green sprouts Baby Food Mill, Green

green sprouts Baby Food Mill, Green

NEW. BPA free. Make fresh, home make purees for baby from fruits and steamed veggies with our simple hand operated Baby Food Mill. Separates seeds and skins from puree. No batteries or electricity necessary. Polypropylene with stainless steel strainer. Dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • New BPA free
  • Make fresh, homemake purees for baby from fruits and steamed veggies with our simple hand operated Baby Food Mill
  • Separates seeds and skins from puree
  • No batteries or electricity necessary
  • Polypropylene with stainless steel strainer Dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


compared to the KidCo food mill

I prefer this in almost all ways to the KidCo food mill of similar shape and function. (This is not to say the KidCo is a bad product. I simply prefer the Green Sprouts one. The one reason I can see for the KidCo might be if your baby is just starting solid foods, and this is because the KidCo has smaller holes in the grinding surface and hence makes food slightly less textured. The KidCo also came with an extra gasket, and some versions come with a carrying case. Also, the KidCo is a little less prone to leaking liquid out the base.)Pros of the Green Sprouts:–Bigger overall, meaning more room in the base to fill with food and more room in the bowl for milled food. It also has a ‘pour’ spout on the bowl.–Easier to understand. The Green Sprouts directions were longer and clearer.–Easier to use. The KidCo is stiffer and harder to push down and harder to turn.–Easier to disassemble. The KidCo is a pain in the rear to get apart. I often have to jam a toothpick in one of the holes in the grate to get the top to unscrew. By comparison, I just tighten the easy-turn knob on the Green Sprouts’ central post and then unscrew the top.–Easier to clean. I frequently have to painstakingly use a toothpick to poke food out of the tiny holes in the grate on the KidCo. With the Green Sprouts the holes are bigger and food rinses right out.–Stainless steel both on the turning part that crushes the food and on the grate that the food squishes through.(As for the reviewer who had this ‘explode’… it must either be a fluke or she was grinding counterclockwise instead of clockwise. I have never had that problem with this mill, nor do I see how it would even be possible.)Keep in mind that this isn’t a blender and food will end up a bit textured. But for what it claims to do, the Green Sprouts carries through 100%.

Lakisha Hacksneck, VA

Thought I would use but it was easier to travel with homemade baby food

I bought this mill thinking that I could create baby food wherever I was (restaurants, friend’s/family’s houses, weddings, etc). But I never did! I didn’t want to haul this thing in my diaper bag, pull it out to make food, figure out a way to clean it, & haul it home.I made all of my daughter’s food & used organic ingredients whenever possible. Therefore, bringing 1 container of baby food from home made much more sense. This product was not at all useful for me at home because I made large batches of food at once.I think this product made it out of the box but was never once used.

Carolyn Adrian, OH

Love the BPA/PVC free aspect!

I didn’t want to pay $50 for a stainless steel grinder so this is a great second place.It’s super simple to put together and understand. Super easy to clean.For first foods- avocado, sweet potato, banana… this think is great. For second foods- squash, peas, carrots…it’s great. I haven’t used it for meats yet, but I’m sure it would do fine mincing/tearing it apart.I’m waiting to hear back from the customer service to see if they will replace a lost handle shaft part.Love this mill.

Melissa Mellott, IN

great mill for the price

This worked well for small amounts of food… which is why we bought this. To mash one banana, or softened apple or peach. It was very tricky to get the top off/ my husband had to devise a system to do so, but easier to get back together, and it was easy to clean. I didn’t have any problem with it coming undone while I used it… much more so trying to get it apart! Overall, for the price a great food mill.

Emma Tustin, CA

Easy to clean, but that’s about it

I bought this on the recommendation of a friend. I’m not sure what she made in it, but I find it incredibly messy and not worth the effort. Works okay for small, fairly dry meals (like spaghetti). Forget about trying to do bulk meals or anything slightly liquidy. Bulk meals (like an ice cube tray worth of peas) just makes your hand hurt and you have to refill over and over because it doesn’t hold much. Liquidy foods just squirt out the bottom and leak all over the counter. Plus the grinder part is made poorly and doesn’t fit well into the grooves. Hard to get undone after I’m finished using it.The only good part is that it’s totally dishwasher safe and it does wash well. And it’s cheap.

Winifred Iron Gate, VA

Good product, but really just a gadget

This mill was very easy to use and clean, however, I really did not use it that much–just peas and sweet potatoes in the beginning. I used the food processor much more and didn’t end up using the mill more than a couple of times.

Misty Pinesdale, MT

Decent product

This works well, has the stainless steel blade to grind the food. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to take apart to clean but it’s pretty slick. We didn’t need to use it long but it worked well while we did.

Edna Newport, VT

Wasted my money

I didn’t use it at all cuz when I first tried to mill the food, it didn’t work as expected. I followed the instructions n with the help of my husband, we couldn’t make it work. Who said this is better than any electric grinder was wrong. I had the electric blender n food processor, it saved me tons of time n work very well.I couldn’t return it cuz I bought it too early before my son can start to eat. :-((

Freda Ligonier, IN

Love this food mill!

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a baby food processor unless I knew for sure that making my own was going to work out. I saw this food mill and thought I’d try it out since it’s super inexpensive. I kept making my own baby food but I never bought the fancy processor – this mill does the job. If you’re looking for a really smooth puree, you’re going to be dissapointed. This produces the same consistency you’d get with a potato ricer, which worked fine for us. It says it separates skin from fruits but it leaves lots of little bits of skin, so I always just removed the skin first. Be sure to put a paper towel under the mill if you’re grinding something juicy like pears. And don’t use it on Mango. It’s stringy, doesn’t puree well and leaves the mill a mess! This mill is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Love it!

Jacquelyn Highland, IN

Decent baby food mill

If you don’t set your expectations too high, this food mill works just fine. Obviously, it isn’t a food processor, so it can’t handle anything too dense, and it does not puree. But, as long as the foods you grind are cooked well and cut into small pieces, the mill does a good job of grinding it into a smoother texture for the baby and straining out the more fibrous parts. We are happy with this product, and it is very easy to clean!

Edith Higdon, AL


I make all of my own baby food and usually in my food processor. I ordered this to make peas because I was having trouble with the skins. Lets just sat my daughter and I both had milled peas for dinner! This is super easy to clean and fast to use. Shocked that I haven’t heard of more people using it.

Evangelina Caledonia, MS

Good for basic grinding

For the price this is a very good grinder. It is easy to assemble, sturdy, and easy to use. The reviewer who said it “exploded” was probably not locking the plate in place and/or was turning the handle the wrong way. It is important to note that this will grind food up, not make a puree. The texture will be much too rough for a young baby. However, for an older baby who is comfortable with some pieces and texture, this is a handy tool. You do need to start with food that is soft – cooked carrots for example. Food that is too hard will not do well in this because the food is basically crushed up against the blade plate and forced through. It is good for small batches of food – if you want to do large batches and make a lot, you will be frustrated with this one because the capacity is fairly small and it will be time consuming. Folks who want to make all their baby’s food will probably want one of the pricier systems. However if you just want to be able to grind some items, this is perfect – functional and not too expensive.

Reba Anita, PA

Pretty good, but not very fine

This is a nifty product. It does the job of pureeing a lot of food – not everything. And it won’t get it fine enough for new eaters for everything. But you’ll see that it does a good job for what it is.

Nicole Herndon, VA

To big to be portable

I bought this to use when we go out to eat or on our Disneyland christmas vacation. I thought these things were made to be small enough to toss into diaper bags. This thing is huge! I guess if you’re using it as the main grinder that’s great but it isn’t a portable size.

Yesenia Southport, CT

works well if food is soft enough

works well if food is soft enough. If it is still a little too solid or crunchy, it can’t handle it too well. The blade only mushes, but does not cut. With too much pressure, it will start to leak. We had one for several months and the gasket was deformed, even though we only hand washed it. The company was excellent and promptly send us a whole new unit.

Elisabeth Schaller, IA