green sprouts 4 Ounce Sprout Ware Snack Cup, Girls, 4 Pack

green sprouts 4 Ounce Sprout Ware Snack Cup, Girls, 4 Pack

New. Petroleum free. Made from plants. Twist on lids are interchangeable with Sippy Cups. Multi use disposable Snack Cups are dishwasher safe, top rack only up to 10 washings; hand wash for longer life. PlaStarch Material (PSM). 4 ounce, 118 ml.

Main features

  • Petroleum free made from plants
  • Twist on lids are interchangeable with sippy cups
  • Multi use disposable snack cups are dishwasher safe, top rack only up to 10 washings; hand wash for longer life
  • PlaStarch Material (PSM) 4 ounce (118 ml)

Verified reviews


Buy another brand

I was so dissapointed in these. I bought the Green Sprouts play cups for my bathtub, and my baby and I love them! I thought I’d love the snack cups. They are all scratched looking and rough on the outside. Apparently they will disintegrate if you wash them in dishwasher too many times, so that makes me wonder how long they’ll hold up being handwashed. Love that they are healthy, but wish I had not bought them.

Lana Lyle, WA

You can find something equal that will last longer for the same price.

I bought these originally because they were on promo with another item I wanted to purchase so I got them at a discounted price. But as I look at the now they really aren’t worth the price. You can get something equal that will last longer for a cheaper price. These can’t be thrown in the dishwasher and if you are a busy mom with not a lot of time for proper care, they will fall apart. I get that they are supposed to be disposable and healthy for the environment but I guess I don’t really think about throwing containers away… I would rather just buy plastic and wash it.

Jillian Cedar Creek, TX

meals and snacks

this is the perfect size for my baby’s meals. I try to make some of my own food so I take out a few frozen cubes, place them in one of these containers overnight for the next day. a great size for snacks on-the-go as well.

Thelma Dennehotso, AZ

Great bowls

These bowls are perfect size for my baby. He’s 10 months old and still using these bowls. The lid secures tightly and does not leak at all. I have put loose purees into these, secured the lid, and tossed them in the diaper bag countless times. I have not tried liquids, but I would not want to put soup into such a small bowl anyway.They are more durable than they seem if you handwash them. I have put each one into the dishwasher once and they were just fine.I also have the spoons and love them too, although they are less durable.Overall, I would highly recommend this product since it’s produced from such safe materials that I have no problem putting my baby’s food in it.

Fran Twin Peaks, CA

Great for dry food items!

These containers work great for us since I only use them for holding dry food items. Never used anything with liquid in it; doesn’t look like it will hold.They’re light and perfect size for my 18 month old’s snacks whether it’s bunnies, cookies, raisins, nuts or cereals, works great! I’d highly recommend them, for dry snacks!

Nancy Hanford, CA


Pros: A great size to bring baby food and cereal when you travel (which is what I bought them for). They also don’t leak.Cons: The lids warp really bad, so after a wash or 2 it is nearly impossible to screw them all the way on or get them off.

Marva Oakville, CA

Love these cups!!!

We’ve had these cups for over a year now and really love them. I always have one in my diaper bag filled with puffs or yogurt melts. I don’t use them for any liquids to minimize the hand washing necessary and I’m not sure the screw-top seal would be air tight. I have not had any problems with the deterioration some others have mentioned. Mine have not broken, even after several attempts from my toddler throwing them across the room! I mixed and matched all of the lids with the cups which make them all the more fun. I love the Green Sprouts brand overall but this is definitely my favorite product from them.

Lucy Denver, NY


Love sproutware. Measuring inside in case you want to know how much they are getting, my son loves using them. Great for feeding and bringing snacks with you.

Michelle Minoa, NY