Graco TableFit Highchair, Rittenhouse

Graco TableFit Highchair, Rittenhouse

Your new little one is a big part of the family, so why not start a tradition of family mealtimes, right from the beginning? Graco’s TableFit Highchair does just that. This highchair’s ingenious design properly positions your child right to the table and is designed to fit a variety of tables, from dining room tables to kitchen tables to kitchen countertops. The gently sloping front of the highchair and special tray means that your child can be at the table’s edge, unobstructed by a bulky tray or frame. The TableFit is designed to suit your child from the earliest meals. As a new baby, your child will be positioned correctly for early bottle feedings, thanks to the 3-position recline. Then, as baby grows, you can adjust to a more upright position. Plus, this highchair has an infant body support that keeps babies comfy and supported from the start. Then, it removes as your child needs more room. You’ll love the 1-hand removable dishwasher-safe tray, so you can get your child in and out of the chair with just one hand. The adjustable footrest keeps your child comfortable as he/she grows and makes it easy for you to find the right position. When you’re not using your TableFit Highchair, it easily folds, so that you can store it. It slides compactly into to a closet until the next mealtime. Safety is always your first priority when it comes to your child, so you’ll feel great about the convertible 3- and 5-point harness, which keeps your little one secure. The 3-position reclining seat makes this high chair perfect for early mealtimes. The seat pad features wipe-clean fabrics that are also machine washable. TableFit has 8 height positions, so you can adjust it to suit your table. A handy snack tray is included for quick and easy versatility.

Main features

  • Unique highchair design with 8 height positions slides right up to the table for a perfect fit
  • One hand easily adjusts the body support and harness.
  • For child up to 3 years, not to exceed 40 pounds.
  • 8 height positions help position baby at the table to make feeding easier. Easily folds to compact position for storage.
  • Wipeable and machine washable seatpad makes cleanup quick and easy to keep your little one’s dining space clean.

Verified reviews


A beast of a chair.

I was looking for a highchair not another piece of furniture in my house. I wanted something that wasn’t God awful ugly and I wanted the option of being able to put it away and not have it stand as a permanent object in my already overcrowded apartment. I spent a good 30 minutes trying to get little holes and knobs and grooves to line up only to realize I am going to turn right around and dismantle this beast and send it back. First this thing is HUGE. what the hell are people talking about it being short? It’s like 6 feet tall! I have a breakfast bar and the thing pretty much saddles up to it. Secondly it’s ugly. It looks like every other Babies R Us tacky piece of baby crap. I didn’t love the picture of it but it’s even uglier in person. The white is actually light beige and the background of the finley is tan not cream. The material feels plastic and cheap. The picture is also misleading because it shows the seat cover two different ways. There are no two different ways. It’s a gray cover with an ugly patterned head insert. And finally I’d like to rant about the ever so awesome folding option. Sure the thing folds but I wouldn’t exactly qualify it as compact. The only way to get it to a reasonable size is to remove both the snack and dinner tray. How pointless! What am I supposed to do with those now? And even once you’ve stripped the thing down to it’s bare bones it still requires a space at least a foot wide and four feet tall.

Carole La Grange Park, IL

A good value with many nice features

Easy to assemble. Sturdy. Easy to move around. Seems well padded and comfortable. Easy to clean. There is a feeding tray insert that lifts out and can be washed separately. I like the adjustable height. Although I tend to use it in the lowest position, during family gatherings it’s nice to be able to bring the baby up to the table (somewhat like a Stokke Tripp Trapp). The harness is easy to use. The height and tray adjustments are easy to use.The main tray snaps onto the snack tray. You cannot use it without the snack tray in place. The snack tray itself can be removed easily, but to convert it to just a chair (without any trays), both trays must be removed separately.When in use, it takes up more space than my Peg Pergo highchair and it does not fold up well for storage between use.I think this is a good highchair and a very good value.

Esther Hopkins, MI

Attractive Features for the Price

I am used to the older model highchairs that are stationary. You set them up and keep them in one spot, for the most part. I was able to set up this Graco TableFit Highchair super quick with only two screws to put in with my Phillips! The rest was “slide and click” in place.I was first struck by the attractive and substantial cushion with extra layer of padding (in pretty gender neutral colors) that is both wipeable and machine washable. Also, there was NO PLASTIC SMELL when pulled out of the box.Baby is secured with a 5-point harness and two trays. The smaller is a “snack” tray that hooks and snaps firmly into the frame. The larger latches on top of that one and has two ways to remove-pushing large buttons on sides to slide out (traditional) or “one-touch” on front-push button/grab from beneath and pull towards you (to remove with one hand). This outer tray is covered with a detachable hard plastic overlay. I appreciate that this layer is removable as well as dishwasher safe.The highchair is easily adjustable. One lever at the back of the head is two degrees of recline (good for infants) or to sit straight up for toddlers (3 positions total). Two levers-one on each side of the legs near the front, raise and lower the height of the chair, levels 1-8.The highchair rolls up to the table we have (that is higher than standard) with ease. The footrest is another piece that can be completely removed by pulling it upward and out. That is also easily adjustable in three places.The highchair has a wide handle molded in the back, so it’s not awkward to snatch up and roll away (on its two front rollers) when I am finished. I simply press two levers (one on each side) to fold and stand it upright in a corner of my closet when not in use.When storing, I set the two trays up against the sleek-designed legs and forget about it.*Points to consider: when the highchair is on carpeting instead of hard flooring, it is light enough to rock side-to-side when I shake it firmly (noticeable if empty or with infant under 10 lbs.)The 5-point harness latch button is understandably not as substantial as a car seat, so sometimes it doesn’t unlatch the first time I press on the button. A little frustrating…The front wheels don’t come with a locking function, though we haven’t had any issues with that.This is really a nice highchair that isn’t an eyesore and can be quickly stored out of the way once mealtime is over.

Tamara Lorida, FL

Pretty good, but a bit flimsy

I am an engineer and I put this together in about 30 minutes. The molded plastic is a bit flimsy, but after I finished assembly it seems like it will hold up OK. I like the following features: 1. the multiple height positions allow it fit any table or to feed the baby from a couch. 2. The ability to recline, along with the comfort padding, lets you allow your baby to go to sleep in the chair. 3. The adjustable harness is VERY easy to adjust. 4. The padding is easily cleanable. 5. the removable tray makes it easy to clean 6. the front wheels makes it easy to move aroundThis is a very attractive baby highchair.

Rachelle Echo, LA

Cheap-feeling, annoying assembly, but it gets the job done

I had a graco high chair a few years ago that i thought was quite nice. The only real failing was that the wheel locks didn’t prevent a determined child from sliding the chair across a hardwood floor, and really, that’s a bit nitpicky.Thus, i was a bit surprised when i opened this product. Perhaps it’s intentionally a lower-end version of their high chair, but everything about it is inferior to the one i had before.To start with, it was a pain to put together. Snapping the two seat pieces together took two people, several minutes, and a minor dose of profanity. From there it got a little easier, but every step of the way was just a little harder than it needed to be. Nothing ever lined up quite right.And then, you have a high chair. The seat cover is has a cheap, plasticy feel that, while relatively easy to clean, just feels bottom-of-the-line. There are wheels (with no locks) on the front so you can roll the chair around, but the wheels skid more easily than they roll, and good luck sliding the chair around without changing the height setting.The seat reclines, which is good for little ones who can’t sit up very well yet, but it does so with a very loud CLACK each time.The footrest is adjustable, if you can ever get it installed in the first place. Ours is in the broom closet.Ultimately, if you can get it put together, it’s a high chair. Once you get it set up properly, it’ll do what you need it to do. Just don’t be surprised every time you’re just trying to move it back a few inches and you end up lifting the seat to a higher setting.

Winnie Airville, PA


The straps are a pain. We don’t use them anymore because it was such a battle to fight with them and my daughter would scream. The pattern and cover is just so so. Kind of cheap and plastic looking. It was just okay for me.

Jesse Spencerport, NY

Easy to use, comfortable, versatile.

Several thing I like about his high chair.First it looks nice. That might not be important to some people but the red and grey pattern on it matches my kitchen perfectly.Second, it is so easy to use and can adjust in so many ways. My car seat confuses me, so it’s nice to have a high chair that is very intuitive. The straps are easy to maneuver. It can be adjusted so low that I can feed my daughter from the couch if I want. I haven’t had to recline it yet, but it’s cool that its possible.Third, everything on it is easy to clean and wipe down. A must for something an infant will be eating in.I did not have any problem assembling it personally mine seemed to pop together pretty easily.This is my first child, and first high chair so I don’t have a lot of basis for comparison. But so far it’s working very well. My daughter loves to just sit in it and play sometimes.

Lynne Cascade, MO

Wished we bought this sooner.

Love it, love the height adjustments, love the snack tray, colors. ease of assembly is a little challenging. If you could find a way to store the big tray when not using it, it would be awesome!

Marilyn Coffee Creek, MT

Suitable from really young

My baby is just 3 months old, he’s at that age where he starts fussing laying on the floor while i’m trying to cook dinner but I put him in this highchair and he loves to look around and watch me cook. Because it lays back it works just fine with him being so young. I like that it has the little tray underneath because right now he doesn’t need the big tray part and so it’s not in the way. Fits by my table and up against my bar height countertop just fine.

Traci Mellott, IN

Horrible tray design – I would not buy this chair

Of all the baby items I purchased, I most regret this Graco highchair. Absolutely horrible tray design.I originally purchased a Chicco highchair, but after reading all the reviews about material seats being not washable, I thought it would be better to exchange and get one with a plastic wipe down seat. I liked the fact that this Graco had the possibility of being at various heights , and that it had wheels so you could move it easily from room to room.The tray – horrible. It is 2 parts. Imagine, holding a squirmy hungry baby with one hand, and trying to put the baby in a highchair, hard enough. Now try doing that, when you have to take off 2, not 1 trays. Two trays, that kick on the sides, where you need both hands to undo/remove. Insane idea…must have been developed by someone who never had to put a kid in one of these high chairs. So you put the child in the seat, which has a very shallow seat and is sliding out, now you have one tray (snack tray) to click in, then feeding tray. On top of the feeding tray is a 3rd tray (YES 3!) that you can put in dishwasher. Well don’t put it in the dishwasher, mine warped and is now slightly wavy.This has to be the most horribly designed seat I’ve dealt with. Anyone with kids that sees my high chair, shakes their head for the poor design. Save yourself some nerves, get the Chicco that has an easy slide in tray and better seat depth. Yes, its like $30 more, but you will remember this review, each time you click in that easy tray and think “Thank goodness I dont have 3 trays to deal with!”

Stacey Calliham, TX

Flimsy, hard to assemble and use.

First of all I’d like to start this review with a description of how annoyingly difficult this chair is to put together. It doesn’t even have a lot of parts which initially makes you think it will not be such a big deal. First you slide the 2 pieces of the chair body together which are supposed to snap into place and then screw together. That would be cool if they actually fit together, which they don’t due to either warping or bad manufacturing. Despite much trying it never really snapped in and the screw holes didn’t completely line up. Then on to affixed the reclining chairback to the body. Yep, 2 posts that are supposed to snap right into place. It was EXTREMELY difficult to get the two posts to snap into the holes. Like literally putting a knee down, putting all my weight on it and then trying to contort the plastic enough to get them in. After 5 minutes or so I got them in. The rest of the assembly was easy.The reward for all of that is a chair that is very flimsy and loose fitting. There is a *LOT* of play in the legs which is especially noticeable when you try to move it around on carpet. There is a ‘bonus’ snack tray that you have to have across the chair to use the main tray. This makes it difficult to get a toddler in and out vs. other chairs where the entire tray slides easily off if you need to. The safety belts require 2 hands to snap in.We have a 6 year old Baby Trend chair that had been through 2 kids and it’s still more solid, stable, has bigger seat and easy to use than this one (minus is the cloth cover, harder to spot clean, must be machine washed once in a while). Save yourself the hassle and get the slightly cheaper and much better built Baby Trend or invest in better quality chair.

Jill Hinckley, ME

A pretty solid high-chair for the little ones…

This high-chair took approximately 20 minutes to assemble. The only tool needed to assemble it was a Philips screwdriver, and there were only two screws to tighten. Other than the two screws, the chair comes in ten pieces, and most of these just snap together. I didn’t have any problems assembling the chair.ADJUSTABLE is really the best adjective to describe this chair. Nearly every part of it is adjustable in some way. You can adjust the height at which the chair stands above the ground (eight heights are available).You can adjust the recline of the back of the chair (three angles are available). You can adjust the height of the baby’s foot rest to accommodate growing legs (four lengths are available). You can adjust how close the food deck is to the baby’s seat (three positions are available). And of course the straps of the seat-belt are adjustable, as well.The tray is divided into three sections/wells and it slopes slightly downward toward the baby’s chair. I thought this was a great, if simple idea, as sometimes peas and other small foods have a way of rolling out of the baby’s reach when dropped. One other thing about the food tray – it is dishwasher safe and should fit inside any dishwasher. When you remove the main, larger food deck, you will find a [much] smaller food deck below it. So, if you have the main one off for cleaning, at least you have something else there in the meantime.Assembled, the chair is about 45″ high and 34″ long and 22.5″ wide. It is very stable, but has a much larger footprint than the last chair we owned/used. It wasn’t a problem for us, but may be worth considering if you are going to be using this chair in a small eat-in kitchen or some such place. As far as storing the chair goes, it you are hoping to transport it or stow it in a closet, it is able to fold, somewhat. The legs can be collapsed together and the deck removed to make a much smaller profile. It’s still sizeable, but many chairs don’t collapse at all, so at least this gives you some ability to decrease the space it take up.Overall the chair is very solidly constructed and stable. The upright, back portion of the seat is a little jiggly, and I couldn’t find any way to secure it more tightly, but this is a minor quibble. Once the weight of the baby is pushing down against it, it shouldn’t move much, if at all. In my opinion, a pretty fine baby chair that most will like.

Natasha Beaver, UT

This is a great high chair

I really love this high chair. I would have given it 5 stars, but no chair is perfect. Including this one. Here are a few things I don’t like about it.1. It wasn’t as easy as I’d like to put together. However, when I got really frustrated at one point my husband and mother-in-law were able to pick up where I left off and it ended up going very smoothly.2. It isn’t as high as I would have hoped. We have a high table– well, higher than average I suppose, because with my 6 month old sitting in it the table is just a little higher than I’d like for him to truly eat off of the table with us. However this will not be as much of a factor as he gets older. What will be a factor is the fact that our table has a long “lip” that hangs down so it’s hard to pull the chair all the way as far as we’d like. But I don’t mind tilting him towards us while we eat so he still feels like a part of the family during family meals. Then I just pull him as close as possible with his tray attached.3. There is no way to lock the wheels in place so my toddler can’t push the chair all over the place. When I put my son in or take him out I just now know to remember to put my foot on the bottom so it doesn’t roll around when I’m getting him.***To summarize this is probably the best chair around for the price. The grievances I have are so minor. It is VERY attracitve and has removable cushions for washing. The inner back rest is made of fabric but the outer part of the cushion is wipeable so it’s very easy to clean.The colors are really cool and go great with our overall decor. There is a really nice removable snack tray, plus the regular feeding tray. The regular feeding tray also has the removable top feeding tray you can throw in the dishwasher. I have just been cleaning it by hand but it’s nice having 3 trays to work with. And the main feeding tray is removable with one hand. Very convenient. It’s easy to maneuver the chair around and the legs are not extremely wide where I have had the need to fold it. It’s not a bulky heavy chair at all. I highly recommend it.

Elisa Drakesboro, KY

Great high chair…tough to assemble

Overall, an excellent high chair. Very very easy to clean. A wet paper towel is all we use and it is clean. The only down side is the difficulty we had to assemble. We were literally stepping on it. We have twins, so the first one was so difficult, we nearly returned it, but managed to get it together. The second one went much easier as i used my stepping method and it went together much faster. The folding and height adjustment features are great. Would def recommend.

Ursula Emmet, AR

Pretty good high chair

This Graco high chair is pretty good. If I’m being frank it comes with enough adjustable features that it can be raised or lowered to most any table height, and the baby can recline or sit forward with flexibility. My main critique would simply be that the adjustments are not immediately obvious. I had to stare at the highchair for a bit and consult the pictures that came with it to figure out how to make the necessary modifications. The fact that it is adjustable is truly delightful and perhaps my perplexity had more to do with operator error than design complexity–but that would be my main critique. As for quality of the product when considering the price–I think this is a product of very sound quality.The only difficulty is assembly. THe components look like they can fit together rather easily, but you have to put some serious elbow grease into ti, until the point that you’re worried your going to bend one of the supports before they suddenly fly together. Use a hammer and a towel rather than your hands.

Aisha Locust Grove, VA

Cheaply Made

My infants arms get caught near tray and the tall legs. The black area behind baby is very cheaply made. It makes too much crinkle noise. This high chair is more like the quality of a $50 high chair.

Isabella Upperville, VA

Really cute design, great high chair

We bought this high chair for Grandma’s house. The look of it is beautiful and perfect for a girl. The chair seems comfortable and padded well. The tray is nice because it has a separate tray that comes off the top that fits in the dishwasher well. It sometimes is hard to get the tray on and off and takes longer than a quick pull which can be annoying w/ a screaming baby. The Graco high chair is really well designed and I feel it is safe for babies as long as you use all the straps and buckles. Really glad we purchased this high chair for grandma’s.

Renee Frederick, SD

Works. Not the greatest

PROS:Easy to AssembleEasy to Use – the tray comes off and on easily.Versatile (can use instead of a booster seat later on)I like the tray "liner"CONS:Difficult to clean! It takes 5-10 minutes to get the padding off (and the straps have to be completely removed)Tacky – the "gray" pictured is more like a shiny star-trek silverBulky – I was not expecting it to be so largeSUMMARY: I really wanted a simple, compact chair, but I fell victim to all the features this boasts. I would have preferred a simple wooden chair, but apparently simple is more expensive?

Georgia Heiskell, TN

Easy to use.

This highchair is quality. If you’re looking for the highchair that will last, you can’t go wrong. Love the black color with the white/black print. It’s not "cutesy" or cheesy looking. It’s one of the only highchairs I found that doesn’t have cheesy baby print on it! Fits in with our adult dinning room. It is very easy to use. The entire seat slides up and down. The tray is smooth and easy to take on and off. The straps are easy to use also.

Anastasia East Baldwin, ME

Bigger than I thought

This highchair ended up bigger than I thought it was going to be. It also didnt fit at our table the way we thought it would. Ended up returning it. It does feel sturdy and seems comfortable for the kids though.

Nanette Little America, WY

Great highchair in all regards!

I already had the “older” version of this high chair and so I was thrilled to try out this one. There are some definite improvements.Pros:It works great for actually sitting the child at the table and having them “part of the family”. I love this!Easily washable and nice material, holds up better than the older version.Folds up for easy and compact storage.Tray cleans easily and is “doubled”… great for when you didn’t get to the top tray and she’s hungry!Cons:No wheels on the back side. The old one had this and I feel like this one is scraping my wood floor every time I move it. Frustrating.Tray is harder to remove than the older one. The older version you could remove with one hand (very handy when you are holding the baby) and this one is doable but much more difficult.Overall, I think it’s a very solid high chair. I just wish that Graco had paid attention to some of the positives of the old high chair and blended them with the new one to make an EVEN BETTER version. Still, it’s a 5 star high chair and I LOVE the table fitting aspect of it!

Tracey East Palestine, OH

love it

One of the best purchases. My baby is average size, and he fits in there perfectly. I use the snack tray on while getting the baby onto the chair, and slide him behind it. Washable, wipeable as well.

Carly Hardin, MT

Great match for its counterparts

I love the Rittenhouse line, we have the stroller and car seat as well, I love the ease of removing the lining to wash, thus far although it’s for my son…my granddaughter has been putting it to good use and I have no complaints, works great!

Alicia Almond, NY