Graco Swing ‘N Bounce 3-in-1 Infant Swing in Graham

Graco Swing ‘N Bounce 3-in-1 Infant Swing in Graham

Graco Swing N’ Bounce Swing and Bouncer

Main features

  • Three-in-one design
  • In-home carrier easily attaches to swing frame
  • Comes with a cozy seat pad and quilted head support
  • Two-speed vibration can be used with or without swinging for soothing motion during fussy times of day
  •  Converts into a floor bouncer

Verified reviews


Nice space saver

Pros: Long battery life, Easy to remove fabric for washing, easy set up, space saving, variety of sounds and speeds, easy recline positioning, Easy to take off and on the swing to become a bouncer, 2 shoulder strap positions.Cons: Tray attachments are hard to find in stores, Tray is somewhat hard to snap closed, mobile is hard to see in certain positions.I got this because I loved the functionality of it. It would do 2 things in the space of 1. At first we only used the swing and I like the various tilt options and how east it was to tilt. She likes looking at the mobile. It too tilts to various positions but you have to pull it towards you. At first I thought we’d break it but just pull the center of it and it moves fine. I like how the seat has a removable neck/body support making it so the comfort can grow with her. Then we entered the wonderful stage of colic. She only likes the swing some of the time or for short periods, so we started using the bouncer part. It is so easy to take on and off. She loves the up and down motion but I wish it could bounce itself. The vibration part is nice as are the sounds. Sometimes the sound is all she needs to relax and quiet down. Now she has outgrown the colic and we put her back in the swing and she loves sitting up and playing with toys. Battery life is great as we have used it many times a day for 4 months and haven’t changed them yet and set up took about 30 min. The 5 point harness is a plus and it has space for tray toy attachments. The fabric is super easy to remove for cleaning and 3 of the 5 straps come off with it to be cleaned as well. I do wish that all the straps came off because there was spit up that would get on the straps and not all of them come off to go in the wash. My only cons are that the tray is awkward to snap on so we always make sure she is strapped in because we are worried that the tray will pop up and I can’t find any toy attachments for the tray in stores. But other than that I am looking forward to many more months of use.

John Witt, IL

highly recommended versatile swing

i highly recommend this swing, as it is sturdy, quiet and versatile. instead of having to have a bouncy chair and a swing, you can just use this one.i do recommend not installing the tray until your child is old enough for it, because it can be difficult to remove. i didn’t add it until my son was 4 months old – as advised by other reviews i readthe chair is easy to remove, and also recline while the baby is even in the son also greatly enjoys the vibration the swing offers as well as the nature music and classical music.highly recommended!

Joanna San Antonio, NM

Super space saver

I love this swing! Most swings are pretty similar but this one is also a bouncer. You can easily lift the seat of the wing off and move it anywhere. I think this is awesome because the bouncer is something we only used for such a short time that its a waste of space and money to have just one more gear around the house. The only aspect I don’t like is the tray. It is very hard to lift and secure. We just took ours off the swing so it wouldn’t get in the way. I bought mine from and was very happy. If you use the code BAIL2798 you can get 20% off your whole purchase from all their sites. I am not sure of the cap off on the discount. Amazon also has good deals sometimes.

Maryann Dingle, ID

great swing!

My son doesn’t like/dislike this swing. He is kinda neutral about it. My husband and I bought it to be someplace safe we can put our baby when we are cooking, doing the dishes, etc for a few minutes here and there. My son goes in the swing maybe a couple times a week with me, and a handful of times with my husband I believe. Depending on his mood he will fuss in it or be fine for about 30 min tops. It does come in handy, I just wish he seemed more interested in it. The music is ok and I like the volume control. The other sounds it makes are absolutely horrible though, awful! I like how the seat can come off and be a bouncer on the floor, that was a factor in us choosing this model. So far we have only used that feature once, but it is not to have as an option. One complaint that we have is that the tray table does not latch properly. It won’t stay put and pops up in my baby’s face which isn’t ideal at all. I am worried that he will get scratched or pinched by the tray table so I am constantly checking to see that it isn’t going to hurt him. I am not sure if we just have a botched swing or if all of them have this problem. Overall I am happy with the swing minus the tray table issue. I love the design and color!

Kathleen Napoleonville, LA

Worth a Million to me.

I love this swing. First of all, because it’s a two-in-one; it saves money and space while serving dual purposes (which is always a plus). It has a very cute pattern. I love the classic melodies and the 6 different speeds.My 2 month old son has loved his swing and bouncer since day one. I probably get more use out of this swing than any other baby seat or toy I own.The only con I can find is that the toys above are a little boring. Well, my son loves to stare at them, but they just remind me of old, cheap, “happy meal” toys, so I wish there was something a little more interesting there instead. The mirror is great though!I also love how the seat reclines in different settings so he can be tilted back more.Overall, for me and my son, this swing is worth a million bucks. It has definitely saved my arm from falling off- haha.

Sally Austin, TX