green sprouts 2 Pack Sili Paw Teether, Girl

green sprouts 2 Pack Sili Paw Teether, Girl

New, Hypoallergenic textured surface helps first teeth break through. Soft and non porous. Soothes tender gums. Size: 3 months +.

Main features

  • Our first priority for growing babies is to make sure everything they put in their mouths is healthy, safe and promotes the development of a strong immune system^Hypoallergenic textured surface helps first teeth break through^Soft and non porous^Soothes tender gums^Size: 3 months +

Verified reviews


Baby loves them

My teething baby loves these. Each tab has a different texture and the big handle allows him to grab on it. I also like that I can tie it on to his cart cover, stroller, car seat, etc.

Elise Powersite, MO

Great product!

My son loves this! He chews on this forever. It easy to attach to stroller, diaper bag etc. it’s easy to wash.

Paige Langdon, ND

they’re good

I chose these products because they have no chemicals, hence safe for the baby and they work pretty good. the baby can use both ends . I just wish the paws were only two instead of three to make easier for the baby to put it in the mouth

Hope Homestead, IA

My baby’s favorite teether!

My baby loves this chew toy. We got it for her around 4 months and she is now almost 6 months and has two teeth coming in. It’s light enough that you can hold it on her own, and she switches to the different bits sticking out. I like that they have different textures. My baby also likes to chew on stuff where she can get the whole thing in her mouth and is frustrated by other chew toys like big rings where she can’t stuff the whole thing in. It’s super easy to clean too. We usually have it attached with a paci clip and then attach it to a bib. She’s happy has a pancake in her stroller or her carseat. She has a few other chew toys but she prefers this one by far. She smiles and flaps her hands whenever we hand it to her.

Myrna Randleman, NC

Much better than Zulli the giraffe

My 4.5 month old can easily holds this up to her mouth. She received zulli the giraffe as gifts and they are too clunky and heavy for her to hold on her own. This is great for little hands to grasp. The 3 different textures on the nubs are a bonus. Baby loves it the first time we gave it to her. A good buy!

Leeann Bellevue, IA

Good size and texture, washable

My 4 month old loves these. We attach them to baby rings and chain them to his car seat. They are perfect for two baby hands to grab. They are slightly flexible, not rigid. I put them in the dishwasher and they hold up great. Good price for set of two good teethers.

Jenna Cynthiana, OH

Grandson chews on it all the time.

My daughter says he chews on this all the time when he’s on his jumper. I definitely recommend it along with Sophie the Giraffe and Zo-li Gummy Stick Baby Gum Massagers.

Janna Drumright, OK

LOVE it and my baby loves it too

I tried several different teethers from fisherprice, disney and other brands, but all of them were too large to bite on and hold onto for my baby (almost 4 months old). I was surprised how well it is made and that the handle is also soft enough for chewing.Size of the “fingers” is just right for a small baby mouth and different softer texture on the outside is perfect. Defiantly recommend it!!!

Katharine Granger, IA

Perfect size teether

The shape of this teether is perfect for my 4 1/2 month old’s mouth. I would recommend these to anyone.

Rosalind Lydia, LA

My son’s favorite!!

Theses teethers have great texture, were easy for my son to hold onto and are his favorite by far! You can put them in the fridge or give to the baby at room temp.

Marcia Somerset, NJ

Probably better for older babies

This product is one of many teethers I bought for my daughter. It’s great that she can hold it in her hands so easily, but she doesn’t really seem to be satisfied when she bites on this. Between this and some of the other teethers we have been trying, this is one of her least favorite teething toys. I am guessing she’ll like it more when she’s older and can control what parts she puts in her mouth, but at 3.5-4 months old she’s not impressed. I do recommend trying it, though, because every baby is different and has different preferences.

Dana Dozier, AL

Perfect for relieving sore gums

I got these for my 7 month old as a stocking stuffer and they have been a huge hit. He love to rub the nubs on his teething by pulling it slowly in and out of his mouth. They seem to really help with his teething discomfort!

Elda North San Juan, CA