green sprouts 0-6 Months Waterproof Absorbent Terry Print Bib, Girl, 5 Pack

green sprouts 0-6 Months Waterproof Absorbent Terry Print Bib, Girl, 5 Pack

Reversible. Absorbent terry with waterproof inner layer. 5 pack with classic colors for great value. Velcro closure, knitted terry.

Main features

  • Reversible^Absorbent terry with waterproof inner layer^5 pack with classic colors for great value^Velcro closure, knitted terry

Verified reviews



I searched for the perfect bibs for the first months, and I really liked these. I have yet to try them. . .

Elsa Neversink, NY

Not as written

When I first saw these it stated 0-3 months. I being a new mom bought them because I thought it would be useful and a good size for a newborn. It was a waste because I had already purchased another green sprouts set for a better value. This only comes with 5 bibs and the other came with 10. If I had known the proper size then I wouldn’t have purchased these. On the label it says from 3-12months.

Ruth Waldron, KS

So cute and work really well

I put one of these on my son daily since he is teething and likes to chew on everything and drools a lot. They are waterproof w/out the "crunchy" noise, very soft, easy to wash and he likes to chew on them. They do the job. I bought another set of the various colors so I have 15 of these and love them all.

Kari Dodgeville, MI

Love them.

I have a baby with reflux so she spits up A LOT! I bought a pack of these before I had her, and now that I get to use them I loved them so much I ordered another pack. They are really soft and do a pretty good job of keeping her dry. They are very absorbent given the amount of spit up she has after every feeding.

Toni Valders, WI

Holds a lot of spit up

These little bibs hold a ton of spit up…my baby spits 1-3T per feeding and these bibs hold it all. Only problem is the stitching on the edges of several bibs are coming unthreaded after only 1 month of use. I complained to Amazon and they replaced the bibs. I love them and will buy again, despite the thread problem.

Christi East China, MI