Green Sprouts Cornstarch Hand Teether PVC, BPA, and Petroleum Free!

Green Sprouts Cornstarch Hand Teether PVC, BPA, and Petroleum Free!


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Not much interest

I like the concept of this product and we are hoping that our daughter will be more interested in it as she gets older. If she ends up loving it I’ll come back and give it five stars!

Caitlin La Fayette, IL


Excellent teether, my baby’s fav from 3 mo till 10 mo. Good for front/side, not back teeth. I like that it’s PVC/BPA free.

Cathy Meadville, MS

A favorite

My almost 5 month-old loves this teether. He can get a really good grip on it and get the little nubs right in his mouth. Even at this age it is hard to find toys that are easy to grip and fit in his tiny mouth, and this is both. It’s true that it doesn’t reach all the way to the back, but he’s only cutting front teeth anyway. The nubs are soft and flexible silicone and the handle is harder, but he chews on the handle as well. I love that it’s petroleum free! You do have to hand wash this toy, but it only takes a minute to squirt a little dish soap on and rinse it off with hot water.

Jasmine Mount Meigs, AL

Excellent teether

My 6 month old daughter has been teething since she was 2 months old. She has a heck of a time cutting a tooth and gets very cranky. Her most favorite thing to teethe on is OUR HANDS and now that she has teeth that can be very painful! Substitute this teether for your hands and we’re both happy. She likes the rubber fingers because they’re firm yet yielding and give her a great sense of satisfaction as she sinks her baby teeth/gums into them. This is also the best rattle we have and she always perks up at the sound it makes. The hard plastic section is the perfect shape/size for her little chubby hand to grip and she rarely drops this toy. This is the best teether (and toy!) we’ve encountered yet, nothing compares to this!

Milagros Breezy Point, NY

Safe, non-toxic teether

The pros: Safe, non-toxic, very dirable.Cons: I wish the green rubber part had longer fingers (for lack of a better word) so they could reach back a little farther into my toddler’s mouty (those hard to reach and pesky back teeth). The hard handle part (not chewable because it is so hard) is bigger than it needs to be – should be more rubber chewy bits.Overall I like this teether but would recommend it for 0-18 months olly, since it’s really too small for bigger children and mouths.

Therese Birds Landing, CA

Best teether so far

I’ve purchased so many different teething toys, I’ve lost count on the number. This is, by far, the favorite teether (that along with Sophie the giraffe). Other teethers just aren’t soft enough or tend to be too hard or large for my son. The “fingers” are very flexible and the ring portion is sturdy and easy for my son to hold. We received this as a gift however I would purchase this, even at the higher cost. The other teethers have amounted to more than the value of this teether and are all useless in comparison.I do agree with other poster, that the fingers are too short to reach in the back, but for those front teeth it’s perfect.

Jordan Farwell, MI

A bit difficult for baby to get accustomed to

The concept of a biodegradeable teether with no PVC, BPA, or petroleum additives is a definite plus. However, baby did not take to it for some reason. Perhaps she is just picky!!

Cornelia Sanbornton, NH