green sprouts Favorite Food Bib, Lime Sushi

green sprouts Favorite Food Bib, Lime Sushi

Full coverage, absorbent knit bib with fun, realistic food designs.

Main features

  • Full-coverage, absorbent knit bib with fun, realistic food designs
  • Pullover style, cotton knit
  • Great gift

Verified reviews



How impractical is it that you can’t put these bibs in the dryer, they have to be line-dried. Ours had the iron-on image in front actually melt and stick together in a wad.

Velma Gurley, AL

New favorite bib

I have a mischievous 13 month old who has managed to pull off every bib I put on him: velcro… snaps… Nothing would stay on. I found a pullover bib on vacation and a light went on. These were perfect for him! The neck hole is a tad large, but workable (I pull it high up on his neck and tuck the back down behind him; it usually stays this way most of his meal until he gets antsy). If it stays on during mealtime and keeps his clothes clean, I’m not complaining! I ended up buying four of these in different patterns. All have washed well. Designs not faded and fabric still looks great.

Valerie Ringwood, OK

Hilarious & good quality!

I just think the Green Sprouts bibs are funny, and at the same time they are a very well-made, practical product. I didn’t think the opening in the top was too big at all. It was funny because I bought 4 of these, each with a different food and the only one that had a bigger neck opening was the “takeout” one. Don’t know why that is! I also “heart” this brand, so that’s an added bonus!

Lee Carey, OH

larger than expected

I have several of these bibs and they are so cute. They are a lot bigger than I thought they would be and the sweat shirt type neck is very practical- no velcro or tying.

Colette Milesburg, PA

Big bib

Bib is cute and large washes well have not had issues with decal coming off but no biggie if it does it is also really soft against the skin will order another for sure

Alicia Montalba, TX

Cute Bib, large neck hole

This bib is adorable and I had no problem with the quality, but I had to send it back because the neck hole was much too large for my 6 month old. It might work alright on a 2-3 year old, but definitely not for a baby.

Anne Youngtown, AZ

Perfect for sushi night

Love this! Bought it for our little one for sushi night (which is weekly). Neck is snug but not tight, so perfect for catching spills. Size is large–perfect for messy infants.

Hallie Marshfield Hills, MA

Perfect bib!

I have tried numerous bibs and these are the only ones I now use. They are cute and funny, but they also seem to work the best. They cover the front and I position them like a sort of trough between the tray and baby so it catches food. I am not fond of the plastic bib troughs…I find them a bit gross to be honest, but these cloth bibs I love. They also go over the head so baby cannot undo them which had started happening with the velcro bibs. I do not have a problem with them being from China…I just washed them before use like everything else.

Penny Coyville, KS

Love it!

Great bib. Very absorbent. We put this on our little girl (5 1/2 months) when we took her to our favorite sushi restaurant and it was a huge hit with all the staff.

Dora Pataskala, OH

Very Poorly Made

This was really adorable initially, and I would have given it five stars. Unfortunately, after one wash, the decals deteriorated, cracked, and peeled away. Looks terrible! I was afraid even to donate it to Goodwill because I didn’t want some baby chewing on the peeling decals. What a terrible job they did on this bib!

Corine Islandton, SC

cute design – great for 6M +

This bib is really well made – so soft and cute screen-printed graphic. It’s a nice large size that is perfect for babies starting solids! My baby boy has a large head and it stretches to fit over it just fine! 🙂

Greta Rumsey, KY