green sprouts Baby Food Grinder Bowl, Green

green sprouts Baby Food Grinder Bowl, Green

90125 Features: -Bpa, pva and phthalate free.-Stage 2-3, ideal to use for children ages 3-12 months.-Provides on-the-go convenience.-Easy-grip design.-0.5″ H x 8.75″ W x 7.63″ D, 0.27 lbs. Includes: -Includes grinding spoon.

Main features

  • New BPA and phthalate free
  • Make baby food anywhere with this all-in-one grinder, storage and feeding bowl with detachable spoon
  • Great gift

Verified reviews



When my son first began eating solid food, we used to take this everywhere. This container/grinder comes with a great lid and a spoon attaches to the bottom of the lid so there is no need to carry a spoon separately (which was a huge plus for me). Take a banana or an avocado along with this combo bowl and you can just mash it up for your LO anywhere. So convenient.

Eleanor Goshen, NY

Thought I Would Use This More Than I Do

I bought this bowl for a couple different reasons. I wanted a 2-part bowl to put cereal & baby food in the same bowl. I wanted a bowl with a lid so I could have dry cereal ready to be mixed at a restaurant/family’s house/etc. The enclosed spoon was a wonderful added bonus.I thought that it would be great to have the food grinder in the bowl. But I never really use it. The only raw foods that can be easily mashed are bananas or avocado (possibly peaches or plums without the skins). I didn’t have a lot of luck getting the bananas & avocados smooth enough for my infant to eat.I ended up using this bowl for homemade baby food & cereal. It basically functioned as a tupperware with 2 different wells.I do have to say that I am *extremely* impressed with green sprouts as a company! After a trip to Florida I wrote to the company because the spoon had been lost. I asked if I could purchase just a spoon for the bowl. The company sent me a new bowl, complete with the lid & spoon! They did not charge me anything. I was very impressed with their customer service.

Silvia Keller, TX

No Gerber for us!

I make our baby food and this thing is great! I can make my LO food anywhere, and don’t have to worry about chemicals in the plastic or breaking a glass container.The container is very small, I dont know how tight the seal is, I have yet to put it to the test, but the lid is a tight fit so its probably pretty good. Im probably not going to put anything too watery in here because I can always mash it when I need it.The small side of the container has little nodules and the bottom of the spoon has 3 raised rows. You just move food from the bigger side into the smaller and mash it up. The spoon snaps onto the underside of the lid, which means the handle might get a little dirty if you carry food inside the container but you definitely won’t lose the spoon. Its extremely easy to hold as well.It crackes me up when people are grossed out by baby food, mine is delicious!

Brenda Alfred Station, NY

We Used This All. The. Time.

I made all of my son’s baby food and we loved this bowl. Especially since my son didn’t get any teeth until he was nine months old. I used it mostly for things like avocado and banana that are difficult to freeze or store. This made it very convenient to take those things with us, pack the bowl, and easily grind them up to feed to him on the go. I used it at home, as well, though. It is such a simple concept- but an invaluable baby food tool!

Connie Langley, AR

Not much of a grinder at all

We make our own baby food most of the time, so we thought this would make a decent travel set. The eco-friendly & baby-friendly materials were also a big plus. However, the “grinder” part is really some very small dots on one side of the bowl and it’s barely useful. The spoon is also tiny (the Munchkin spoon mouths are bigger, for example, and the Oxo Tot spoons are deeper) and since it clicks onto the inside part of the lid it gets dirty sometimes. It’s not bad, but there are better grinders out there and also better travel sets. Had I seen it in person before buying it I would not have bought it. Now we just use it to bring already ground up food to restaurants or elsewhere, or as a regular baby bowl at home.

Gloria Weatherford, OK

My favorite baby tool

This is the best tool for babies. I used it for mashing bananas and avocados mostly and every time my son saw it, he knew he was getting something yummy and would reach for it and squeel. Convient top makes for easy travel snack too!

Gale Marsland, NE

Does what it says and very convenient

It was obvious to me this is not a food processor. it is just plastic bowl with some rugged bottom so that you can grind food against it. It is a good size and easy to hold bowl. I like that fact that you can attach the spoon to the lid. The lid is tight so food won’t leak. I have taken fruit in it and grind it just before feeding

Meghan Kanona, NY