Graco Tot Wheels V Mobile Entertainer Center

Graco Tot Wheels V Mobile Entertainer Center

Tot Wheels is a well-designed and versatile “lowchair” for babies in the 6- to 18-month range. Three rubber feet around the square base help keep the chair motionless, but when they’re popped out of the way it’s possible to pick up the rear handle and move the unit around on two large plastic casters. There’s a tray for meals and games, complete with a see-through panel; onto this can be attached the electronic activity center, which has a mirror, lights, steering wheel, and sound effects. The cloth seat snaps on and off and is washable. Height is adjustable. Adult assembly and two AA batteries required. –Richard Farr

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My daughter is now 7 months old and loves this. She started going in it about 3-4 months. She is all over the house, and pushing the buttons. I would reccomend this to everyone with young children. This is a lifesaver for me, I put her in it when I hop in the shower in the mornings and she stays in the bathroom rolling around in it, or just sitting there playing with all the buttons.. I love this walker!!!!

Elinor Dadeville, MO

Love this!

No complaints about this one. Baby loves it. We love it!

Frankie Paulding, MS

The best

My son has used this walker sense he was 4 months old. We love it. Yes it is a little loud, but we taped some of thoughse cotton wipes from the hospital over the speaker and now it is perfect.

Melba Burlington, IN

She likes it, Hard to roll on carpet

My daughter likes the sounds and interaction with the toy, but gets frustrated that she is “trapped” and can’t roll easily on carpet.

Rebecca Byesville, OH

BEST toy i bought for my son

as soon as my son was able to sit up this was his favorite thing to be in. he could spend HOURS in this. i could give him snacks by removing the activity piece and he could run around the entire house snacking.there are rubber stoppers on the bottom of this so that if you have stairs they cant go down them even if they tried. this was great for when he was outside with it. we have a concrete steps walkway and he couldnt go down it and hurt himself, something i was not expecting but very useful! my son learned to walk @ 1 so this did not delay him developely. also when he used this in the house he couldnt get into a lot of trouble with it(like touching outlets, opening cupboards) because he couldn’t reach. this never frustrated him and i could get a lot done because i didnt have to watch him like a son played with this till he was a little over 2 so we got a TON of miles out of it. he still found it fun at such an older age because he would get a running start in it, then lift his legs for fast back and fourth travel around the house. GREAT GREAT BUY! i dont know what i wouldve done without it!

Jeannette Rockbridge, OH

A little weak in the legs

This walker is great for tall babies like my son and the toys are enough to keep him busy. The only issue I have with it is that the legs don’t have a very strong system for holding the walker up on it’s different levels. It is made like an exersaucer rather than having “x” bars to go up and down, and one of the back legs won’t stay in position. While it could be an isolated issue, the plastic seems more flimsy than it should be. Also, only the front wheels swivel which I didn’t think was a big deal, but it does seem to hinder my son from going in any direction he wants at a given time.

Fay Napoleon, MI

I love it

My daughter is 12 months today. We have had this walker for 2-3 months. She still loves it. She has snack time in front of the TV in it and I am able to speed clean. OF COURSE, I wouldn’t leave her alone in it. She is pretty active – not walking yet – but she loves to climb. I don’t think she could ever climb out of it, but I’m not going to chance it.We haven’t had any problems with it… safety or otherwise… I started to buy the mini mastreo walker but was turned off by some of the reviews. The main reason I bought this one is, reviews on that one were mostly displeased with how hard it was to turn. This one is very easy to turn. My girl spins in circles, even on the carpet and on our wood deck!Yes, it is bulky, but have you seen a walker that’s not? They have to be so that they can’t be tipped over! The only problem I have with it is… there is not a volume switch. It is not too loud, but when you’ve had a rough day and have a nice headache to prove it – keep them away from this toy!

Heidi Middletown, DE

Be prepared to help your baby

The Tot Wheels Activity Center is a good walker for the money. The price we found to be very comparable to other walkers. We really didn’t notice any pros or cons to this particular walker over others.The main problem that we’ve run into with both of our daughters is the fact that that they really enjoyed the toys for about 1 month at the maximum. After that they got bored and soon started fussing to get out and roll around on the floor.Our first daughter used the walker part of it for almost a week before again getting tired of it as the fact is, something along these lines is just too tough for a little one to control by themselves. If you can imagine pushing a shopping cart that wants to go it’s own way that’s the way it is with the walker. It’s too big and bulky for them to easily steer not to mention the fact that little ones often don’t realize what steering is. The only know walk forward and crawl away when they can’t move forward anymore. With that said, understand that you’ll have to walk with them to help them steer.Overall I remain convinced that a walker is good for kids to have so they have something other than their parent to hold onto to learn to walk but be prepared to help them walk in it because of the above mentioned bulkiness of the walker and the fact that I’ve never come across any walker from any company that’s been easy enough for a little one to steer and push at the same time.5 stars for the idea and the toys but I had to take 1 star away for the difficulty to steer and another star for the limited time that my daughters used it.

Tracey Calais, ME

Great Walker.

I did my research on a walker and decided on this one thankfully. The wheels move great. Very loose. If you get one and the wheels are tight, call Graco and have them replace it. It rolls well on carpet tile and pavement.I love the fact that it has the removeable noise making device with an ON/OFF switch. It takes 3 “AA” batteries. It can get dirty on the tray under the noise device too.My 4 mo. old son loves it. I love it. When I go to the gym, I throw it in the back of the truck. Then just take it out of the truck, put the boy in, and roll him right into the gym. He lets me run on the treadmill for an hour when he’s in it. Very handy.

Tara Claremont, CA

Rear wheels difficult to turn

I recieved a similar model to this walker, one without the electronic tray, for my daughter. My only complaint is the rear wheels are difficult to roll. Unlike the front wheels, the rear wheels are fixed and therefore can only roll straight forward or backward, not side to side. This sometimes made for difficult maneuvering for my daughter. Overall, it is not a bad walker and I do plan on using it for my next baby due in January only because I do not want to purchase another one. I would not recommend it though. There are better walkers out there.

Eloise Industrial, WV