green sprouts Cornstarch Bowl, Green

green sprouts Cornstarch Bowl, Green

BPA and phthalate free. Made with EcolGreen bio Polymer, a cornstarch based biodegradable plastic. Not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Main features

  • BPA and phthalate, free
  • Made with EcolGreen bio Polymer, a cornstartch based biodegradable plastic
  • Not dishwasher or microwave safe

Verified reviews


good bowl, but still made in China.

So, I spent a long time online looking for one bowl, JUST ONE, to start feeding my baby with. My main objective was to find an ecofriendly one that was safe and made in the USA. When typing in "usa made baby" this one comes up. What I didn’t see was when you scroll down the page, it shows the origin being from China. I feel like many products claim USA made, but it really means USA designed, then manufactured in China. Ultimately, I’m sure it’s fine. It’s a good bowl- cute, easy to clean, good grip on the bottom. BUT, if you wanted a feeding set that claims to be free of all potentially bad stuff and made in the USA, this is not the bowl for you. Try the Green Eats company. So far all I see from them is that they are all made in the USA.

Christi Kinston, NC

Its a good bowl

Its a great bowl that is toxin free. The size is great. It is shallow so you can use it for snacks and fruits. It does melt easily if you put it close to hot pots etc.

Earlene Landis, NC

Love it!

My son (5 months) old and just started eating baby food.I feel good knowing that I am not putting his food in a container that could leach harch chemicals into it with this bowl. I also purchased the utensils and warming plate to go along with them. You are not supposed to put them in the dishwasher or microwave, but that didnt matter to me- you shouldn’t put baby food in the mic anyways. I plan to purchase more when he starts eating more too.

Elise Chandlersville, OH

Very easily softens and goes out of shape

Firstly I love the size and shape of this bowl. It’s a perfect Baby’s first bowl and then moves into a perfect snack bowl for the older toddler / child. It’s non toxic & comes from a renewable source, yeah! But it’s made in China, not so yeah. My biggest issue though is that these bowls very easily soften and then go out of shape. It only takes some hot water in your washing up bowl and they are gonners. I know not to throw them into the water just as it’s been run but to wait until it’s cooled. My husband on the other hand "forgets" and LOL in they go to be reshaped. I have other Corn Starch bowls (Green Eats) that don’t do this. I’ve bought four and they are all very peculiar shapes now. I won;t be buying anymore.

Alyson Mildred, MT

nice size for babies

This item looks much bigger in the picture. The actual size is 4 1/2 inches in diameter and 2 inches high. This size is perfect for my 6-month. I usually make cereal in it. It’s bpa, pvc and phtalate free.You can’t put it in microwave, dishwasher or sterilize, have to wash it by hand. It is well made of biodegradable plastic on cornstarch basis. I wish they had a cup to go with it. I would definitely buy other things by this company. Great eco-friendly stuff!

Minerva Neoga, IL

It could be slightly bigger

nice little bowl. I like it’s eco-friendly, BUT it could have been slightly bigger and it’d have been nice if there was a suction cup on the bottom (to stick on the tray of highchair).

Lillian Jamestown, LA

Great baby bowl

I have three of these little green bowls. They are the perfect size for the small amount of food a baby eats, and you don’t feel guilty about buying something that will sit in a landfill for hundreds of years. They are NOT dishwasher safe – I learned the hard way.

Annie Lapwai, ID

Cute bowl

I love green sprouts! I didn’t know what to expect on the size of this item but I think it is perfect for babies. It is solid and well made. The best part is that it’s free of bpa, pvc and plastic!!!

Jami Meridian, OK