green sprouts 5 Pack Tiny Bath Mats

green sprouts 5 Pack Tiny Bath Mats

Rubber mats suction to bathtub. Textured surface for safety. 100% Rubber. Contains rubber latex.

Main features

  • Young babies need help protecting their hygiene until they learn healthy habits themselves From tooth and gum to grooming, our baby care products are all BPA, PVC and Nitrosamine free
  • Rubber mats suction to bathtub
  • Textured surface for safety
  • 100% rubber; Contains rubber latex

Verified reviews


Cute toys for baby.

These are cute little whales, and the do stick, and they do reduce slipping. However, they are also not too difficult to pull up, and my baby happily grabs at least two of them from the bottom of the tub every time, and they go straight into his mouth! Since you should be watching your baby with your full attention anyway, you can still keep them from slipping on the new bare spot in the tub, and from sticking a whole whale in their mouth. Just know that they become more of a set of bath toys than a bath safety item. Also, they are latex, so if you have concerns about that, you may want to look elsewhere.

Elma Ewing, IL

Small but good enough with 2 sets

Sometimes you gotta go the extra mile to get a non-toxic solution. These whales are tiny (smaller than a hand), but with 2 sets the tub should be secure. The DO mold, just as anything will when it’s wet all the time, so dry them out (we pull them up and stick them on the shower wall after every bath), and if they do get black spots, they can be boiled or soaked in vinegar. The black stains might remain but they’re clean again.

Ina Concan, TX

Makes bath time fun!

My daughter loves playing with these in the bath. They stick to the bathtub well also. They are quite small, but I knew that before I purchased it and they work great for our needs.

Aisha Keene, CA

Love these, but wish they were bigger

These are awesome. My daughter loves them. She spends a portion of her bath attempting and eventually ripping them off the bottom of the tub, but hey whatever gets her to sit down in the tub is fine with me.Drawback: There are only 5 and they’re not very big. I’m guessing we would need 3 sets to actually have some sort of solution for the bottom of a regular tub.They do smell when you first open them, but it goes away within a day.

Johnnie Bennington, IN

Too small

It is very cure….but this product doesn’t cover entire bath.I bought it to make the bath safe for my baby. I need 3 packs of these just to cover the bath.If you buy them to pretty up your bath, then go ahead and buy them.Otherwise, this is just waste your money.

Jodi San Benito, TX

Just what I needed.

I wanted something non-slip for bathing my baby in the tub. These are perfect. I did not want those semi-permanent ones that gunk up your tub; these ones are easy to remove for cleaning and re-using. Also didn’t want to deal with a large mat.They do a pretty good job at sticking, although once in a while, one comes off during the bath. I’m sure that when she’s older, my baby will figure out how to pull them up, but for now they serve their purpose. And they look cute, too.

Susanne Gates, OR


I hate bath mats. They always seemed so icky. These are nice. Evenly spaced to allow water to run but enough to give traction. I have a smooth deep tub and they work great! It is narrow in my opinion so maybe that’s why it works so well. Also I didn’t feel the need to have the entire bottom covered. They are easy to pull up and reapply and so far have been good to me. Only been using them for 2 weeks but my pregnant clumsy 3rd trimester self loves them already.

Marisa Kennedale, TX

It’s not the size that counts…

I put these on the sides of my baby’s Hoppop bath tub since he needed traction when he reclined in the tub (I have the green sprouts baby bath mat on the bottom). These little mats are small but helps prevent my son from sliding underwater. In addition, they motivate him to sit up in the tub so that he can pull them off and mouth them. I throw these mats in the dishwasher a couple of times a week to sanitize them. I don’t think they would be practical to use in a normal tub since they are so small, there are only five to a pack, and consequently, would be hard to clean and maintain. They are great for my use though and am happy with the purchase.

Bridgette Durant, IA

Perfect alternative to a large mat

Love these mini whales! not just super cute, but super functional! Yes, my 9 month old can pull them up, but I press them back down, not a big deal. I will say 2 sets would due the trick on a standard size bath tub – ours is only half covered since I only bought one set, but she mainly plays in the front near the spout. Pair this with the skip hop whale tub spout cover- great match and again, extremely functional!

Annette White Plains, MD

They are great but the baby tries to get them!

These work well and stick to the bottom of the tub pretty securely, they come up occasionally like any suction cup item would. The only problem is my baby is always trying to pull them up to chew on them and that’s sort of a safety hazard!

Claudia Ladora, IA

Doesn’t work for us as intended but baby loves them anyway!

We got these for our baby at around 10 months since our bath mat didn’t quite go to the edges of the tub and she would try to stand and almost fall in those areas if we weren’t there to grab her.She thinks these are the best bath toys! She pulls them right up at the beginning of every bath and now uses them as bath "appliques" for the side of the tub. She loves to pull them off and on. I’ve tried to buy the Boon bath appliques that are intended for this purpose and she likes those, but still pulls up her little whales from the bottom of the tub. I’m still glad I got these all rubber, non-PVC tiny mats. By the way, they are about 5" by 3" each. Hopefully she’ll start to lose interest in pulling these up soon.

Martina Ladonia, TX

they do the job

I bought these to put on the bottom of my infant’s bathtub so she didn’t slip as much. These did the trick, come off easy enough but stick on when they are in use. highly recommend them.

Sonja Notus, ID