green sprouts 10 Ounce Aqua Bottle, Pink

green sprouts 10 Ounce Aqua Bottle, Pink

New material. BPA free. Bright colored polypropylene bottle with fun print and straw top with sliding lid. Contour shape makes bottle easy to hold. Dishwasher safe. 10 ounce.

Main features

  • BPA free
  • Bright colored polypropylene bottle with fun print and straw top with sliding lid
  • Contour shape makes bottle easy to hold
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 10 ounce

Verified reviews


Love it!

We did a lot of research and tried many different sippy cups and bottles before settling on this one. While we weaned the little one from bottles, we were advised by other parents that we probably need to try many different ones to see which kinds of sippy cups would work and, boy, did we have to. At first, the Nuby straw cups worked for us but the little one started chewing on the straws and tore most of them. To replace the flexible part of the straw was half the cost ofthe cup! (The replacement kit comes with the hard straw, the flexible straw head and the screw on cap. They don’t sell parts separately! ) then we tried one of these bottles and the little one loved it, not only because she can chew on the flexible part of the straw, but also because it resembles water bottles that adults use. And it keeps ua the parents happy too! The replacement straws are totally affordable and we only need to replace the part that breaks! That reduces waste too! Win-win!One thing to note is that this bottle should be handwashed.

Tracy Cohasset, MA

Works well

The straw works well for my son, and only really leaks if he shakes the cup a lot when open. Design is cute, however we’ve only used this cup about a dozen times and only handwashed, and the design is already rubbing off.

Leonor Ventress, LA

wonderful product

Fits ice in it, great for taking to the lake and park. Toddler holds it well, will buy more in different colors.

Tasha Newton Junction, NH

Perfect cup to transition to

This is our third cup. 1 we keep out our share care house, 1 we lost (doh!) and so we purchased another to replace it. This cup is durable, the straw reaches all the way to the bottom and no leaks. My son is 13 months and tends to drop his cup off his high chair several times throughout a meal and this lid has held up through the beating. Good price as well.

Mamie East Bethany, NY

cracks easily

Got this as a gift and loved it until my 17 month old dropped it on the floor and it cracked. Also the straw could be a little bit longer so the baby doesn’t have to be touching the cap in order to get enough straw in the mouth to be able to suction the liquid. For $8 I would expect a better quality product.

Liz Bledsoe, TX

Almost perfect

I received this as a gift, and didn’t use it for MONTHS because my son has never liked straw cups. One day his other cups were dirty, so I used this as a last resort, and was pleasantly surprised. He LOVES it! I think the big difference between this and the other cups we have tried is that this bottle offers some suction resistance, so when he stops drinking the water doesn’t pour down the front of his shirt.Overall, it’s got lots of pros. It’s big enough to hold water for a day for a toddler, but not so big and heavy it can’t be carried around comfortably. It comes with an extra straw, which is AWESOME, though after only a couple months we haven’t needed to replace it yet. I love that I can use the cover to "seal" the top when I need to, and I think the designs are adorable.Unfortunately, there are a couple cons. It’s not perfectly watertight, as when the liquid in the bottle changes temperature it can push water up through the straw. It’s not really a problem when you only use it for water, but I would NOT put milk or juice in this cup. Also, after a couple washes the design on the front has completely disappeared, so if you’re buying it for the cute design, know that it won’t last.I will definitely be purchasing another one as a back-up bottle.

Maude Rainbow Lake, NY

My daughter loves this bottle!

We use this as a water bottle for my 13 month old daughter – and she loves it! It also doesn’t spill easily when tipped sideways or upside-down (bonus for Mom!). We’ve also dropped it a few times, and it hasn’t cracked yet!It’ll be nice when my girl learns how to flip it open/ closed 🙂

Karen Sparrows Point, MD