Graco Travel Lite Crib & Bedroom Bassinet fitted sheet, Candlestick

Graco Travel Lite Crib & Bedroom Bassinet fitted sheet, Candlestick

Because it’s not easy keeping babies or their sheets clean, it’s always a good idea to have a few extra Travel Lite crib sheets stacked on your shelves. This soft and gentle sheet works with the Graco travel Lite Crib which is imported and cotton poly blend.

Main features

  • 80% Polyester/20% Cotton
  • Imported
  • For use with your Graco Travel Lite Crib
  • Cotton poly sheet is for comfy naps
  • Helps maintain a cleaner Travel Lite Crib
  • Machine washable
  • Convenient

Verified reviews


Crib sheet for graco three stage travel lite crib

This sheet fits great with my crib insert/mattress even after I washed it. It is fitted but not with elastic so you don’t have to worry about the corners folding up. Not made from stretchy material. I gave it a 3 star however because it was very thin fabric. I bought the candlestick color. So the design on the mattress could be seen through it. Also in hind sight I discovered that a standard size pillow case is the same size so if you wanted to save yourself a couple of bucks you could just get a soft pillow case with a zipper.

Ashley Raymore, MO

Limited usage for this sheet

If you own a Graco Travel Lite and you have a baby girl, you’re set with this sheet. It fits snugly — no wrinkles or loose material to cover baby’s nose — and, because it is a cotton-poly blend, it washes easily, barely wrinkles, and doesn’t shrink. So what’s the problem? Babies R Us online and the bricks-and-mortar store ONLY carry the pink (Lindsey) sheet, which doesn’t work too well if you’ve got a boy baby! The Graco web site offers only one other color — a dingy sage green — which is very diappointing considering the whites, blues, and yellows that are basic baby colors. This is also the only sheet that fits the Arm’s Reach Mini-Cosleeper that is not made by Arm’s Reach, so while this Travel Lit sheet is good, its uses are limited.

Nora Rose, OK

Good sheet

I got this for my Graco bedroom bassinet, which is the same mattress size as the travel lite crib. It fit perfectly, nice color, and the quality has held up well through many washings.

Rena Anawalt, WV

Doesn’t fit well

This sheet seems to be a little too small and pulls on the mattrerss so it’s not completely flat. I’ve had better luck using a fitted crib sheet or a blanket and tucking the excess underneath the mattress. I know some people will not agree with this method because the sheet or blanket could potentally come loose and cause a suffocation hazard. This is what has worked best for me and my children. I’ve also had pack ‘n play sheets from another brand and did not have good luck with that brand either. It was a generic Walmart or Target brand and I thought if I got a Graco one it would work better on my Graco pack ‘n play. I was wrong. They are all a waste of money in my opinion.

Johanna Brockport, NY

Pretty cheaply made

This sheet is very thin and it seems like there should be a better option. My son has not had many accidents in his travel lite crib, so it has not really been put to the test although I doubt it would stand up for very long if it ever was. I have herd of others using pillow cases, they do fit, or also sewing their own. The best reason I can think to buy one of these is to use it as a template to make your own so that the pad will still be able to velcro into place (which, of course, it cannot do when you use a pillow case).The travel lite crib does not last long anyways for sleeping, only to 15 lbs for the bassinet portion.

Clarice Isom, KY


I purchased sheets for the Graco Pack-N-Play as well as other custom size sheets several times in different colors and prints. Washed them many times. I never had sheets fit so well and wash so well. I’ve been giving them for gifts. I will definitely buy from this seller again., Excellent communication with seller, super timely delivery and most of all the prices are unbelievable.

Raquel Coopers Plains, NY

It fits the Graco Travel Lite… BUT

…I expected far better. This is a great space-saving, travel pack n play, but all that these ‘sheets’ are is an EXTREMELY thin pillowcase with the back ripped off. No, I’m not kidding… I opened the package and stared in disbelief. Honestly, after doing more research, it’s better to just use a standard/queen sized pillowcase and tuck the ends under. Oh and don’t even remotely expect these ‘sheets’ to contain a blowout or pee… it goes right through to the pad.

Merle Corapeake, NC


The material is very thin and poorly made. I would not recommend anyone to purchase this at all. Save your money – use a pillowcase or sew your own.

Kay Castleton, IL


la calidad de la tela es increible y el color tambien. no han cambiando en ningun sentido con el uso. combina excatamente con las tonalidades del corral.

Catalina Serafina, NM

Ripped before I could use it…

Well I wish I could say how my daughter liked it or how it fit in our playard, but the thing ripped on a gentle cycle in the laundry (instructions followed), literally shredded…Complete piece of junk. Graco should be offering a better product than this to use in their playards. No excuse for this…

Melisa Tioga, TX

Not worth the price

This sheet is very thin and not a good quality material. I do not think it is worth the price at all. I made two sheets for less than the price I paid for this one. It does fit the Travel Cribs perfectly. It would be too small for the Pack N Play.

Margie Port Bolivar, TX

fits but seems cheap

1. these sheets do fit the pad but I feel like if I pulled to tight it would split down the sides! 2. I hate that there are not colors to chose from as the travel crib I have is teal and I would like to see a variety of color. I bought 4 of these because I was scared once I got the first 2 after a few washes and trying to snug them on, I will be left with a torn sheet due to the thinness.

Ollie Troy, WV


I used this a lot for my travel crib. It fits perfectly and I do not find it to be to thin like some others. Do buy this because of the fit.

Doreen Scottsburg, VA

Not very soft

The sheets fit nicely, but they are not very soft at all. They were also very see through. I wouldn’t buy again.

Glenda Knoxville, AL

Cribsheet fits perfectly.

I purchased a travel size Pack n Play to keep at my house for my granddaughter. This sheet fits the mattress perfectly and it is a nice quality. I should have bought two!

Lea Charleroi, PA

Fit great

Product fit great – note that this is for the travel crib, not the full size one. The sage color is kind of ugly. Looks like an army green.

Casey Troy, MI

Just ok

Shipping was pricey for the quality of the product, but this was the only sheet I could find to fit the Graco Travel Lite mattress. I also use a king sized pillow case while the sheet is being washed and that works just as well.

Sallie Atkinson, NC

Not a bad product

I ordered two of these sheets. At the time they were the only sheets I could find that were made for the travel lite. When they came in I quickly put them to the test to see if they would fit. And they do they fit perfect. They are a little thin but I like having some thing on there so that my baby isnt laying directly on the pad. They are easy to clean and I havent had any problems with them. I use them everyday since we are using our travel lite as a bassinet as well. I think that they were worth what I spent. I wish I could find some that were a bit higher quality but these work just fine.

Antonia Fruitvale, ID

Perfect fit

This sheet fits my travel basinett’s mattress perfectly. I know other’s have claimed that it is too small, but it is supposed to be snug. The material is thin and was a bit scratchy before washing, but we are several washes in, and it has held up great. We have several….I just wish thee were more color options.

Adeline Hamilton, AL


Mine fell apart after 2 washes. It was nice at first, other than the fabric was see through. With babies you need things to withstand multiple Washings. Don’t waste your money.

Gracie Freelandville, IN

Paper Thin and Too Small

I bought this because Amazon showed it paired with the Dream On mattress that fit the Graco Travel Lite Crib. First, I was immediately disappointed to see how paper thin it was. There’s no way it can be used with the bassinet without a mattress pad or some other thicker cover. And it’s much too thin to be used as a play yard sheet since it tears too easily. Second, it is meant to fit only the thin mattress that came with the Graco Travel Lite, which is like 1/2" thick. The Dream On is 3". Another reviewer suggested a pillow case which is what we used originally too and it was much thicker, nicer, and a tighter fit than this sheet. The only reason we opted for this one was because we added Dream On so baby could take afternoon naps in the play yard conversion. This was definitely a waste of money and the only reason I’m not returning it is because we found use for it someplace else.

Charmaine Fork, MD


Does it’s job. It’s rather thin but washable and protects the bassinet mattress. Can not keep up with big blow outs or spit ups tho. Bummer.

Francesca Little Valley, NY

nothing special

I think a pillow case would work just as well as this, very thin. the fit is great and it works but would not buy again

Christie Mars Hill, ME

Not soft – made baby’s face break out.

I wanted something to protect the padding on the sleep surface, something easily washable with a reflux baby.This was the only thing I could find for it so I ordered it.The only good thing about this sheet is it fits the Travel Lite but it almost fits it a little too well – it is a little too hard to get on and off! (I do put a thin waterproof absorbent pad underneath for spit up.) I understand you want sheets snug, but wow.It’s scratchy and horrible feeling, plus our daughter’s face breaks out every time we use it.Ugh, it’s just horrible really!I learned that changing table pad covers work PERFECTLY with the Travel Lite! We use soft velour changing pad covers with a thin waterproof pad underneath it for spit up. and know she is super cozy and not on a scratchy surface. Now we don’t even use this at all unless absolutely necessary. I wish I had read reviews before that would have mentioned using a changing pad cover! I haven’t tried using a king size pillowcase yet, but I’ve heard they also fit nicely and could see how they would!Don’t bother with this!

Krista Carnegie, OK