your child starts creeping up to the max weight limit, the motor strains, and it goes through batteries like crazy. I’d crank it all the way up only to find my baby barely swinging. We didn’t experience a worn out motor, but I wonder if we will the next time around.

Eunice Anselmo, NE