Green and Brown Monkey Wall Decal for Baby Nursery or Kid’s Room, Fabric Vine Decal

Green and Brown Monkey Wall Decal for Baby Nursery or Kid’s Room, Fabric Vine Decal

Our decals are peel and stick. ALL animals, leaves, growth chart, etc. are printed on a coated, durable fabric material that is repositionable. Coated fabric looks similar to vinyl … it is not soft and fuzzy like felt. The difference between fabric and vinyl is that fabric will not stretch and is difficult to tear; whereas, vinyl will stretch and tear easily making it non-repositionable. You can see a video on “Fabric vs. Vinyl Decals” on YouTube if you search for that term. For this decal, ALL vines are printed on fabric decal material.

Main features

  • There are no authorized resellers of our decals. If the shipper is anyone other than Nursery Decals and More, Inc., then the decal is not made by us and is likely a poor quality knockoff
  • Decal Includes: Vines with leaves and 4 Monkeys that are approx. 13″ wide x 15″ high
  • Scene depicted is 83″ x 48″. You can move vines closer or farther apart.
  • This entire decal, including the vines, is a repositionable/reusable fabric wall decal that will work on smooth or slightly textured walls.
  • Leaves, animals and vines are individually cut so you can place how you want them. This fabric decal is removable without damaging walls and also does not smit VOCs.

Verified reviews


Very cute but not sticky enough!

This wall decal is very cute when up on the wall. It is a pain to put up because the vines all come in two pieces and you have to match them up just right or your vine does not “flow” right. Also, the adhesive is not very sticky. I had to use spray adhesive and glue dots to get the decal to stay hung up, otherwise it was pealing back in places. I do have “knocked-down” textured walls throughout my house but I do have wall decals all over my home and all of them stuck no problem so I think it is just the quality of the adhesive that made the difference. I honestly think I would have had a problem even without texture on the walls because just feeling the tackiness of the adhesive with my finger it was not that strong.

Audrey The Lakes, NV

VERY cute in my son’s nursery!

We have the monkeys on the vine in my son’s nursery and we love them! My only complaint is that they are a huge pain to put on. Ours ended up not being centered on the wall because it’s so hard to roll the pieces out before putting up on the wall… You kind of just have to unroll the end, put it on the wall and start sticking to the wall as you unroll it. I will say, EVERYONE comments on how cute his little monkeys are in his room!

Tommie Grant, OK

NOT fabric!!

I decided to purchase these stickers for my son’s nursery. When my husband and I received them, we thought they were adorable, but we had two problems: 1) they STUNK, and even though we aired them out, they still smelled toxic, and 2) they were NOT fabric like we had read in the description. I thought it would have been cute and clever to have fabric wall decorations for the nursery, but they were just plastic like every other sticker. When we contacted the company, they were very curt with us, too, which did not help out our experience. We ended up returning them (paying for shipping back and losing the shipping we spent for them to get to us) and going elsewhere. Two stars simply because the stickers are quite cute.

Erin Imboden, AR

Adorable; good quality

These decals are adorable, and good quality, it seems. They come rolled up in a tube, which is initially concerning, but I just laid it flat with weights on it for a few days. Then we used the suggested technique of rubbing them on with a piece of aluminum foil on top (we actually used a flay, plastic drywall repair thingee), and they don’t look like they’re going anywhere.

Jimmie Whiting, KS


Love the monkeys! Easy to put up, plenty of decals to use and fun to create your own look. Would definitely buy another style once baby gets older.

Patrica Butler, GA

Impressive monkey decor!

These wall decals are so impressive, the perfect addition to baby’s room. T poo tally worth paying a little more for these….quality is great and they add so much to the decor. Used on two different walls, as the size covers a larger area of wall. Would highly recommend.

Noreen Tylersburg, PA


Looks gerat in our nursery. We were able to spread this over 3 walls and it went up easily – excellent quality.

Ruby Hailesboro, NY

Completely changed the nursery

Whenever someone sees my baby’s nursery, this decal stands out for them. It was easy to peel and stick and nothing has come off since then. The monkeys look cute and look really nice.

Janell De Forest, WI

SOOOOO Perfect

It take a bit of time and planning to get it up exactly right, but it look so great when it’s done. It looks pained on. Really great. Also, the gentleman that owns the company cares about his products. I recommend both the company and the item.

Rosalyn Tangipahoa, LA