green sprouts Baby Bath Mat

green sprouts Baby Bath Mat

Bath mat with textured, non slip surface. Suction cups keep mat in place. Fits in baby bath or sink, convenient for travel. 100% Rubber. Contains rubber latex.

Main features

  • Rubber ( 100 %)
  • Young babies need help protecting their hygiene until they learn healthy habits themselves From tooth and gum to grooming, our baby care products are all BPA, PVC and Nitrosamine free
  • Bath mat with textured, non slip surface
  • Suction cups keep mat in place
  • Fits in baby bath or sink, convenient for travel
  • 100% rubber; Contains rubber latex

Verified reviews



So…usually I read the reviews for items that I purchase but for whatever reason (low-ish cost? general notion of what a bath mat typically is?) I failed to read the reviews for this item. Anyway, READ THE MEASUREMENTS before purchasing! I was shocked to open something that suggests it can be used in a SINK! Yes, it is the size of a SINK! Don’t waste your money, there is no point to using something this small in a average bath tub!

Jewell Gunlock, KY

So tiny

This mat is about 10x smaller than what I expected. It literally holds one baby sitting on it. I use it in the big tub, but it would perfectly fit in a baby tub. It is however 100% slip resistant and I like green sprout as all their products use recycled materials. But if you plan on using the mat in a regular tub, get two! But they are not cheap.

Elena Hallam, NE

Returned – mat is too small and suctions ineffective

I ended up returning this… it would most likely be best for a flat bottomed baby bath. The suctions are too small and in effective in my regular tub and the mat it self is not enough room for even my little one to sit on (if I could get the suctions to stick). If they made a bigger one, I would try it as I generally like their products.

Beryl Keystone, WV

Tooooo small

I’m not sure what kind of bathtub these are supposed to be used in. But my size is average and I needed 5 to cover it all. Wish they were just a little bigger.

Rosalyn Woodruff, UT

Excellent for infant tub

This fits perfectly in the dream on me infant tub, baby does not slide around at all, and I appreciate that it didn’t off gas or smell at all. I really like green sprouts products.

Susan Brinsmade, ND

Works fine

Bought this for my little one so she won’t slip in her bathtub. I put this inside a blow up tub I bought. It doesn’t stick to the bottom of it at all but her weight helps it stay down. It is a bit small and there is no way it could cover a larger bathtub. Only issue is that the color stained the blow up tub green.

Hilda Pocahontas, IL

Perfect for a large kitchen sink

I use this to bathe my baby in our kitchen sink and it is the perfect size. It keeps him from sliding around and rolls up nicely to be stored. It does the job and I’ve got no complaints!

Ronda Gibsland, LA

Great product but don’t need it

I bought this product and am pleased with it, but I actually don’t use it. Our bathtub has a really good slip resistant bottom texture, so this mat is not as necessary as I thought it might be. It also does not stick well to our tub because of that texturing. I think it will be good to have when we visit grandparents and other places with different tubs though.

Denise Sagamore, MA

A Great Little Bath Mat

The product description on Amazon’s page is very thorough and is the same as what’s on the package itself. Had I read the product description a little more thoroughly, I wouldn’t have been as surprised to find that the bath mat is on the smaller side; it’s intended for use in a baby bath/sink! I really appreciate that there was no offensive smell when I opened the package, and I like how securely the suction cups adhere to my tub’s bottom. It’s textured with cute little whales that seem comfortable enough for my baby to sit on. Maybe one day I’ll buy another mat, but for now one mat works fairly well.

Susana Jonesville, VT

I like the small size, but it won’t stick to my textured tub.

Just an FYI for anyone else with a textured tub…this mat won’t work. And it’s a shame because otherwise it’s great. I just wanted a little surface for my 1-year-old to sit on so she would feel more stable in the tub, and this was a great size for that. It won’t stick in our tub, but I’m keeping it for future use in another tub or large sink, if need be.

Josephine Idalou, TX

Wish it were bigger.

The only complaint I have it that I wish it were bigger. Works great and is cute but my baby just fits on it.

Tiffany Nora Springs, IA

Great for sink baths

This is the perfect size for the sink; don’t get it for the tub. Durable, light weight, and quick-drying. I would not recommend this for a bathtub, it is much too small.

Michaela Haywood, WV

Great for sink

I bought this so I could continue to give my son a bath in the kitchen sink. He outgrew his bath lounger and is able to sit with help. The sink is cold and slippery (cast iron) and this solved both of those problems. It worked perfectly!

Miriam Burlington, KY

loved this

I am not sure why people complain about thie mat. It works just fine with our bathtub and i had no issues with it.

Jenna Pownal, VT

Perfect-for my purpose

A lot of reviews are from people disappointed with the size of the mat. I knew going in that it was small. That was exactly what I was looking for. A small, nontoxic, bath mat to help my two little ones not slip in the tub. I ordered two. They are the perfect size for a toddler sized tush to sit on with some extra room left over. If you are looking for something to cover the entire bathtub, this is not the product.

Marilyn Swepsonville, NC

Only good for smooth surfaces

Should have paid attention to the product details. The suction cups only work for smooth surfaces. My baby bathtub has very fine textured surface but the mat did not stick at all. I ended up getting Slip-X tub tattoos and they work well even though they also specify that they’re only good on smooth surfaces.

Manuela Mineral Point, PA

Great way to keep baby from sliding in the tub

Our grandson is sitting up now and has outgrown the reclining baby tub, but we were concerned about him being stable in the tub sitting up. We got this to put into a small baby tub (non-reclining) to provide the needed stability, and it works very well. The size is right for a small tub, and it seems to be a quality-made product.

Latasha Hamersville, OH

No slipping or sliding

I bought this item because my daughter had outgrown her baby tub and I purchased a mini-inflatable tub. Unfortunately, all she did was slide all over the place because the bottom of the inflatable tub did not have any resistance. However, once I placed the green sprouts baby bath mat in the tub…she was not slipping or sliding anywhere!!! My only con is that it is quite small…I realize its a baby mat but they only stay that small for a matter of 2 months.

Summer Lebanon Junction, KY

Great, non toxic product

Works well to protect my baby from slipping. It’s non toxic which is important to me. It sticks to the tub- another plus. Only downside is I wish it was larger and covered more space. Feels like I might need two to make a bigger space for her

Queen Stonewall, LA

It’s fine…does the job

But I wish they were bigger. We have to use two of them to get decent coverage in the bathtub. I would suggest buying a bigger one so you don’t have to deal with multiple mats at every bath time.

Janie Supai, AZ

Great baby bath tub mat esp for Prince Lionheart bathtub

I bought this for my Prince Lionheart Bathtub (REALLY AWESOME BATHTUB) and this is great. It fits right in the bathtub and helps prevent my baby from slipping. I’ve felt the mat, and it seems ok comfortable for baby’s bottom. The only warning is once I accidently turned the mat over and put baby on the suction side and her bottom was sore for a day after 🙁

Emilia Troy, IN

great mat!

perfect mat for the bath. we have been using it for little over a year and it is small for a full sized bath tub but it works! it has never molded or smelled bad. it is easy to roll up and take with us on vacations as needed. it ended up to be the perfect size! 😉

Sheree Carrboro, NC

Great for travel And in sink use

Great for travel And in sink use, bought for use in baby tub and love it. Good for babies under 30" tall probably.

Faith Coloma, CA