green sprouts 10 Pack Sprout Ware Infant Spoon, Girl

green sprouts 10 Pack Sprout Ware Infant Spoon, Girl

New. Petroleum free. Made from plants. Curved handle makes feeding baby easy. Multi use disposable spoons are dishwasher safe, top rack only up to 10 washings; hand wash for longer life. PlaStarch Material (PSM).

Main features

  • Petroleum free made from plants
  • Curved handle makes feeding baby easy
  • Multi use disposable spoons are dishwasher safe, top rack only up to 10 washings; hand wash for longer life
  • PlaStarch Material (PSM)

Verified reviews


Should have read the small print

I haven’t opened the packaging so cannot comment on the functionality as I will be returning these spoons. I did not realize that these were disposable spoons – I found that description in the very small print at the bottom of the item page. Very disappointing. I already create enough waste to not add these spoons to it.UPDATEIt was more trouble than it was worth to send back the spoons so I have been using them, or that should be “I used them”. Once. The plastic is scratchy around the spoon (you can see the “seam”) and I was not comfortable scraping the excess food off of my 6 month old baby’s face with them as they looked very uncomfortable on her skin. I think I was lucky not to actually scratch her delicate skin. I will still pay the $7 odd to get the OXO spoons which I love, though whilst I only get 2 for $7 compared to the 10 for $8, I will be happier with them and I won’t have to throw them away as they break down.

Janie Chicago Park, CA

Perfectly Sized

Soooooo many spoons are too deep and large for a baby’s mouth. When a spoon is too big, babies just spit out the extra and dinner time gets way messier. My six-month-old is a ravenous eater and these spoons aren’t even close to too small for him and they are shallow enough that he can actually clear the spoon each bite. Munchkin Brand spoons are ok, but these are perfect!

Alma Alcalde, NM

Poorly Designed Product–Way Too Small

These spoons are teeny tiny, even for baby spoons. The picture looks normal enough, and the package says “ages 3-12 months,” but don’t be fooled–these spoons aren’t big enough for any baby over five months. My nine-month old is little (25th percentile), and doesn’t like big bites, but these spoons are way too small even for her. They are half the size of the Munchkin soft-tip spoons, and Munchkin spoons themselves are smaller than most other brands.Another thing you can’t see very well from the picture–these spoons are almost completely flat. There is no “bowl” or “dip” in the spoon to hold food. Can you still pile a lot of food onto it? Sure, but the food is much less likely to stay on the spoon all the way to your baby’s mouth.Finally, these spoons are not durable. They immediately get marked up if your baby is old enough to have teeth. I’ve not had this problem with other plastic spoons.I love Greensprouts and their safe baby products, so I was very disappointed to discover these spoons were not functional. I hope that they are able to redesign this product in the future.

Jan Chauncey, GA

Fantastic eco-friendly spoons

I’m a first-time mom and these spoons have been the best and easiest for my almost 8 month old to use. I had looked into American-made feeding options and these are great — plant-based and disposable. Their only downside is they are not dishwasher safe. However, the hand washing is worth it because of the ease and fit of the spoon in baby’s mouth. He spills much less with these and he seems to get his mouth around the bowl of the spoon better than he does with the typical Munchkin brand spoons. The length is great because I can hold the handle far away from him so he has more room to grasp when he wants to try to feed himself and I don’t get my hands covered in baby food. We’ve tried several brands and these are still a favorite. They are also great for travel because they are disposable so it doesn’t feel wasteful to use and toss if needed. Highly recommend!

Hattie Bridgeton, IN

Perfect shape for baby to get food off

These are awesome little spoons. Even though they are shallow, you can get a lot of food piled on them. These spoons are easier for my baby to get the food off of because the dip is more shallow. I’ve made most of her food homemade, so it’s probably a bit thicker than the store bought jarred food. I’ve used these for 6 months and they are just starting to wear down enough to replace them. We have been hand washing the spoons. I also love that these are made of plants because I don’t have to worry about the chemicals found in plastic leaching into my baby’s food.

Jeanette Raysal, WV

Good sized spoons

These are good sized spoons for a baby. They are also disposable and if you want to keep them they last quite a while.

Constance State College, PA

Too small for 8 mos. – maybe good for first bites

I bought these for a trip but returned. These hold too little for my hungry 8 month baby. They might be good for babies who aren’t really "eating" yet.

Morgan Denver, NC

Perfect for tiny mouths

Fabulous spoons for beginning eaters. The size of the bowl of the spoon is perfect for small mouths. We hand washed them, but they still will need to be replaced before child number two. We used them for a good 6 mos straight, before he needed a wider bowl. We loved them, and will definitely buy more.

Saundra Gorin, MO

Perfect size for new eaters

Love that they are dishwasher safe! Also nice to know that there aren’t any nasty plastics in them! We have been using them for the past month and still holding up well.

Eliza Ripon, CA

No plastic!

Traditional plastics contain so many chemicals, I was really excited to get these for my baby. I hand wash them and they have kept well.

Darla Thornton, CA

good spoon, but…

I really like these spoons for our 6 mo old daughter, but I didn’t realize they are slightly disposable. They are supposed to be thrown away after 10 washes in the dishwasher. I wouldn’t have purchased them had I known that…

Louise Barataria, LA


These spoons are very shallow and when my son just started solids (5-6 mo) they were just perfect. The munchkin ones are very popular on Amazon and we have those too but my son was unable to get all the food off of those spoons because they were too deep for him. He is 7 months now and he can do either set of spoons now but these are what we are used to so we still use them daily. The instructions say the colors do bleed if you use them a lot and that is natural. Looking at how all baby spoons get chewed up and worn at the tip because they are made to be soft for babies, I feel better if my son chews on these.

Juanita Wausaukee, WI

Great product for any age baby

I bought these after finding that my 6-month-old daughter couldn’t get all the food out of the Nuby spoons because they were way too deep. When I first took the Green Sprouts spoons out of the package I thought “They’re tiny! The food will just fall off!” but with a little practice I discovered that they’re actually the perfect size. They’re not any messier than deep infant spoons as long as you don’t overload them, and my baby can actually get the entire bite in her mouth.I’ve been using these spoons for 5 months now and with gentle handwashing most of them are still in great condition, though I’ve had to toss a couple. I still find the size to be great for my daughter now at 11 months old and prefer using these over other spoons. I definitely recommend them!

Daphne Jonesboro, GA


At first I thought these spoons are SO small, but the design is excellent and they fit much more than it looks. became my fast favorite!

Herminia Hubbard, IA

Perfect size and eco-friendly

These have proven to be plenty durable. Now that there are teeth that like to clamp down on them when eating, they still hold up just fine. They discolored rather quickly, but that doesn’t impede their function. There is enough of an indentation to hold a decent amount of food with an appropriate amount of curve in the handle to be comfortable.

Alicia Richmond, CA