Green Eats 4 Pack Snack Bowl, Blue

Green Eats 4 Pack Snack Bowl, Blue

Snack time just turned “green” for kids of all ages. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers, the Green Eats Snack Bowls are ultra-safe. Each of these sturdy bowls is melamine-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and has no external coatings. Serve up healthy snacks and good green fun. These bowls are also the perfect size for baby feeding. Packaged using only recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks. 4 1/4″ diameter, 1 3/4″ H. Available in packs of Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow. Each color sold separately. Dishwasher safe no melamine, BPA, phthalates, PVC, or external coatings saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. All Green Toys products are 100% made in the USA. To be more specific, they are produced in California, a state known for strict toy safety and environmental laws. It’s cool to buy USA, but also think about this, transportation is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses. We all know driving less is good for mother nature, but did you ever think about how many miles a toy logs before it ends up in your local store? Our toys are truly local creations. Every step in the process, from milk container recycling to toy production to final assembly, occurs in California. Our raw materials and toys aren’t shipped from overseas, which saves a lot of energy and reduces greenhouse gasses. It also guarantees your toys won’t get seasick before they get to your home.

Main features

  • Made in the usa from 100% recycled plastic milk containers, the green eats snack bowls are ultra-safe
  • Each of these sturdy bowls is melamine-free, bpa-free, phthalate-free, pvc-free and has no external coatings
  • These bowls are also the perfect size for baby feeding
  • Made in the USA from 100% food-safe recycled plastic milk containers
  • Green Eats manufacturing processes save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Verified reviews


Too small

I gave these away within a week. Unless you have a newborn there is really no food that will fit into this bowl.

Frankie Atlanta, LA


Everyone that comes over and sees our set complements them and can’t believe they were made of recycled plastic. We have had ours for half a year and they still look brand new. They hold up in the dishwasher perfectly, even on the bottom rack. These are perfect for quickly pouring a snack into and handing off to a toddler. I often use these when I cook and bake to hold measured ingredients until I am ready to use them.

Candy Danforth, IL

Nice but smaller than you think

I originally bought these bowls for my 16 month old to use for her dinners etc. From the pictures the bowl size looked perfect. However, when I received them they were much smaller than I expected, more like a custard cup size than a bowl. I was going to return them, but ended up keeping them anyway. They are good for a serving of applesauce, or yogurt, basically any small meal or snack. You can put them in the dishwasher, but recommend not to place them in the microwave. I wish they had a little bit of a lip, or something for my daughter to hang onto without putting her fingers in the bowl. For that reason and the deception in the size I did not give it five stars.

Jaime East Mansfield, MA

very small but just what i was looking for

these are tiny bowls but they are perfect for feeding an infant. they would be too small for my 3 year old unless it was for a few goldfish or a snack like that. i use it for homemade baby food. i just put a couple cubes from the freezer in and microwave for 10 seconds and it’s the perfect size. great quality bowl and easy to clean. food will not stick to it or change the color.

Randi Republic, MI

cute and sturdy but small

really small, designed for 12 months and under, anyone with older kids shouldn’t waste the money its too small and useless (mommy to a 20 month old)

Juliette Kresgeville, PA

Good size bowls

I got these for my nephew as part of his holiday present that I based off of what Citrus Lane was selling for more expensive. My daughter has a set of these in orange that she got from Citrus Lane. They’re great little bowls for little kids – good size for them to hold and light weight. I use them to put baby food in for my 6 month old as well. One of the great things is that they’re made out of recycled milk jugs and they’re made in the USA!

Anne Cypress, FL

Great bowls

Love these bowls and the fact that they are USA made of recycled material! I use them for baby’s cereal and other foods and will keep tgem around long after the puréed stage has passed. They seem virtually indestructible, as well. Will definitely purchase more products from this company as needed.

Carly Monument, NM


Perfect size for a jar of babyfood. And they hold a grapefruit half nicely too. I really like these bowls and will be getting more from Green Eats.

Evangeline Bremen, IN

Very cute

These bowls are really cute and my son love to hold and look at them. They are also BPA, phthalates and melamine free. A big plus is that they are Made in the USA!

Jasmine Immaculata, PA


I use these every day and run them through the dishwasher. They are durable and a good size to put 6 oz of yogurt or 1/2 of avocado.

Gay Monroeville, IN

good size for baby food

Extremely happy these are free of toxic materials. I bought them for my 10 month old grandson who was coming to visit for a few days, and they were just the right size for holding his jarred baby food. I think they would be too small for anything else, but I felt the price was right for this limited time of use. Hopefully other grandkids will be coming in the future to use them! They washed well in the diswasher.

Michele Gloucester Point, VA

nice bowls

These are great bowls! They are BPA free, dishwasher safe and seem sturdy. The size is right for my daughter’s daily oatmeal.

Molly Vance, MS

too small

Cute but too small for to use for breakfast. Even too small in our opinion for snack so we sent it back.

Adela Faucett, MO

great for play

these are exactly same size/shape as the play bowls from the play dishes set from the same company. I got these and the little plates so she’d have more dishes as the set comes with only 4 each.

Aileen Blue Springs, MS

great non-stick

If anything else I love the non-stick quality to these they are great for mixing baby food and cereal together or some applesauce or whatever and they rinse so clean and easy every time hardly need for scrubbing.

Lacy Hager City, WI

love them!

these little bowls have been the perfect size for all sorts of baby-related things. they will make great prep bowls for mommy when baby no longer needs them, too! they are standing up to daily use very well —- still look brand new, even though they are plastic. great company with great products!

Noelle Rayne, LA

Love these!

Great bowls for babies first foods. My son is 8 months old and I use these all the time, love them. I hand wash them but I’m sure they would hold up fine in the dishwasher.

Shelley Kapaa, HI

It is still plastic, but it is better than others

Obviously, you don’t want to pour hot soup into this because it IS plastic and heating plastic is never a good idea. However, assuming you don’t want your baby to break your nice ceramic bowls when she sends them flying off the table, this is a great alternative. We let her play with one as a toy, one hangs around for snacks, one for dinner after it has cooled… They are sturdy and environmentally friendly, and as far as I can tell, they are safe.

Maxine Chappaqua, NY

Very versatile–also function as stepping stones, building tools, hats, and more!

I have an almost 2 year old and a 4 year old. These bowls are a great size for their snacks, or for a side dish during a meal. We use them every day. They stack easily. They go in the dishwasher. The wipe off easily if you’re too lazy for the dishwasher. They don’t break when dropped/thrown on the tile/walls. They are big enough for the dog to steal snacks out of. And I don’t have to worry about gross chemicals as with some other kid bowls! All around just a great product!Additionally, they are incredibly versatile and durable. Around here they have been used as stepping stones, sand and mud scoops, a base for a tower made of books, tiny chairs, tiny hats, shoes, and I’m sure many other things. They’ve withstood all of that! Highly recommended!

Lila Vinalhaven, ME

Great kid snack bowls

These are great simple bowls that I use for kid (and adult snacks). They are on the smaller side, but work great for for afternoon snacks, etc. I wash them often in the dishwasher and they have held up great.

Amber Charlottesville, VA

Great bowls for toddlers/baby’s first meals

Not much to say execpt that they wash well, great size for all meals and snacks and they don’t break when tossed to the floor!!! I recommend them for sure and 2 sets is worth it.

Roxie Manchester, PA

Great bowls!

These bowls are great for daily use with kids – we use one almost every meal time and don’t have to worry about if it gets dropped as it won’t break. We microwave in them and run them through the dishwasher regularly, and they still look brand new! The colors are fun, and they are a good smaller size.

Caryn Center Strafford, NH

Great size for our 9 month old

We use these for our 9 month old. This is a great size. The bowl easily fits 4-6 oz food without any issues. Easy to clean, sturdy. Already bought another pack!

Mai Dover, OK

Great bowls, but a bit small

I got these as cereal bowls for my toddler. They are very durable and cute, but the actual size is smaller than I expected. I’m sure the dimensions are listed, and I just wasn’t paying close enough attention, but from the pictures shown on amazon, I thought the bowls would be slightly bigger — an actual "cereal bowl" size. Nonetheless, they are great for snacks and playing. The yellow is bright and fun.

Jannie Herscher, IL

love these dishes

I use these bowls for homemade baby food. The plastics seem safer than others and they work really well for what I use them for!

Ophelia Madison, MS

Love these!

I love these little bowls, I use them daily to feed my son finger foods! I bought these because they were natural and didn’t have any harmful chemicals. They have held up great in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Justina Bushnell, FL

Good little bowls

Stable, low enough small hands can easily get in, and solid enough they don’t go sliding unless thrown. They use something very similar at daycare so it helps.

Maribel Tucker, GA

Great Little Bowls

We were just looking for little bowls for toddler size portions; something lightweight for the diaper bag that won’t break when she knocks it off the table and BPA free. These fit the needs we had perfectly! I also like that they aren’t covered in decals.

Mariana Port Sanilac, MI


I love how they are made from recycled goods and awesome for snacks. I originally bought them thinking they were normal sized Green Eats bowls but I should have read more carefully that they were in fact even labeled as "snack bowls". Either way they are durable and great for our 8 month old to use as a regular bowl, if not even better. The color is really, says not microwavable but I’m sure 15 secs or so wouldn’t hurt. Thanks for making your products in the USA, I specifically searched for America only things for our baby (which is hard to come by) and have bought many more of your companies products because of it. Hope this review helps others, type in Green Eats in search bar all there products are made in US 🙂

Megan Taloga, OK

Perfect size and durability

These are excellent bowls for a small portion of soup or yogurt at dinner time. Also great for snacks and for dipping bowls.They are also extremely durable. We use them during tea parties with dolls and they hold up extremely well.Dishwasher safe and do not fade!

Abigail Fair Haven, NY