Graco Zoo Crew Deluxe Health And Grooming Kit

Graco Zoo Crew Deluxe Health And Grooming Kit

1775181 Features: -Zoo Crew pattern.-Animal inspired deluxe healthcare essentials.-Complete health and grooming kit.-18 Piece kit for baby’s healthcare needs.-Designed to remove rough edges from baby’s nails without harm. Includes: -Includes finger toothbrush/gum massager, tweezers, 6 emery boards, storage case. Dimensions: -9.9″ H x 9.8″ W x 3.1″ D, 1 lb.

Main features

  • Animal inspired deluxe healthcare essentials
  • Complete health and grooming kit
  • 18 piece kit for baby’s healthcare needs
  • Designed to remove rough edges from baby’s nails without harm

Verified reviews


Everything I wanted and more

Brush bristles are super soft on the hair brush and super cute with the turle. The nail clipper light works great. The cuteness factor alone made it worth it, but the items worked just as good.

Greta East Brady, PA

Fun and Nice set

After looking through a variety of sets this one actually was one of the better deals and better buys. Was not expecting it to be any good quality but ended up being quite surprised. Fun set that is good too!

May Cleveland, AR

Excellent value – way better than other similar sets from other brands

I have wanted this for ages but only bought recently. Was turned off by the price – it’s a little higher than other health/grooming sets. But WELL WORTH THE EXTRA. Excellent quality. Very cute. I haven’t been able to find anything similar. I love the light-up nail clipper and the ladybug-pattern scissors. The brush/comb are excellent quality. Everything I’ve used so far has worked really well, including the thermometer and medicine syringe. Clever design. Don’t make the same mistake I did by buying a cheaper set first. You’ll only end up throwing it out (like I did!).

Laurel Chatham, PA

Very Cute!!

I loved this grooming kit!! Especially the crocodile nail clipper!! Very cute and has a light on it. I’m very happy with this purchase. Very different from anything else i saw. I shopped around and found best price on amazon. So don’t hesitate to buy this.

Althea Cofield, NC

Super Cute

We bought this kit before we knew our little one was a girl, and we’re so grateful to find such cute things that work for either gender! Most of the items are amazing and very functional!The gator nail clippers are my favorite- even though a bit dull, they get the job done: great size, excellent grip, and an amazing LED light that has prevented my tiny, active baby from ever being harmed.The scissors, while very cute, are probably too dull for her nails, but I found the clippers so great that I didn’t try them on there (I used them to remove tags from her onesies a couple of times).The brush and comb are of excellent quality!The spoon and syringe likewise, though the syringe is a bit big and may not fit into bottles you would like it to (It also will not break and is easy to clean).The thermometer is accurate but it has no timer in it so you will have to time yourself taking temperatures.The suction tool is so cute but not very useful if, say, your baby is choking and you need to reach into the mouth with it. If you get this kit buy a different one.

Ola Fairwater, WI

I *wanted* to like this… but couldn’t

I bought this set before my baby was born because of the great reviews and how cute it was. He’s three months old now and I’ve had to replace most of the items in the set. The thermometer takes forever to take a reading (more than a minute, which is a long time to have it stuck in a sick baby’s bottom), so I replaced that. The light on the nail clippers works when it feels like it… so, not often… and the little post that holds the lever onto the nail clippers has a lip rather than being solid, so the lever falls off if I’m not incredibly careful when getting the clippers out or putting them away… so that’s been replaced, too. The hairbrush bristles are super soft, and does absolutely zero to help with cradle cap (my baby was mostly bald, and the bristles are so soft I can’t imagine they would be useful on a baby that had a lot of hair, either, b/c I don’t think they would actually get into the hair at all), so we’ve been using the brush the hospital gave us… ugly, but way more effective. Even the emery boards are sub-par; the ones that came with the replacement nail clippers do a much better job. The medicine droppers are fine, nothing to write home about, utility-wise, but nothing wrong with them and they are cute. And the nasal aspirator is also ok, if you like the bulb style (I don’t… I use the nose frida, I learned with my first child that it’s far more effective… and I’ve tried both on this baby, and still prefer the nose frida for getting snot out)… but that’s not a lot of useful stuff, especially given that this set was more expensive than many of the others I looked at. Such a cute idea… but terrible as far as actually taking care of the baby.

Ruthie Mosby, MT

An ok set

Some of the things are cute like the turtle/giraffe brushes the medicine measure and gum brush, the mini emeri boards are good. Others seem useless, like others mentioned the clipper is pretty bad and I won’t use the elephant sucker either.

Kimberly Ucon, ID

Very Cute and Very Functional

I found this set to be great, especially the nail clippers with a light on them. Makes a scary job a little easier. The thermometer takes a while to give you the true temperature (it slowly rises one tenth of a degree at a time).

Roberta Clarksdale, MS

Only the nail clipper is worth it

The alligator nail clipper is great! It has a little light that shines right in the perfect spot. Came in handy when we had to wait until baby was asleep to cut her nails and didn’t want to risk waking her by turning on the light. We hardly used any of the other items.

Alisa Bellows Falls, VT