Graco Travel Lite Crib, Jacqueline

Graco Travel Lite Crib, Jacqueline

As any experienced parent will tell you, baby’s gear can take up a lot of space, which is why you’ll just love the Graco Travel Lite Crib. The unique space-saving design makes it 20% smaller than traditional playards and easy to fit anywhere in your home or in your bedroom. It’s a breeze to take along when you’re traveling (or paying a visit to grandparents!). The Travel Lite Crib is super-lightweight at less than 20 pounds. So, it’s simple to move from room to room in your own home and it’s so easy to pack it up and take it along. Even though the Travel Lite Crib is small, it’s still big on features you and your baby will love. It features a canopy to shield your baby from bright lights. The canopy has cute, soft toys for extra play and visual interest for baby. The Travel Lite Crib even includes a removable bassinet. Part of the reason Graco is America’s best-selling playard brand is because of how durable and convenient it is. The Travel Lite Crib features the signature Graco push-button fold, which makes packing up quick and hassle-free. Airy mesh on all sides provides maximum ventilation to your child, keeping him/her comfortable wherever you are. Comes with a convenient carrying bag that makes outings or storage simple.

Main features

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Versatile crib converts to a portable playard, helping to keep babies of all ages comfortable. Features a canopy to shield your baby with cute, soft toys for extra play and visual interest for baby.
  • Weighs less than 20 pounds, so it’s ready to go wherever, whenever. The unique space-saving design makes it 20% smaller than traditional playards
  • Playard is for use by children less than 35 inches tall and unable to climb out. The bassinet is for babies under 15 pounds and unable to push up on hands and knees.
  • The durable and convenient Travel Lite Crib features the signature Graco push-button fold, which makes packing up quick and hassle-free. Includes carry bag.
  • Airy mesh on all sides provides maximum ventilation to your child, keeping him/her comfortable wherever you are. Comes with a convenient carrying bag that makes outings or storage simple.

Verified reviews


Baby doesn’t like it

Nice that it’s small and portable. But Baby doesn’t like sleeping in it at all. Isn’t very comfortable and the pad is very thin. Bad buy.

Caryn San Juan, PR

lower portion is DANGEROUS!

I purchased the Graco Travel Lite Crib, Winslet. when it arrived, it occurred to me that perhaps I ought to get a waterproof mattress pad and sheets to both help keep it cleaner and to allow the baby a more comfortable sleep surface. I did not purchase a separate mattress. I will be using the basinette feature when the baby is newborn, in our room, and then use the pack and play as a small portable crib to take to the grandparents’. I figure that by the time Baby outgrows the crib, she will be big enough to sleep on the floor on some blankets if we travel.I read about the sheet that is supposed to be for this crib – not all cotton! it did not sound breathable or comfortable. So after reading reviews, i purchased the Carters Easy Fit Jersey Bassinet Fitted Sheet, Pink. It fits absolutely perfectly. And I should note, this is fitting perfectly on the mattress that comes with the Travel Lite, not a separate mattress that one might purchase. The Carters sheets are all cotton and are soft like a tshirt. It’s the perfect solution. Plus they are cheap.I also decided I wanted a waterproof mattress pad. The crib’s mattress is sort of plastic-y, which would make it easy to wipe down but I would think would make it a little uncomfortable/not breathable. I had purchased a non-offgassing mattress pad for the regular crib where Baby will sleep once she moves into her own room, and was pleased to find that the same company made mattress pads for smaller basinettes etc. So i bought the Naturepedic Waterproof Flat Cradle Pad, 18×36. This fits pretty well width-wise (the mattress is 19 inches in width) but is too long. I have not decided whether to cut off one end and hem it, or whether to just tuck the ends under the mattress where they will be held by the fitted sheet. Alternatively, there is velcro under the mattress and I could buy that “sticky” velcro and stick it to the bottom of the mattress pad to hold it to underside of the mattress. I should tell you that the pad comes as 18.5 inches wide and is supposed to “shrink to fit” upon washing; i simply did not put it in the dryer and it retained its original size.All in all I am pleased with my purchases, they work well together and I think this will be a good solution to the basinette / travel crib need.Baby is nearing 15 lbs so I took out the basinette feature. The platform/mattress leaves a 1.5″ gap at the end of the bed! Baby easily could stick her face in there and suffocate. What a safety hazard! I will be contacting graco about this. So I put the mattress as far as possible against one end and will put her head towards that end just as a place to set her down while I am in the room (need to keep dog from stepping on her) but no way will I leave her unattended or sleeping ike that.this being said, this product was worth the money for the use we got out of the basinetts feature. The mattress does fit it securely. It was great in the living room as a diaper change area, place out if dog reach, etc. She like to lie there and have an adult play with her. Wish the weight limit was higher!But as a travel crib for bigger baby No Way. I would give this 5 stars tod the basinettd and 0 for the crib. I chose 1 in.Update: I contacted graco and they are taking myconcern very seriously.I have replaced my travel lite with the full sized graco element in Pippa. The mattress fits well and has the added safety feature that the mesh goes all the way down to the mattress so that baby can breathe with her face against it. The travel lite has solid fabric at the bottom which concerned me.the hopes people will read this before they put their baby in the crib.

Lakeisha Newton Grove, NC

too small

the rating because it wasnt what i expectedi liked it because it was really pretty but at the same time it was way to small for my 5 month oldits more usable as a bassinet than a crib because my baby couldnt even move in iti would recommend it but only for tiny babies for a bassinet

Tonia Valley, AL

Great bassinet

I love this mini crib! I bought this to use as a bassinet, as it seems sturdier than typical bassinets, and does not take up any more room than the traditional bassinets. I also love, love, love, the Jacqueline pattern. It is sweet and feminine and just looks happy in our room. Our daughter (2 months) is still quite comfortable in this mini crib. She also enjoys looking at the interior pattern when she wakes up. She seems to be more entertained in this crib than on her red/black/white baby play mat. I also think I’ll get more use out of it because I can use it as a travel pack and play once we are done using it as a bassinet. It is about half the size of a normal pack and play. I would recommend the Carters Easy Fit Jersey Cradle Fitted Sheet (bought on Amazon) to use for sheets if you are using this as a bassinet, they fit perfect and the Sage color looks great with this pattern. It also looks good with pink sheets. I also bought an extra bassinet pad to make it softer for baby to sleep on.

Jewel Imperial, PA

Broken after two uses

We bought this pack and play to leave at Grandma’s house for baby to sleep in when he is there. After only two times using it, the sides are broken and will not snap in place. We’ve tried fixing it, but it’s faulty and unfortunately we will be unable to use it anymore.

Samantha Kyles Ford, TN


I returned this crib and got arms reach clearvue instead. I was using this only as a bassinet but the problem is that i was not able to see the baby when she was sleeping in it some distance from my bed or next to my bed. Overall the build of this product is good and it folds small so great to take with you if you are travelling.

Lola Flanders, NJ

nice small crib

nice small crib great for young baby easy to put up and away rolls easy when togeter wish it was a little bigger but it is great in small spaces and very sturdy

Morgan Marathon, OH

Overall nice travel crib.

I chose the 4 star because it isn’t easy to push around carpeting. If it had 4 wheels it would be better and I wish it had some pockets at the end of it for small storage. My preemie grandson still looks lost in it and I am waiting for the day he outgrows it, for sure!!! Love the colors.

Dorothy Hooper Bay, AK

A must for travel

Worth the price not to have to drag the obnoxious, heavy, full-sized Pack n Play around. Easy to put up and take down and baby loves it. Can easily be used in place of a bassinet at home, too. Perfect for babies up to around a year.

Sonia Tribes Hill, NY


Got this for my baby to use as a bassinet. It is smaller and fits nicely in our small bedroom. I can see it being great for travel too since the larger pack and plays take up so much room in hotels.

Miranda Reads Landing, MN

Very light and easy to move

It was easy to put together and is super portable/light. We move it around the house all the time when we want the baby to sleep in another room.

Heather Collins, NY


When my daughter was born, we used the bassinet next to our bed. Because it is smaller, it didn’t take up too much space. Then the smaller size made it easy to pack up and take it with us as her bed in hotels up until she got about 1 1/2. Then we liked using the larger one we got so she didn’t feel smashed.

Adeline Falmouth, ME


Wonderful for traveling, small spaces.Very comfortable , functional and safe .I recommend it 100 %.I Love it.

Rebecca Minot, ND


Easy to use (assemble & break down), compact, easy to clean. Fits in my RV, my office and my bedroom. Beautiful pattern. The only gender specific item I’ve ever purchased with two children.

Nelly Ryan, OK


I got this for when my daughter and my new grand baby come to stay with us. it is easy to put together and well built, plus it is so cute. I have a feeling this will last into out next new grand baby.

Angelia Wolford, VA