Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor

Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor

You’ll enjoy optimal clarity and privacy with this digital video baby monitor. View larger True Focus has real-time digital zoom, so you can get a close-up picture of your baby. View larger You’ll feel baby’s call, thanks to patented vibration notification. View larger Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor Secure Digital Technology Graco’s True Focus Digital Video Monitor provides new parents (just like you!) with peace of mind, so that there is always a clear, private connection with baby. The advanced, secure digital technology means that you will enjoy optimal clarity, performance and privacy – you’ll hear and see your baby wherever you are around the home. Interference Free The True Focus Digital Video Monitor operates on the 2.4 GHZ frequency, which means that you won’t have any interference from household electronics. No matter if you’re using a microwave, home phone, mobile phone or running the vacuum, your monitor will work with a clear signal. In Living Color This terrific digital baby monitor features a high-resolution screen for superior color video viewing. Plus, the screen is large – 2.4 inches – so you’ll always be able to check in on baby. Ready for a Close Up Sometimes you want a closer look at baby, and True Focus Digital Video Monitor can help. Thanks to the real-time digital zoom, you can get a clear, up-close view of your little one, even when you’re in another room. Good Vibe & Lights There are times when it’s not convenient to have the volume turned up on your parent’s unit. However, thanks to the built-in sound lights and exclusive vibration, you can always see, hear and feel baby’s call. Sound lights intensify the louder baby calls, so that you’ll have a visual cue and exclusive vibration alerts you. Time! As a parent, you know your baby is on a schedule. So, you’ll love how convenient the clock on the parent unit is. It allows you to always have a quick reference on time, so you can keep your little one on the right schedule for her. Battery Backup You’ll love knowing that your child’s monitor unit always has enough power, thanks to the child unit battery backup. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you can have a connection to your child is comforting to new moms and dads – just like you! Night Vision Regardless of the light in your child’s room – from bright daylight to dark nighttime – you’ll be able to have a clear picture of your child. The built-in vision modes mean that you can see baby during the day or in total darkness. Charge Up Never get caught without power on your parent unit, thanks to the low battery alarm that alerts you that it’s time to charge up. Long Range Stay in touch with baby and keep an eye on her no matter where you are at home. The 1000 foot range allows for complete household coverage. Clip It As a parent, you know that you often have your hands full – so, the True Focus Digital Video Monitor has a convenient belt clip. It gives you wear-it-anywhere convenience, so you can have a hands-free connection to your child. Key Features: Clock feature on parent unit for quick reference Child unit battery backup for added peace of mind Built-in vision modes for seeing baby during the day and in total darkness Low battery alarm reminds you to charge the parent unit 1000 ft. range for complete household coverage Belt clip gives active parents wear-it-anywhere convenience

Main features

  • This baby video monitor features advanced, secure digital technology for optimal clarity, performance and privacy.
  • High resolution, 2.4-inch color video screen gives you a clear visual of baby while remaining extremely portable. 1000 ft. video range gives ample room to roam within your house.
  • Real-time digital zoom provides clear, up-close views of baby for your added peace of mind.
  • Exclusive Graco vibration notification technology on single parent unit.
  • Requires batteries. Child unit battery back-up ensures you will not lose contact with baby due to a power outage.

Verified reviews


Great Video Monitor

I have been looking for a great video monitor at a decent price. Unfortunately, the ones I consider “decently priced” were often of low quality, and the high quality ones just didn’t seem worth the price (because I could jut as easily set up a webcam on my computer and stream it to my other computers & mobile devices).Finally, however, I found that the Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor fit both the value and the quality. Note: The following review was tested using myself, not my baby. I wanted to get an accurate review of everything regarding visuals and sound. The breakdown:- Packaging: Comes in an attractive box that shows all of the components, so you know exactly what you’re getting. It comes with the camera, monitor, rechargeable battery, and power cables for both items. They’re all compact and easy to transport (especially if you are forced to travel often or like to be able to watch your baby in any location in the house).- Setup: EASY! In just three steps, you’ll have the monitor up and running. First, plug in your camera. Then, put the battery in the monitor (this requires a screwdriver). Then, just plug in your monitor and power it all and you’re good to go! TIP: To power on the monitor while charging it, hold down the button for a couple of seconds.- Quality (Day): The resolution during the day is clear as, well, day! The transfer delay (to go from the camera to the monitor) is almost nonexistent. Also, as you go further away from the camera, the quality doesn’t fail.- Quality (Night): The infrared vision is very effective. Since it’s infrared, it’s in black & white. However, this means you don’t have to worry about leaving lights on while your little one is sleeping (unless, he or she is scared, of course).- Digital Zoom: This isn’t a camera you’re going to want to use for any kind of long distance shooting. However, to have the zoom feature at all is very worthwhile. It’s a digital zoom, so it basically only increases the size of the image to where you focus it. Still, it comes in clearly and you can see your little one up close.- Audio: Probably the best part. The audio on this device is SUPERB. I set up the camera on one corner of the bedroom, then whispered VERY softly from the opposite side of the room and the monitor actually picked it up. Fantastic. One issue that others have had about the sound is that there is no mute button. However, the lowest volume setting is virtually muted. If you have the volume all the way down to that level, there are also lights that blink whenever sounds are heard.Some other features you should know about:- From the monitor, you can adjust the visuals easily. This means you can change the brightness & other settings to your preference.- Vibration! This is a great feature. Let’s say you’re taking the trash out, but you want to know your baby is okay for those few minutes. You can turn on the Vibration function and stick the monitor in your pocket. That way, even if you’re not looking at or hearing the monitor, you know there’s something going on!- Screen Timeout: I’m not sure if I’ll ever use this function, but the monitor does offer the option to have the screen timeout at intervals (say, an hour or so) if you’re watching TV and only want to use it as an audio monitor. It’s optional only, of course, and does help conserve the battery.- – -Overall, this is a fantastic product and a great value. It has all the features a parent could want in a video monitor, and it’s also convenient from its portability. No longer worry about having to move a whole monitor unit just so you can watch your baby! Just pick it up and go wherever you need to in the house!-AP3-

Laverne Jadwin, MO

Bright Night Vision, Poor Daytime Quality and Sound Distortion/Delay

As background, we had aPhilips AVENT Baby Monitoras our first baby monitor, and have compared this item to that monitor as well as the Motorola Blink1 Wi-Fi Video Camera.First, the pros:- Nighttime video quality is pretty impressive. We have blackout curtains in the baby’s room, so unless the sun is shining directly on them, it’s practically pitch black in there, and we can still see a fairly clear black and white image. It’s a bit grainy, but that’s the nature of nighttime vision, and the clarity is higher than some other nighttime video monitors we’ve seen.- We’ve found battery level to be acceptable. I’ve seen some other complaints, but so long as you’re not turning off the screen saver for long periods of time and remember to charge at the end of the day, you shouldn’t see any difficulties or feel inconvenienced keeping it charged.- Simple UI – one main button to bring the screen up after screensaver, hit the button again to bring up the menu. The other buttons are clearly labeled – volume up and down, zoom in and out, power, and up/down/left/right. The menu itself is also simple and short. I always appreciate not having to feel like I need to consult a manual to access basic functions.Unfortunately, there are a few downsides.- Daytime video quality is poor and inconsistent. For no reason that I can discern, when the monitor has enough light so it doesn’t go into nightvision mode, it will sometimes have horrible lines across the screen, and others not. Those of you who remember pre-cable TV, with an antenna or bunny ears that would sometimes give you a picture you could barely see through white lines across the screen, leaving you squinting to figure out what’s going on as you’re adjusting the antenna – that’s the type of issue. Except there’s nothing to adjust here, so you just have to deal with it, and hope it goes away on its own.- There is a significant delay in sound. Comparing to the Philips linked above, on which we’ll hear the baby sound from his room about the same time as we hear it through the monitor, it’s extremely noticeable and irritating. If the baby is having trouble falling asleep and talking, sometimes he’ll even talk more to hear the echo from the monitor downstairs, which feels about half a second to a second long. We have to turn the monitor off until he stops making sounds, then he’ll stop and go to sleep.- The sound quality is also not great. There’s a strange distortion/echo effect.- Finally, we would like to be able to talk through the monitor, which you can do on others I’ve seen (including both our Philips monitor and the Motorola Blink1 monitor), but that functionality is lacking here.Overall, we’ve continued using this over our Philips monitor, because we like the video and the room is generally very dark so the good nighttime quality outweighs the poor daytime quality. But I do wish the other issues above had been addressed, and if I were in the market for a new monitor, I’d like to compare to more competitive products to see if they’ve done a better job addressing them.

Addie Mankato, KS

Did not deliver on sq ft coverage

The primary reason I got this monitor is because of the advertised coverage.Primary cons:-It did not deliver AT ALL on coverage (I ended up ordering the Motorola and am pleased with it)-Graco plastic also feels a lot cheaper/light than the Motorola-Thought I could just prop the camera on the bookshelf but was hard to get a good angle so fact it doesn’t mount ended up being a problem

Sheila Elberta, UT

Graco x Summer Infant

Thanks for all the detailed reviews but in a few words:- This is a video monitor, you can see and hear your baby day or night. It works as good as the Summer Infant BUT I recommend you buy GRACO instead because of their costumer service. Period.We bought a summer infant that DIED in 5 months. It was a PAIN to get a replacement, and we only got it because I had a scan of the original receipt from BRU, and this was like a painful 2 or 3 weeks process! (Can you imagine being without a monitor for that long??? Specially when you paid close to $200 dollars for it?). We had a second child and I was ready to buy a second camera for my summer infant unit, but they asked $110 for just another camera! We bought this unit instead and, of course, my Summer Infant died AGAIN, this time a month after the 1 year warranty expired. I am buying a SECOND Graco unit. I’ve had other GRACO products fail on me before (the motor for my swing stopped working after a year), BUT they were PROMPT to replace or refund me, with NO HASSLE WHATSOEVER!Stop torturing yourself about all the little pros and cons (yes, it has no wall mount, it has annoying little red lights, the battery life is kinda low, you CAN’T add another camera…)but, I am betting that GRACO will be there in case I have any problems.

Abby Webster Springs, WV

not bad

This is my second monitor. for the price it really isn’t bad. the plastic is durable. the audio and range excellent. Video is so so. My least favorite thing is it no longer holds a long charge. I used to be able to go 4 hours without having to charge it….now 6 months later 40 minutes. It usually stays plugged in now which is a pain, but in comparison with the " Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision" (how it’s a best seller is beyond me), this is such a better product. I doubt there’s one better in this price range.Due to the failing charge life..i give it 4 stars.

Barbra Augusta, ME

Graco DOES NOT Sell Additional Cameras!

I considered buying this camera. I contacted Graco about the ability to add multiple cameras. The device can be linked with multiple cameras BUT Graco does not sell additional cameras. The only way to get additional cameras is to buy the entire kit again (camera and handheld receiver). This makes no sense! I will be purchasing a different brand now because of this, but I wanted to pass along this information to any others who might need to know about adding cameras.

Selma West Townsend, MA

Love it!!

I really love this video baby monitor. Some things I like about it:You can zoom in on your baby with the push of a button.Night vision lighting works great.I like the volume control with the lights, and the vibrate mode option is nice.I like that you can choose between keeping the video screen on at all times or have it turn off automatically.Probably the only thing I dislike about this product is the brief delay in sound – my son enjoys hearing his echo on it throughout the house and it gets a little old.Highly-recommended product!

Shannon Hendersonville, TN

Didn’t work for us

Our Summer Infant Best View (no longer in production) finally stopped working. We had a tough time finding a replacement product that had all of the same features we loved: good range, quality picture in both light and dark, remote pan, portable handheld monitor, and good parent reviews were a few of our top priorities. The description of the Graco True Focus, along with the price and reviews seemed to fit the bill with the one exception of remote pan, which we could live without to save the extra $70 it would cost to get that feature on another model.Unfortunately, it did not live up to expectations and we ended up returning it. The biggest drawbacks for us were the night vision picture, and the limited range, which came in nowhere close to the claims on the box and the website. After having other video monitors work well in our house – both our Summer monitor as well as visiting friends’ other brands, we were very disappointed at the constant “Linking” error that would come up regularly when we were a mere 50 feet away (again, nowhere close to the 1000 ft claim on the box).Pros:- Price for the features claimed- Daytime picture clearer than other video monitors I’ve seenCons:- Effective range of less than 50 ft. compared with well over 200-300 feet with other monitors (we were able to walk a few houses away with the old monitor, and still have a reliable signal)- Night vision picture required constant fiddling with brightness settings – sometimes appeared to just be a big white screen, with little definition of what was on camera. I could have lived with this if the range had lived up to claims.Luckily Amazon took the return after we tried it out for a little over a week – desperately hoping that it would somehow begin to link more consistently. We definitely wanted it to live up to expectations, but unfortunately it did not.

Adelaide Rodman, NY

If only there was an app

I absolutely love this monitor. After 4 kids, we’ve tried every type of monitor on the market, most of which proving to be rather disappointing.After 2 months of daily use, this monitor hasn’t failed us once. We haven’t had any interference at all, clear picture and sound and no range issues.I’ve chosen to give this monitor a 4 instead of a 5 for 2 reasons – I find the zoom feature to be rather useless given that it just enlarges the picture you already see making it hazy, and the fact that there is no app to watch the camera from a cellphone which greatly disappointed my husband.I’d say if you aren’t dead set on having the ability to watch your baby on your smartphone, this is the monitor you’ll want to get.

Alice Hillsville, PA


This thing has given us problems from the start. First off the rechargeable battery doesn’t last for more than an hour or two, which we found out when I woke up at 3am and it was off. Thankfully the baby was fine, but she *could* have been screaming her head off and we wouldn’t have heard her. Also, the low battery alert is LOUD and decides to alert you evens hen it’s fully charged.Secondly the night vision can’t be manually turned on, but the sensors suck. There are times when it just won’t turn on! Like right now. My baby is asleep and I can’t see her. Usually it’s buggy and after a few minutes the thing figures out its dark and it clicks in. But it’s been 2 hours and still dark. Turned on and off and unplugged and still nothing. Getting a new monitor.So unhappy with this that I had to write a review, that’s how bad it is.

Mindy Moyock, NC

nice, reliable monitor with minor drawbacks

Overall, this is a well-designed monitor that does its job well. We get consistently great reception, even from the second story to the basement. We’ve also had no trouble with interference with our wireless network, as we did with another video monitor. The video quality is sharper than what I’m used to in a monitor, and it’s fairly easy to tell what you’re seeing even when it’s dark in the child’s room. It’s easy to set up and intuitive to use. The camera unit can be angled right or left, up or down, making it easier to get a good view. Several features, like the screen timeout options, are nice and provide plenty of options.The zoom and pan, not even mentioned on Amazon’s page, are nice to have. However, they’re not as impressive as they sound. You can choose between two levels of “zoom” and, once you’re zoomed in, can pan to choose which portion of the original view you’re looking at. The camera itself isn’t panning.Really I have just a few minor complaints that bump this down to four stars out of five:- Time stamp on the screen is a nice feature, but it’s “lost” a chunk of time (15 minutes to over an hour) more than once, so don’t rely on its accuracy.- I really wish it had a mute feature or silent setting. I’m not advocating tuning out a crying baby, but there are plenty of instances where you may want to be able to visually check on a child without amplifying their noise level.- It would be nice if there was a battery level indicator before the “low battery” warning. Battery life doesn’t seem overly long (depends on your settings) but that’s understandable with a good-quality video screen.- The lack of a wall-mount option might make it hard for some people to find a good place to set up the camera.- Instructions say the parent unit could be paired with up to 4 different nursery units, which would be ideal if you have multiple children with separate bedrooms. However, I can’t find any way to buy an additional nursery unit.All in all, these have been relatively minor annoyances for me considering this is a monitor that’s done its job well.

Alba Landenberg, PA

Almost great, except for range and camera shape

I have bought this baby call and it is the only one i’ve ever had so i cannot compare to any other.Pros:- The image is good, specially the infrared which works almost as well as if it was daylight.- The sound is extremely good. It has 10 levels, i usually use it 4. you can’t turn it all the way off so even in 1 you still can hear something. I have used it in 10 for parties or noisy events and it is very helpful. It also has a line of lights that shows the strength of the noise.- The screen/receiver is light and comfortable.Cons:- The range is far from promise. Graco specs say it is 1000 feet, but i can’t go further than 150 – 200 feet. You should know that i live in a concrete building, so maybe the range will work better with drywall or thinner materials.- The camera is not easy to mount anywhere but on furniture. I used to put it on top of the corner of the crib for the first 6 months of my baby; but now she is to big and moves a lot so she would grab it if it is close to her. It cannot be mounted on a wall so i needed to move a tall enough furniture to put the camera on so i can see the entire crip (and i still have some spots uncovered).

Audrey Farmersville, CA

Good but missing a few perks

Before getting this monitor we were using a Summer Infant monitorSummer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5″ ScreenAfter awhile it wasn’t holding a charge and we would frequently get an out of range warning when we were only about 300 feet away, so we couldn’t use this outside by our pool. I was glad this monitor came along, as I do like it more even if it is missing one of my favorite features of the other monitor.What I like about this monitor:1. Volume control is right on top, the other monitor you have to go into the menu screen to adjust it, which is just poor designing2. The shape of this monitor is great. It has no external antenna or kickstand, it sits on its own and has no antenna for my cat to chew on3. Large, easy to use power button right on the front4. Clear picture, which really is the most important thing5. You can adjust brightness, contrast, and the screen timeout, although I wish there was an option between 60 seconds and no timeout at all6. I have never gotten an out of range warning with this monitor7. The battery charge seems to be holding up and lasting quite awhile8. Having the time shown on the bottom of the screen is a nice touchWhat I don’t like:1. The zoom, while it does zoom, is kind of useless because you cannot pan the camera until AFTER zooming in. This has been the only real peeve I have about this monitor. My baby moves around in her crib a lot, and because I can’t pan many times I can’t see all of her.2. No way to wall mount without setting it on a shelf3. When the battery is low, this thing beeps and beeps and beeps. I guess that is good in case you are sleeping, but it is annoying when I am awake.If only it had a wall mount, panning option and a two way talk (something my other monitor doesn’t have, either, but I am jonesing for,) this would be the perfect video monitor, hands down. I do like it more than the Summer Infant, though, so I am willing to live without the panning option mostly because my daughter is over 1 now so I don’t need to worry about suffocation or her getting herself into a position she can’t get out of as much as when she was a newborn. Having had the pan option when she was a newborn, for me, was invaluable as I used it ALL the time. If you don’t need a pan function, I highly recommend this monitor.

Sophie La Joya, NM

Was good product, never great, but now doesn’t work well.

We have had this for 1 month. We tried and returned the blue Infant Optics one which I hated because the sound was so low, it was totally cheap looking, it would stay ON all night, and it would make a periodic annoying beep. This Graco is terrific. Again, the sound is a little dim, but better. Still not as good as a pure audio monitor. So sometimes when I suspect that I will be in a deeper sleep, I turn on our audio Sony BabyCall and leave this one on for video. The picture in pitch black dark and light is clear. Easy to position and manipulate the baby unit. Parent unit has a video-off option which is awesome and a few custom options. Yes, the clock is small and sometimes it is hard to raise the volume as the button is hard to press. But for the price ($125!!), it cannot be beat in video monitors.UPDATE: 9 months in, the volume has stopped working. Can’t increase, only decrease. And the parent unit no longer holds a charge even after being fully charged and must be plugged in. And we have always hated the 1 second volume delay. So we always here the baby one second later and there is always an awful echo throughout the house. Called Graco and they offered to refund what I paid since it can’t be fixed. So we are looking into a different brand monitor now.

Elisabeth Combined Locks, WI