Graco UrbanLite Stroller, Rittenhouse

Graco UrbanLite Stroller, Rittenhouse

Lightweight travel never looked so good The Graco Urban Lite stroller accepts any top rated Graco infant car seat to create your own travel system. The stroller, which weighs less than 20 pounds, holds your child up to 50 pounds for years of use.

Main features

  • Accepts all graco snugride infant car seats to create your own travel system
  • Stroller holds child up to 50 pounds for years of comfortable strolling
  • One-hand standing fold with storage latch, no bending necessary
  • Multi-position reclining seat lies flat for baby’s comfort
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews


Great Stroller!

What a great stroller for such a reasonable price! It’s very easy to maneuver and light, yet it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Great purchase!

Shelley Epes, AL

Lightweight, functional and pretty

I searched far and wide to find a lightweight stroller that was sturdy enough to withstand a toddler but not throw my back out and get my clothes dirty every time I loaded it in and out of the trunk! My Britax stroller was huge, clunky and was almost impossible to load into the trunk as it kept unfolding by itself. Plus the wheels would be constantly touching my clothes as I tried to lift it. Tip: avoid any stroller that you have to unfold by lifting up on a strap in the center of the stroller seat because it makes the folded stroller thick and very difficult to load into your car. They call this “one handed folding” but it’s not what it’s cracked up to be and actually more of a pain.This Graco stroller has a release button built into the handle and lever which makes it pretty easy to fold down. While it’s not a “one handed” folding mechanism it’s much easier in my opinion.In general Graco has always built solid, practical, functional strollers at very reasonable prices. Forget the pricey Euro or fancy pseudo “jogging” strollers, Graco is the Toyota of strollers – dependable, efficient, does it’s job well. The Rittenhouse is one of the prettiest Graco styles around with a coordinating basket, canopy and seat in a paisley black and white print so fashionable yet gender neutral. I think Graco is improving their aesthetics with the Rittenhouse. While Graco made very functional strollers I had always thought that they looked really boring almost dowdy, but this one is a style winner.Combine that with functionality such as fully reclineable seat (using a bar not a drawstring!), snack tray for Cheerios, adult cup holders, gigantic accessible storage basket, full canopy , five point harness for my little Houdini, locking hook to keep it folded and nicely padded handle bars – this is a winner. I’ve never been a fan of the two handle style strollers because it’s impossible to push with one hand or hang a shopping bag off of it without it hitting the wheels or tipping over. I cannot live with out my “mommy clip” ( tip: use a large caribineer from Home Depot).I’m a stroller freak, and this one pretty much had all the features I was looking for! The only drawback this stroller has is that it’s quite a complicated process to remove the seat cover to wash.

Yesenia Hardinsburg, IN

LOVE this stroller!!!

Great color and pattern! Will last a very long time! My son is so comfortable in it, he always falls asleep on our walks. I love that the seat can sit all the way up, recline at different postions and lays all the way down. The storage underneath easily fits my big diaper bag and my purse. The tray is wonderful, it’s not easy enough for a child to figure out but is very easy for an adult. It’s great that it slides out and goes all the way down making it easy to take a sleeping baby out. The visor is great, it really blocks the sun or any falling leaves or bugs from getting on the baby! It is very easy to open and close! The back wheels have brakes. It has a dual cup holder and an adjustable hand bar (higher/lower) for the parents comfort. It also fits my Graco Snug Ride Infant Car seat. I highly recommend this stroller!!

Karina Watkins, CO

The Best I Have Found

I ordered my stroller on an auction site for a little cheaper. :-> I have had my stroller for 3 days. I researched about a year altogether before getting this stroller and I’m quite happy with it. When we first put it together I was confused about the folding but it’s light, folds pretty compactly to me and has tons of features for the price. It was actually a little over what I wanted to spend but I don’t regret the purchase at all. The shoulder straps on the 5 point harness hook into the closure so you can use or not use them. The stroller sits all the way forward so my baby who likes to sit straight up can sit straight up while using the 5 point harness. There’s not a peek window but it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it might. It’s a pretty smooth ride. It’s about 3″ smaller widthwise when I put it in the back of my Envoy since it has single wheels, not double on one set like my travel system stroller, Safety 1st Orion. The baby seems comfortable and there’s lots of padding. I didn’t realize that the seat covered the metal between the seat and the baby tray which is a nice feature. My almost 11-month-old was always laying far to the side and hitting her head on metal in the Orion and in this one she’s fully on cloth any direction. The baby tray easily comes undone and folds down to one side. It doesn’t have the bar between the legs and the tray is higher up than my old one so she’s not throwing her legs on top. I like that the handle bar is adjustable. To close/fold the stroller, I lock the handlebar underneath the parent tray, move the button on the parent tray to the side, squeeze and pull the child tray toward me. The seat has to be full sitting up which mine always will be. To recline the seat there’s something on the back that you move. I didn’t play with it much since my baby doesn’t sleep in strollers. I have gotten lots of compliments on it the 2x that we have been out with it so far. There is a video on youtube of this stroller if you want to see a video.

Muriel Medfield, MA

Otherwise we loved

Stroller a little big and clumsy, hard to get in and out of car. Otherwise we loved it

Natalia State Farm, VA

Great stroller, but a nightmare to clean

I owned a wonderful Graco Metrolite stroller, the predecessor to the UrbanLite, for several years. I first purchased it on Amazon nearly 8 years ago and used it for my two older kids. I am kicking myself that I gave it away when a friend had a baby. 🙁 I loved it so much that I came running back to get the UrbanLite when my youngest, now 22 months old, had outgrown her Chicco Liteway.This is a fabulous stroller, just like MetroLite. Roomy seat – big enough to accommodate a child well into toddlerhood, nice big rubber wheels, insanely large storage basket, comfy padded (and adjustable!) push bar, cup holders for mom & dad, snack tray for kiddo, easy to open/close – it’s all there.However, unlike my trusty MetroLite, the fabric on this one is a BEAR to keep clean. Unless I wanted to order the stroller/carseat combo, which I obviously didn’t need, my only choice at Amazon was the Rittenhouse fabric.. It’s pretty enough, but every single, solitary crumb or speck of dirt not only shows up on the fabric, it does NOT wipe off easily. It’s a very soft cottony fabric – not the more durable nylon-type fabric I had on the MetroLite (and that’s available on most strollers). Instead of being able to easily swipe off crumbs, dirt and food bits cling to the fabric and then schmear all over the place when I attempt to clean them up. This isn’t such a terrible thing except it’s BLACK. EVERYTHING shows up. After just a few weeks of use, this thing looks dingy and gross – and we’re only giving our kiddo things like Cheerios and Goldfish crackers (and not on every outing!). It’s not like she’s painting the seat cusion with peanut butter or mayonnaise. :/ Additionally, that sweet black-and-white toile print at the footrest is a reeeeally bad idea. It doesn’t take much for that to start looking dirty and dingy.C’mon Graco – put more durable, easier-to-clean fabrics on your strollers or design your strollers so that moms can remove the seat cover and throw it into the washing machine. If you make a stroller large enough to accommodate toddlers, you can’t put on a dainty fabric meant to be seen and not used.

Lucille Wauzeka, WI

I love it!

I bought a Graco Trekko and found that it was heavy and took up my entire trunk space! Because it was such a painto load and unload from the trunk (ESP after a c-section) I ended up buying the Graco Urbanlite stroller and It has changed my life! For starter, the same carseat (Graco Snugride 30) can be used for both. Also, it is easy to fold and unfold, it is light and has a huge storage compartment on the bottom. The parent and child consoles are a plus. I would recommend this strollerto my friends.

Eve Myra, WV

everything you could need in a stroller

the Graco UrbanLight is a beautiful stroller, I love the pattern.It’s Super Light weight – 19 lbs(great when you need to carry up stairs)easy to collapse, not bulky at all,folds flat and easy to store(great for those that need to take the bus or just dont have extra space to store things, and fits well in the trunk of the car)nice fabric and cushioning, cozy for sleeping baby,big canopy for extra shade on baby.big sturdy storage bin,the seat leans back flat(great for infant or sleeping baby),the stroller and wheels are very sturdy and durable compared to other strollers, even though they are made of plastic with a rubbery foam,(good enough)height adjustable handle for short or taller people to push the stroller.I love this and recommend this to anyone that wants a great stroller with out braking the bank. after trying other strollers I have no complaints about this one.I tryed other graco strollers, and the chicco cortina, so in my opinion, compared to those poorly made and some overpriced strollers, this is the best!

Jasmin Beals, ME

Beautiful Stroller!

This stroller recieved high reviews,which helped in my selection process. It was easy to assemble and the material is so pretty, giving it a unique and high end appearance! The extra deep basket,fully reclining seat with section that flips up and attaches under baby’s tray encloses it like a carriage and the canopy can be used in a forward position,to view baby,if need be,are great features.It folds easily with one hand,staying in an upright position and self-locks.Rolls smoothly and is easy to maneuver.

Natalie West Hyannisport, MA

Another great Graco Product!

We have 4 kids, so I have bought A LOT of different strollers over the years. I recently bought the Graco Urbanlite stroller in Sable (the pink and black color…#4 is a boy, but it was the last Urbanlite at Buy Buy Baby, so I got the floor model and had a 20% off coupon. Only paid eighty-nine dollars, including tax. AWESOME price and I like the pink!) This was to replace our Graco Quattro Tour from 2003 or 2004. That one had survived my 3 other kiddos, but the support bar finally gave on #4.I spend HOURS researching strollers. But I knew what I wanted.
• Flat reclining seat for naps or diaper changes. My son is 18 months-old, but still in diapers and sometimes there’s no place to change, or they are gross.)
• large storage basket (very important for a family of 6 for the zoo, kids’ baseball games, & amusement park trips.)
• Self-standing when folded
• Automatic latch when folding
• Wanted to be able to put a car seat in the stroller, just in case we have another baby.
• lighter than my Quattro Tour, which was 23-25 pounds!After checking out the City Mini, Britax B-Agile, and every other name brand and expensive stroller out there (except Evenflo…I had an Evenflo travel system when my oldest son was born in 2003 and hated it and sold in after 2 months.)I happened to find Urbanlite. (I actually went to either purchase the City Mini or B-Agile.)Like I said, it was a great price, so I bought it.After having it for 2-3 months, this is what I have found:Pros:Reclining FLAT seat, fully upright seat when sitting, can turn into a bassinet almost for an infant not in a car seat (you bring the leg rest up and it secures with velcro up by the tray), adjustable height handle (I’m 5’2 and hubby is 6’2. Neither of us kick the bar in the back and love the handles!), EXTRA large storage basket, piviting front tray, 2 built in cup holders automatic folding latch, easy fold and unfold, self-standing when folded & the tray doesn’t touch the ground to get scuffed, large canopy, and LIGHT (18 pounds, I think!) Also, Graco infant seats will snap right in, no attachments needed. 3 or 5 point harness, too. Easy to push and turn. Even works well on the grass and dirt at the baseball fields, even w/o locking the front wheels.This stroller is really easy to spot clean. We had a jumbo chocolate chip cookie on a hot day and my son got it EVERYWHERE. A few baby wipes on the fabric cleaned it right up before putting it back in my trunk.Cons:I really wish the leg rest was adjustable as my son’s legs just dangle and he looks uncomfortable. We have the Graco Ipo umbrella stroller, too, and the leg rest adjusts and he really likes it. The parent tray sucks. While it does have the cup holders, there is no place to put your keys, phone, etc. Also, the foot rest bugs me. While it is a big foot rest, the fabric of the stroller sticks out & sits on the foot rest. This only leaves about 1 inch on the foot rest itself. I am constantly tucking the fabric back, so my son can climb into or out of the stroller. The back of the stroller is very padded, but the sides are OVER padded. They constantly fold in on my son. I understand they did this for when the stroller is in the recline position, your baby’s head won’t hit the side where the bars are, but these thick “wings” just fold in and annoy when it’s in the sitting position.Overall, the pros outweigh the cons for me. I really like the stroller, it just has a few annoying things that I have to work around. My son is comfy and even naps in it. I like that I can rotate the canopy when he’s sleeping to keep the sun out of his eyes.Being that we are a big family with 4 kids under 10 and NO ONE wants to carry their own belongings, I added a few extras bought from Amazon. JL Childress’ side saddle bags on each side of the stroller are awesome! The Mommy Hook and a mesh stroller bag on the back are great. I also added 2 Valco baby cup holders to the handle bar to have enough room for 4 cups in total.It is a great stroller that I would happily repurchase, even at full price.

Rosalinda Experiment, GA