green sprouts Disposable Placemat, Print, 2 Years and Above, 16-Count

green sprouts Disposable Placemat, Print, 2 Years and Above, 16-Count

Many of our feeding products are made with natural materials such as plant starch, plant fiber, wood, and cotton to ensure baby is safe from the inside out. We know that lugging around everything parents need for their little ones can be a real chore. We have a collection of spill-proof, easy to carry feeding items to make life simpler when on-the-go.

Main features

  • Tree free material made from limestone
  • Water resistant, tear resistant disposable mat stays put and helps keep your table clean
  • Includes 3 Prang soy crayons for coloring fun
  • Comes in reseal able bag for easy to go
  • 18″x135″

Verified reviews



When you’re a new parent, you’re a little worried about germs on tables, etc. So it was really nice to have this cool invention to stick on the table and throw puffs on it without worrying. Love the soy crayons (yes, my little guy did try to eat crayons, but I didn’t freak out b/c of the soy). I found when he got older, he was excited to rip off the placemats, so we use them less but I always liked them and use them occasionally now.

Lashonda Lake Ann, MI

Love love love

Love love love! We take this on airplanes and out it down at restaurants. Let me tell you, restaurants love us when we put this down. We out baby’s food on the mat and she eats off it happily and quietly while we eat. Then, when she’s done, we wrap up all the mess and we’re good to go. Before, I’d have to tend to her the whole time, because she’ll either bang the plate or throw it down(food in tow) onto the ground, and who’s going to put food onto a gross sticky restaurant table?My two year old likes it, too, and although she doesn’t really need it, she enjoys quietly coloring on it. Most of the time, she’s content with coloring on little sister’s mat and sharing with her.

Carol New Memphis, IL

Must Have for meal outings!

We roll this out the minute we get to the restaurant or a friends house. And they are so appreciative that they don’t have to worry about their table. Gives toddler something to do while before the meal comes. And you can feel safe that at least his/her place is clean! Sticks to any surface, even a tablecloth like a charm.

Jasmin Ridgeley, WV

Great little mat!

This mat is larger than the plastic disposable ones for better coverage. It’s pretty sturdy and thick; the adhesive is sticky enough that my 18 months old can’t really (or maybe he doesn’t want to) pull it off when he gets bored which he does easily with the plastic ones. I like how it comes with crayons. Over all very satisfied with this mat. I’d highly recommend it!!

Leeann Footville, WI

A must have for restaurants!

These are a must have item when taking babies and toddlers to restaurants. I love that they stick to the table and include crayons! Much better than a plain placemat because each one has designs to color. Keeps my 2 year old occupied while we wait for the food to come AND keeps him from picking up germs off the tables. Love these!

Monica Sheridan, MI