green sprouts Cool Calm Press, Turtle

green sprouts Cool Calm Press, Turtle

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a hard plastic that requires harsh chemical softeners, such as phthalates, to make it appropriate for use in soft plastic baby items such as bibs. In 2003 we discovered that certain phthalates were shown to disrupt reproductive functions and cause other developmental problems, so we launched a line of PVC-free feeding items including bibs, dishes, utensils and storage containers. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is used in hard, clear plastics such as baby bottles to prevent breakage. In 2006, when we learned that BPA also disrupts reproductive functions and causes other developmental problems, we discontinued all BPA from our feeding items.

Main features

  • Safe cold therapy for bumps and bruises
  • Smooth outer material stays soft and flexible at freezing temperatures
  • Reusable cool calm press

Verified reviews



Slowly over use this item has gotten flatter and flatter. I don’t know where the gel is going because I haven’t felt any leaks, but it is almost useless at this point. It’s strange.

Caitlin North Hills, CA

My kids adore these!

These are wonderful. They help my kids feel better about all their bumps and bruises. I love that they stay soft in the freezer and refreeze quickly. Plus I like that this is a greener version than other brands out there.

Marva Longford, KS

Cute and does the job

My toddler daughter enjoys this soft, flexible owl over the other cold packs we have in our freezer. Whenever she has an "owie" (real or imagined) she heads straight to the freezer and asks for her owl.

Enid Moraga, CA

My son asks for Owlie when he gets hurt

Perfect size for little hands and what else can I say, when my 2 year old hurts himself he asks for this owl, so clearly he likes it. He has even taken it to bed with him a few times!

Greta Lodi, MO

Great product, but cools quickly

This is a great product, but it does cool down fairly quickly. My kids love the owl shape and want to use it, so it’s been great for us.

Paige Walnut Bottom, PA

Should have bought 2

Finally gave in and purchased a kiddy ice pack for the two year old. She’s 3.5 now and still says she needs her "owl ice" when she gets hurt. It stays cold long enough for toddler scrapes, it’s cute, very pliable, and not too cold straight from the freezer. I should have bought 2, far too often it gets left out and lost in the sheets and it would be nice to have one on standby.

Evangelina Smithville, GA

Small, cute design, easy to use

Really nice. Small, perfect for little bumps and bruises. My 20-month-old knows to hold it to her head. Perfect to have ready-to-go in the freezer.

Mamie La Luz, NM

Perfect for small hands!

These are so cute and the plastic is soft, not rough. And they are the perfect size for little hands!

Lina Union, OR


We also bought the Safety 1st one and didn’t like that at all. This one is the perfect temperature when we put it in the freezer, and it molds well onto whatever we are trying to ice. It’s not too cold where our daughter doesn’t like it. And I think it helps that the cold pack is in cute characters so the kids like them better. Whenever our daughter used to get a cut, she’d say, "I need turtle." Will only buy this one if we need to buy more. :o)

Bethany Howell, UT

Gets too cold when frozen

It’s a fine line between being too cold and not cold enough. But a child’s cold pack needs to be insulated just enough so that their little fingers do not freeze while they are holding it to their injury. And my toddler will not let me wrap it in a washcloth or towel – oh no, she needs to see the owl. But it’s just too cold for her to hold, so we’ve been just leaving it in the refrigerator instead of the freezer. It’s cold enough for the average head-bump, but if she really needs ice then we give her the adult cold-pack.I’m disappointed because it’s really cute, and just the right size. It also stays soft when frozen, which is important for head bumps. I guess we’ll still be searching for the right all-around cold pack, because my active toddler is unlikely to stop bumping elbows, kees, et cetera, any time soon.

Mindy Shiocton, WI

Perfect shape and size for kids

This ice pad has the perfect size and shape for kids, plus butterfly image is very friendly and my 1 year old daughter feel very comfortable using it on a bump, it doesn’t get to cold to place on the delicate skin of children. Perfect travel size,

Estelle Marshall, IN

Love this blue snail, green turtle, and orange owl!

Kiddo loves this… This, the turtle, or owl is almost guaranteed to make the tears go away. Maybe it’s getting the sobbing 2 year old to focus on picking the cold friend or the cold itself but these guys have really curtailed the tears in our house.

Letha Hutchinson, MN

Works fast and makes my daughter happy (stopping crying instantly) when she gets hurt!!

Awesome for kiddie boo-boos on the fly. My daughter smashed her finger in a drawer the other day. She immediately went for this in the freezer automatically. Just the pink butterfly alone somehow calms her then gives her just enough "coldness" on her fingers (and hands) without giving her the "deep freeze" that a block of ice would do. (There’s some type of "gel" material inside so that it doesn’t get hard when it’s frozen. It almost feels like a "slushie" or something inside.) So, it kills 2 birds with 1 stone: it’s calming and it makes boo-boos feel better in the shortest amount of time. Highly recommended.

Jasmin Hillsdale, IN

Cold Turtle stops the tears

OK, I have to admit we haven’t had to use it for any "real" boo boos yet, but my daughter loves it. Whenever she bumps her head or gets hurt, all I have to do is ask her if she wants the "cold turtle" and she stops crying. She smiles when I touch her with the cold turtle and let her play with it and all is good in the world again.I do think, though, if you actually had to use it on a bruise, etc. you might need to wrap it in a thin towel or something – it feels like it might be a bit too cold to put directly on a child’s skin for an extended period of time.

Tonia Cable, WI

Good size and very soft

It is a very good size for my son. The material feels very soft and not hard at all. I love it. I also order the snail cool calm press. I like both. Highly recommend it.

Josie Deckerville, MI

didnt hold up well at all

we’ve only used it a couple times and I am not sure what happened but all the gel inside is gone and now I am worried my son may have ingested it 🙁 I’ve never let him have it for long but hubby on the other hand … !

Louise Park Hill, OK