green sprouts FarmEVA Waterproof, Farm, 6-12 Months, 3-Count

green sprouts FarmEVA Waterproof, Farm, 6-12 Months, 3-Count

Our waterproof bibs are perfect for those messy drips and drools. Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a hard plastic that requires harsh chemical softeners, such as phthalates, to make it appropriate for use in soft plastic baby items such as bibs. In 2003 we discovered that certain phthalates were shown to disrupt reproductive functions and cause other developmental problems, so we launched a line of PVC-free feeding items including bibs, dishes, utensils and storage containers.

Main features

  • Made from lightweight material^Durable and easy to clean^Flip pocket design to catch more mess^Has velcro closure^EVA material

Verified reviews


Great product, very comfortable to use

I love those bibs. They do not get dirty like usual ones, made of usual materials, and you can easily wash it with your hands right after (much easier washing) and after that it also takes such a short time to dry.And the little pocket on the bottom makes it also easier for some left overs to fall in, plus you can out there used tissues or wipes, that you use to clean up babys face during feeding )

Jodi Garden City, MN


Very easy to clean, and I like that you can turn the bibs inside out to catch the crumblies. The patterns are also nice because they look great on boys or girls!

Nita Wales, ND

plastic is nice, but cloth binding gets messy

To me, the whole point of a plastic bib is to be easily wiped clean, and this plastic wipes clean fine, but the cloth binding defeats the purpose of having a plastic bib. Cute prints, but I don’t reach for them often.

Dessie Bethel Park, PA

Good bibs

These are great for all types of messy eaters! We just hand wash them and hang to dry. My girls are 10 mos old and they still have room around the neck for them to grow into. Also they’re cute!** UPDATE ** My girls are now 19 mos old and we still use these. The velcro has started to pull away at the seams on one of the bibs but still works. We have always hand washed them and let them air dry. They are great and still have room around their necks, even with them being 23 lbs and 32 inches tall! Great bibs for the price, very happy with them!

Lucia Helena, MO

easy bibs

These are easy to wipe clean and stand up to big messes. The pouch is key to catching food that didn’t make it all the way up to the mouth. One note- it took me a while to realize you are supposed to turn the pouch inside out so that it protrudes out a bit and catches the food better.

Mable Nordman, ID