green sprouts 2 Pack Silicone Feeding Spoon, Boy

green sprouts 2 Pack Silicone Feeding Spoon, Boy

PVC and nitrosamine free. Silicone spoon tip is soft on gums. Curved handles for easy feeding. Perfect for baby’s first feeding spoon. Polypropylene handle.

Main features

  • PVC and nitrosamine free
  • Silicone spoon tip is soft on gums
  • Curved handles for easy feeding
  • Perfect for baby’s first feeding spoon
  • Polypropylene handle

Verified reviews


look good, but are mold traps

I agree with the previous reviewer from a few days ago. I have many Green Sprouts products and like them, but these are poorly designed and unhealthy. At first, they seem great, but moisture gets between where the silicone spoon attaches to the plastic handle and can’t escape, so mold grows. Very poor construction. REALLY disgusting. Trying to return, but seems ridiculous that I need to send moldy spoons through the mail.

Dessie Rich Creek, VA

cannot be washed well

This spoon cannot be washed throughly and that’s the major problem on this spoon. The problem is on how this spoon is made… Basically this spoon is consist of 2 parts; the bowl part and the handle part. The handle part has a space and the bowl part is pushed in to the space to click. no glue there. I think you pull them really hard, these two parts can come off. I read some reviews here that this connection gets mold. I could imagine that there is some gap between the bowl and the handle. but i figured that if I throw them in a dishwasher, it won’t be a problem since it uses high heat to kill some bacterias and such. I kinda guessed that these people probably hand washed them, so the spoons couldndt get dried properly, therefore causing the molds. So, now I throw them in a dishwasher, it did seem that it cleaned… till you look into the gap or the connection. It is impossible to get rid of the food residues in the connections… there is no way the dish washer can get rid of them. Even if you hand wash them, it is pretty much impossible to get rid of all the foods in there unless you use a tooth pick and taking 30 min for each spoon… impractical. For the best result, you probably need to hand wash them using tooth pick (to get rid of the foods in the gap), and them throw them in a dishwasher to completely dry. ummm no thanks to me. Another note that I should mention is that, this edge of the spoon is rather on the sharp side and not really round. You can feel on your finger and you can feel on your face if you try to scoop the food as if you do it on your baby’s face. It is not that sharp to scratch baby’s face or anything, but it might not be comfortable or gentle. Anything good about this spoon? I’ll say the size of the bowl is great. It is not as wide as the other spoons out there. That was the main reason I got this spoon. and the material of the spoon is great. It’s just that I don’t know how I can maintain this clean for my baby… Do I buy this again? definitely not. I’ll look for a solid one piece spoon.

Berta Newton, MA


Small bowl, good for new eaters, scrapes gently. Stains easily tho, carrots turned it kinda yellow, doesn’t effect functionality. Handle is ok, light thin, easy to hold plastic. I don’t like the connector. It’s not supposed to be taken apart. But I guess it could be. Haven’t tried. Don’t like it bc it seems like it would trap germs.

Gabrielle Londonderry, VT

Perfect first feeding spoon

These worked out perfectly for our first feeding spoons. They are soft and flexible and fairly shallow, which is a necessity for new eaters.

Flossie Orlando, OK

Moldy and lettering flakes off!

I love Green Sprouts products and these were my favorite spoons for awhile. They are very light weight, soft and easy to handle. However, mold began to grow were the spoon attaches to the handle and it is impossible to clean out. Then I noticed the “Green Sprouts” logo flaking off. Not something you want so close to your baby’s mouth. It makes me worry about the other “Green Sprouts” products we have. The quality of these spoons is really poor!

Helen Trenton, FL