green sprouts 2 Pack Organic Cotton Mitts, 0-6 Weeks, Cornflower

green sprouts 2 Pack Organic Cotton Mitts, 0-6 Weeks, Cornflower

green sprouts by i play 2 Pack Organic Cotton Mitts, 0-6 Months, Cornflower Organic cotton mitts help to cover newborn hands to avoid scratches from little fingernails. Features include: •Organic •Mitts help to cover newborn hands to avoid scratches from little fingernails •Great gift

Main features

  • Organic^Mitts help to cover newborn hands to avoid scratches from little fingernails^Great gift

Verified reviews


Pink mitt elastic broke after first use.

I bought the white pair that isn’t offered anymore and they are great so I wanted to buy more but they only had the green, pink and blue option. I bought the pink and both sets of mitts “broke” immediately. I am down to one pink mitt. Horrible.

Leonor Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Elastic not as secure as I would like

I got these because they are organic. I dont know if it was the size of the mitts but these never stayed on my son. They are super cute and soft but we hardly used them because they didnt stay on my sons hands. We have other mitts (luvable friends brand I think) that are the same size but they fit better because the elastic is more secure (not tight).

Jessie Morton, IL

elastic broke after first wash but I’m still ordering…

I was very happy with the first purchase and decided to get another order. When this new order came, one of the mittens’elastic broke after the first wash! Very expensive products that doesn’t last!!! But yet I keep ordering these mittens because the material is soft and not too thick and organic so I’m not worried that my 3 months old son keep chewing on them. I’m extra careful when I handwash them but still the elastics don’t last long. These will be my 4th order! I can’t find other mittens like these. I wish the seller read these reviews and do somehting about it! I just ordered from Funkoos and same problem with the elastic but the seller contacted me right away and replace them. The only difference is the material is a little thicker and the mittens are larger. I might switch over and order from Funkoos.

Toni Middleville, NY

Surprisingly very good

I was a little hesitant to order these without seeing what the elastic is like in person. However, the elastic is surprisingly good. It’s stretchy enough that it doesn’t leave marks on my son’s wrists, yet strong enough that they don’t easily fall off. I even used them on his feet once in an emergency and they stayed on. They’re very soft also, and my son doesn’t mind at all having them on. A great purchase.

Lorrie Howland, ME

Its fine…

I find it just as expected, just maybe a little big, or rather bigger for a newborn, but, its worth the money I think.

Jerri Mascotte, FL


Love everything about these mitts. Organic. Not too tight or too loose, just enough room for my son to move his little fingers around. Elastic is not too tight or too loose eithec. Fabris isn’t too thick to make my sons hands too hot. The thin fabric is just enough to keep a chill off of his fingers though. And they do they job they are supposed to… to keep a baby from scratching their face 🙂

Rebekah Great Barrington, MA

love them

Love them, and I love the fact that they did not shrink after I washed them. My baby has big hands and fingers so these work so much better then the Gerber ones.

Dee Ardmore, AL


-They stay put! Not too big for little newborn hands/wrists.-They are organic, so I am comfortable with my child possibly putting them in his mouth.-They are well made!

Benita Slagle, LA