Green Chambray Folding Hamper

Green Chambray Folding Hamper


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Bought similar item (different color) – was horrible

It broke in 3 different parts within the first week. The wood is very weak and breaks very easily. This doesn’t do well for a toddler… they need to make it with real wood or stronger material!

Carmen Kingston, UT

Warning: This product shrinks when washed!

I originally bought this hamper in blue. Of the three stars I have given this hamper, 1 star is for the attractive design and 2 stars are for the really great mesh bag, which does make transporting baby’s dirty laundry to the washing machine very easy, but I must let you know that this hamper shrinks when washed! The washing instructions say it is machine washable and it is attached to the wooden frame by velcro so that it can come off for cleaning. I followed the specific instructions on the label, but when it came out of the dryer it was two inches shorter and would not fit on the wooden frame. Not only that but the fabric was completely worn out.In spite of this, I have ordered another one (this time in pink), because I really love the look and size of this hamper. I guess I will just have to be more careful about keeping it clean, and I’ll hand wash it next time around.

Genevieve Sulligent, AL

Just got it, love it!

I found that I needed a hamper for my 8 month old identical twin boys room. This goes great with thier in flight bedding and is very easy to use. It is nice looking and the mesh liner is strong and can hold about 5 days worth of twin clothes and blankets. I cant keep one in my 3 year old twins room because they drop everything in them and make a huge mess, so I just walk across the hall and put it in teh boys room. I dont know how the green part would wash, though I dont really see why you would have to do this frequently? It folds nicely too and is not too big. I love this hamper and would buy one again in a hearbeat!

Wendy Minford, OH

Great Hamper

This Light Green hamper has really came in handy for my nephew bedroom…we can just thorw his dirty stuff in the hamper…then take out the mesh bag and thorw the stuff into the washer and take the mesh bag back up to his bedroom the only problem is the bag (hamper part) i wish it would be removeable for cleaning.. like if a little dirt got on the bottom from carrying it up and down the stairs…. over all i love this hamper! makes it much easy on me! i just carrying the whole hamper downstair and fold it up and set it on top of the washer and/or dryer!! i really enjoy this hamper!

Petra Montague, MI

Happy we chose this hamper.

I bought this hamper because it went well with the bedding set that we chose. It comes in great colors to match just about anything. I liked that it was plain too because we had enough stuff with patterns. I also bought it because it was a great buy! I have loved it! The mesh liner that comes out is nice and sturdy and is very convienent.This is a great value!

Juliana Hassell, NC

Great Hamper, Great Price!

I love this hamper. It is a good deal. I have seen other hampers similar to this one and they cost good deal more; so this is a bargain. It has a mesh bag inside and you can remove to do laundry. It folds up easily and lightweigh. It can hold an obscene amount of clothes. You can was easily without it shrinking. I bought the blue one for my older son and had it for over a year and we haven’t had any problems. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone.

Bridgette Midkiff, WV

Nice looking, easy to use hamper!

This hamper is such a nice piece to have! The outside it very nice looking, it is very easy to set up, and the inside mesh bag is very easy to use. Whenever you have a full hamper, you simply pull the mesh bag out, take it over to the washing machine, dump the clothes in, and return the mesh liner to the hamper. I am so glad we purchased this–worth every penny! I have noticed that there have been several reviews that harp on this product because the outside cloth shrinks in the wash. I have not yet tried to wash the cloth part of the hamper so I cannot tell you if it shrinks or not. After having used it for three months, I have not had to wash it yet, and I’m not sure why you would even need to wash it all the time (as it appears many people are doing). It works well for me!

Alexandria Sterling, PA

A very nice hamper!

I love the inside mesh bag that I can remove and take with me to the washing machine. It makes holding your little one while carrying all their laundry a snap!! And to the “New Mommy” from College Station, TX, I’m a new mommy also, but aren’t you supposed to soak poopy clothing so that it doesn’t stain the outfit?!? That just seems kind of gross but that’s just me. I personally love this hamper and would definitely recommend it!

Sheena Manomet, MA

Good Quality Good Price

I bought this hamper because of the price. The Bellissimo line has the same hamper for like double the price. This hamper is nice and very affordable I highly recommend it.

Gay Jamestown, PA

Don’t wash it

With all the baby accidents on the clothing that gets put into this hamper, it gets a bit “gamey”. So I washed it, in cold water and didn’t put it in the dryer. Well, it shrank so bad that it no longer reaches the bottom of the legs so you can velcro it. I ended up tossing it. You can’t put a bedding change in it with anything else in there, it just doesn’t have enough room and the frame is very cheaply made I was afraid it would break. Not worth it.

Carmen Pittsville, WI

Great idea

The lift out laundry bag is a great idea. The only problem – one washing and the hooks of the bag shredded – then, after only 5 months of use, the seam split open. I sewed the seam but you can’t do anything short of replacing the hooks (they’re fabric). Still, at 19.99, I didn’t expect perfection. It looks good and the bag, as I said, is very handy.

Christy Collinsville, OK

How did I live with out this!

I really do wonder how I lived with out this with my first child. This hamper is not only cute as its buttons but is so easy to use. Fill ‘er up and walk off with the liner! I keep the liner on top of the dryer until the load is done, put everything back in the liner to carry back to the nursery. No extra step involving a bulky laundry basket. I would recommend this to anyone. Not that it matters, but mine is green:)

Sadie Ozone, TN

Decent for the cost

I have been using this hamper for 5 months.Pros:1) You can take off the outside material to wash it.2) There is an inside mesh liner that keeps baby’s clothes from touching the outside material, so you don’t have to keep taking the outside apart to wash it.3) The mesh liner lifts to take clothes to the laundry room, and can be washed as well (I have not washed it excessively, but I have washed it a couple times and have had no issues with tearing/fraying).4) It is a very neutral hamper that looks fine in any nursery.5) It is relatively inexpensive.Cons:1) If you don’t want to pull out the mesh lining to carry the clothes to the washer, then the lining is a bit of a nuisance. If you have a decent amount of clothing in the hamper, the mesh lining lifts up as you pull out the clothes, so then you have to put it back in again. You could remove the mesh altogether, but then the dirty clothes would touch the outside material, which is more complicated to wash.2) Because it is made of cloth, the cover is kind of a pain. With a regular hamper, you just lift and close a lid. But with this hamper, you need to take a little more time to get the material in place and straigtened out. It’s quick if you have two hands free, but not as quick with a baby in one arm.3) It’s very light. My son is not old enough yet, but I can imagine this will be an easy hamper to pull over (and easy to grip to do so because of the material). As other moms stated, the buttons may be an issue if your kid can get his hands on them.Because I registered at Babies ‘R’ Us, I was restricted to their limited selection. I chose this because of price and appearance, but if I would’ve seen something there that seemed more functional as well as attractive, I would have chosen that instead.

Rachelle Forrest City, AR