Graco Swingomatic 6 Speed Swing – Windsor

Graco Swingomatic 6 Speed Swing – Windsor

Experts profess that vestibular motion is important for building baby’s balance and posture so time spent in the swing is not wasted. This Swyngomatic model offers six speeds, ranging from a slow rock to lull a fussy baby to sleep or a rapid clip to elicit happy giggles from an alert baby. Right on time with the swing’s speed, the music box rotates through 15 different classical or lullaby selections that are soothing to baby’s ears and pleasant for parents to listen to as well. A timer sets the swing to one of four different settings with the longest lasting for 40 minutes of rocking before automatically shutting off. A mobile dangling four plush bears circles overhead, giving baby something to watch, and is also removable for babies who find it too over stimulating. The tray on front of the swing easily lifts up with one hand to strap baby in. Four reclining positions get baby situated at a comfortable angle and a secure 3-point harness clips baby in. The soft cotton seat is comfortable enough to hold baby should she fall asleep during her swinging session and the double padded head insert offers cozy support for newborns. Designed in the elegant Windsor pattern, the swing’s cover is a feminine sage green with green-and-white gingham and toile accent fabrics. The cover is removable for cleaning and is machine washable. This swing runs on four “D” batteries and goes for about 200 hours before needing replacing. –Cristina Vaamonde

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A good swing

Our son enjoys his swing time. He’ s really very happy to swing but also to just sit and play in it. Ocasionally he falls asleep although I try to use the swing distinctly for playtime. He enjoyed sitting in it from day 1 as it gave him good angles to check out his surroundings and during his colicky days it helped to soothe himself. He seemed to be interested not bothered by its clincky noise. I gave it 4 stars because I did not particularly liked its fabric pattern and because, while the baby enjoys it for some 20 mins, it does not seem to be his favorite place to spend time in.

Susana Gay, WV

Should have been made as a portable swing.

I loved this swing when we put it together, however our son was 10 lbs. at birth and it seems to narrow for him. I can’t imagine he will fit much longer. It’s not worth all the money. He does LOVE the bears and it does entertain him, then he falls fast asleep. The music is great and will play forever if you let it I also love that you can adjust the sound. If I did it all over I would have gotten a portable swing since it wold take up less space. There is no need for these large swings unless you are looking to take up space in your house. They shold make this in a portable size and a bit wider!

Juliette Brigantine, NJ

Beautiful swing, a MUST for babies

With our first baby we had a travel swing. It worked fine but it didnt swing as fast as we would like since it had such a small motor and we had to bend down a lot to pick her up so close to the ground, which was harder the bigger she got.Now with our second we decided we would go for a full size swing, and decided on the Windsor. Its a beautiful pattern in sage green with toile. But as I looked at the toile pattern I realized it was boys at the fishing hole, so while it might look girly because of the toile dont shy away from it for a boy.My husband and I put it together in about 40 minutes…..pretty standard for a piece of baby equipment. We did struggle a bit with the fabric fitting but it did fit….snuggly. And really you want things on baby products to fit snuggly.Ive had no problems with the mobile as other posters have said. I also know that unless you are missing parts when you put together baby items 99% of the problems are user problems. Trust me, Ive had my share of “why wont this work?!” and then realized “Ooooh, it’s silly me!”.Beautiful swing, great movement for all ages of babies and a true necessity from the first day home. You will be able to use this swing for several babies. Dont hesitate, you and your baby will love it!

Jeannine Haddonfield, NJ

The traditional version is much better than the newer models.

My 2 sons used the same Graco 6 speed open top swing (we have a different pattern than the pictured Windsor pattern). I am expecting my 3rd son very soon, so I thought I might try one of these newer model swings i.e Graco Hug swing, Graco Silouette swing, Fisher Price Cradle swing, etc. After careful research and actually looking over them all at Babies R Us and Target, I have come to the conclusion that my “old” swing is better. I like that it is higher off the ground, so I don’t have to bend over as far to put my baby in it. Like the newer models (that I suppose are advertised to be improved and better), my older swing has the same recline position, legs fold for storage, snack tray, safety belt, some models have an overhead mobile, music option, and speed varieties. I happen to think the older models can be used for longer. The “Papasan” and “Hug” and “Siloutte” are like a round bucket so when your child is bigger they look as if they are way too big to be in it, but the traditional seats make your child look normal to be in it as they grow. I believe the weight limits are ll the same too in the 25-30 lbs range. I also found that the seat covers on the Graco open top are easy to remove and wash (as most Graco products). Can’t see spending $130 for a new swing when I am content with my old $80 swing, it has given me it’s worth.

Lelia Mapaville, MO


I am a first time mother. One thing that I have learned is never to pick something beacause you like the pattern. I love the Windsor pattern, so I figured I would register for all of the items in Windsor print. I recevied them all. The item I like the least is the swing. It wasn’t exactly easy to put together. The mobile was the hardest part. Once you think you get it on, it just keeps falling off. I got so aggravated, I just gave up and kept the mobile off. When my six month old son falls asleep his head always ends up falling to the side or in his lap, no matter how far it is reclined and even with the head insert in. It sure isn’t a quiet swing, it makes a clicking noise everytime it goes back and forth. It goes through batteries like crazy. My son has learned to unhook the tray and when he does he just about falls out. I’m not happy with it at all. The only reason I gave it two stars is because the pattern is very nice. I went and bought the linkadoos take along swing, which I love and am completely satisfied with. Never register for an item or buy an item just because you like the pattern and want a matching set, you may end up with something you hate 🙂

Bridgett Saltville, VA

Beautiful Swing But Our Daughter Likes Portable Swing Better

This swing is beautiful but awkward to move from room to room. The toy bar does not come close enough for my daughter to ever get interested in it and when it’s swinging the toy bar moves itself back behind the seat every time so she can’t even see it. I guess the motion of the swing causes it to do this. We also have a small portable swing that my daughter likes much better. The portable swing was quite a bit cheaper too. The colors of the portable swing are brighter and the toy bar actually comes a lot closer to her. I do like the open top of this swing . . . we purchased a cradle swing in the beginning but bumped our daughter’s head on the toy bar every time we used it so we got this one. This swing really hasn’t been worth the money for us. It basically sits in the living room as a beautiful item to look at.

Camille Naselle, WA

Entertains, but with a few quirks

My daughter loves being in her swing.. and usually falls asleep in it.. I can count on at least an hour or 2 of ‘me’ time when shes sleeping in it. It goes with the rest of the Windsor products I have, but here are my complaints about the swing…1. The motor is a bit noisy, but does not overbear the music.2. In order to snap the tray down, I have to bend it a bit.. it does not align perfectly with the end it snaps onto.3. I wish there was a locking option for when I put my daughter in the chair, so the swing wouldn’t move when Im trying to put her in it.4. I had the same problem with the mobile falling to the back, but if you move the arm forward enough, it doesn’t fall back, but it wont turn, because the bears hit the area where the motor is. I’d rather it not turn than her not see it at all.5. I can only find the tray toys online at the Graco website, but they give you no description.6. You’re supposed to be able to fold it up, but I haven’t figured it out yet.. looks like I’ll have to find the manual.I gave it 4 stars because it looks nice and it does do the job its supposed to do (entertain my daughter) which is the most important thing to me..

Teresa Frankford, WV

A lifesaver!!

My daughter is 4 months old now and loves the swing. We use it everyday while I do chores around the house and still haven’t had to replace the batteries. It goes for hours which is wonderful when she is tired and fights sleep. I just strap her in and she sleeps peacefully. I am so glad I received this item.

Clara Frostproof, FL

Older version was better

I agree with previous reviewers that the older version of the swingomatic was better. It didn’t have a mobile (I had to secure a soft stroller playbar across the top to give my daughter something to look at) so that is a nice addition. The main features are the same… 6 speeds (we never used speed 1-2… speed 3 is soothing for a young baby and speed 4 is fast enough to keep her happy when she was awake those first months), 15 songs in 3 volumes (it’s nice to cycle through so many songs so it doesn’t get too irritating), and several timers. The one feature I cannot live without that Graco took out of this model is continuous swinging without a time limit! My daughter (3 months) sleeps in her swing all night next to my bed and half of her naps too! The old version swings continuously for 14 hrs a day sometimes and I don’t change batteries very often either. If your baby doesn’t crave continuous motion this is a great swing still… well built and uncomplicated. The side-to-side swings look nice, but honestly most babies can live without it!

Olivia Bolckow, MO

This is a MUST HAVE!

I don’t know what I would do without this swing. It puts Lucy to sleep when she is SO fussy. We use it for several hours every day. We have been using it since the day we came home from the hospital. I let her nap in it! It is often the ONLY thing that will put her to sleep. And it entertains her when she is awake and I need a few minutes to brush my teeth or wash my face or eat.If you are expecting a baby you HAVE to have this swing! I think the noise that it makes is soothing to her and she loves the music, so does her mommy :)The one thing I don’t like is the mobile because I don’t think it is interesting enough. We don’t have any trouble with the mobile falling to the back though. I taped baby faces to the tops of the poles for her to look at instead of the mobile because babies like faces. Now when she is awake, she likes to look at those!We bought rechargeable batteries, and when I am leaving the house for a few hours, I put them on the charger because I am terrified that the batteries will run out and we will have a fussy baby and no batteries for the swing. However, we use it several hours a day and the batteries have never run out!Overall, I don’t care that I don’t like the mobile because I COULD NOT LIVE WIHTOUT this swing! It is the greatest!

Roseann Rising City, NE