green sprouts 2 Pack Best Long Sleeve Waterproof Bib, Lavender/Pink, 2T-4T

green sprouts 2 Pack Best Long Sleeve Waterproof Bib, Lavender/Pink, 2T-4T

New Prints. PVC free. Full coverage style is perfect for protecting toddler’s clothing. Flip pocket. Velcro closure, easy care.

Main features

  • Full coverage style is perfect for protecting toddler’s clothing
  • Flip pocket
  • Velcro closure, easy care
  • PVC free

Verified reviews


Great for painting

My 18 month old uses these when we paint. They keep his shirt and arms free from paint. They are easy to clean w a sponge. Pocket doesn’t really do much bc it is so flat but overall would buy these again. Size wise we have been using them for a couple months and he has lots of room to grow into them

Adrienne Tad, WV

Love these!

My daughter uses these for eating and her art work. They have great coverage, easy to clean, and dry in a very short amount of time.

Ora Haddonfield, NJ

Excellent item for self feeders

I purchased these for my twin granddaughters who are 15 months old and are self feeders. These keep their clothes including sleeves clean and the pockets catch any food dropping. When you get them you have to turn the pocket inside out for it to serve its purpose or you can leave as is if a front pocket isn’t needed. They wash very well and dry in a snap. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED worth every penny.

Deloris Coalinga, CA

worth the money

highly recommend to anyone caring for young children, easy care. I hand wash and air dry they are ready to use in no time.

Kathleen Selbyville, WV

Thinner than i expected, but fit my almost 2 year old better than smaller size

Much thinner than i expected, i have another green sprout bib but it is much thicker material, almost rubbery, but it wouldn’t stay closed since it was 12-24m. I ordered this to replace it, and it was much thinner, but fit much better than the smaller size. and quite pricey as i’m nervous my toddler could easily rip them and that wash after wash they won’t hold up as well as a thicker bib.

Justine Lilly, GA

I’m so glad I bought this for my 1 yr old baby

As your baby starts grabbing food by himself/ herself, this is the best baby feeding item you can buy!! (I first bought 2 x the Baby Bjorn Bib, but now it’s just sitting there collecting dust)This green sprouts Long Sleeve Waterproof bib can be easily washed by hand, and hang dry for next use. I don’t need to worry about my baby making a mess on the table. She wears it during meal time, and it’s a wonderful Waterproof Bib to buy! I’d recommend it to every parents! 🙂

Ruby Crown Point, IN

don’t eat without them!

I don’t know anyone feeds their baby without these, unless you don’t mind food all over your child’s clothes. Even the most mild eater gets food on themselves. These are awesome. They cover everything my son is wearing and are easily rinse-able. I have 2 and alternate so one is always dry for the next meal. Would highly recommend.

Hazel East Carbon, UT

Easy Peasy!

These are cute and easy! They are flexible like fabric so they are easy to put on and they are easy to clean, just wipe. I use them everyday, love them!

Jana Sandy Hook, KY

Very cheap material

I have the original slickers made of hard vinyl material. I want a new size but was 100% disappoint when I open the package with these. They stop making them with the vinyl and now it’s extra thin plastic. Not worth the money

Jeannette York Springs, PA

great bib

These bibs do a great job of covering more clothing area than a standard bib. They are also more of a cloth material (while still being somewhat water resistant) so it is easy to put them in the clothes washer once a week to get them extra clean.

Tamra Powersite, MO