green sprouts 2 Count Cool Hand Teether, Green, Blue, 3 Months

green sprouts 2 Count Cool Hand Teether, Green, Blue, 3 Months

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a hard plastic that requires harsh chemical softeners, such as phthalates, to make it appropriate for use in soft plastic baby items such as bibs. In 2003 we discovered that certain phthalates were shown to disrupt reproductive functions and cause other developmental problems, so we launched a line of PVC-free feeding items including bibs, dishes, utensils and storage containers. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is used in hard, clear plastics such as baby bottles to prevent breakage. In 2006, when we learned that BPA also disrupts reproductive functions and causes other developmental problems, we discontinued all BPA from our feeding items.

Main features

  • Put these hand shaped ring teethers in the refrigerator to soothe sore gums
  • Textured surface helps first teeth break through
  • EVA soother filled with sterilized water

Verified reviews


Not as appears

Does not look like picture. The fingers are very short and the circle is very big. He can still chew on it though. Doesnt seem too interested yet at 4 months.

Melody Prince, WV

Baby approved!

My 4 month old nephew approves it. Except for when it was cold he didn’t like that so much. But he will once he gets older.

Lakeisha Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Too firm (and not as pictured).

I generally like Green Sprouts products and am happy that these have sterilized water inside vs. some sort of mysterious and possibly unsafe gel, but the outer skin is so overfilled with water that they’re very firm and not invitingly chewy for my teething 5 month old baby. My son bores easily with these, even when chilled. I also received a markedly different shape of teether than pictured here. They look like thin donuts with 5 equally sized nubs on one side, nothing like little hands. I would have happily overlooked this if the teethers had been more functionally successful.

Faith Takotna, AK

Four Stars

nice product.

Kelli Horsepen, VA

better for baby

My boy started teething at 3 mo old and all the teething rings out there have been too big or too textured for his liking. He finally liked this one as the texture is minimal (kind of like goose-bumps) and it doesn’t get too too cold when in the fridge. I’m giving it 4 stars b/c he still took some time to figure out how to hold it and munch on it. Also it is not as well hand-shaped as in the picture. The nubs are all the same height and spread across the top half of the ring.

Leigh Bondville, IL

Wish These Were Around When My Daughter was Teething

I bought these for my 6 month old grandson who has been teething really heavily for the past 2 weeks. I like the fact that they came in a pack of 2 (you always need an extra in the freezer to switch out when one thaws). They freeze pretty quickly and maintain their coldness for quite awhile.My grandson can hold them very well on his own and has figured out that he can move the teether to a new “finger” when one is in the thawing process.I really like that these are filled with sterilized water and not some gel. I don’t know what the gel in the competitors teething rings are.The only thing I wish these had is a rubber grip of some kind on the bottom of them so he can keep hold of it better. The teether has the water throughout and is frozen on the bottom so the bottom tends to get a bit slippery as it thaws. Other than that I really like these tethers.

Imogene Bretz, WV


works great love that the fingers are smaller so small mouths can use this easier, and little hands can hold this easier too!

Susanna East Calais, VT

Great teething toy

My baby adores these. Even right out of the freezer, she doesn’t seem to mind holding them, even though they’re cold. She loves gnawing on them and she can get them far back on her gums so they’re soothing to her whole mouth. We love these, even travel with them!

Gwen Vineburg, CA