Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Freezer Tray

Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Freezer Tray

Green Sprouts’ Baby Food Freezer Tray is a must have for making homemade baby food. Tray holds 15 1-ounce cubes of puree or breast milk Once frozen, baby food cubes can be stored in other containers so tray can be reused. Silicone freezer tray makes it easy to push frozen cubes out without having to warm the tray first BPA free, PVC free, phthalate and nitrosamine free Heat resistant up to 425 degrees. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Homemade baby food has fresh ingredients and less additives than commercial baby food. Making baby food at home is becoming more popular as parents try to give their babies the healthiest start possible. It’s a money saver and it’s also better for baby and the environment. Our silicone freezer tray is BPA free, PVC free, phthalate and nitrosamine free. If you’ve chosen to make baby food at home, you want to make sure your baby food storage container is safe. Rest easy; our silicone ice tray won’t leach bad stuff into your baby food or milk. Freezing baby food for later consumption is easy to do with our freezer tray. Each freezer tray holds fifteen 1-ounce cubes of puree (or breast milk). Simply fill and place in the freezer until frozen. Once frozen, pop out frozen baby food cubes and use as needed. The silicone tray makes it easy to push frozen cubes out without warming the tray first. And, you can store the frozen cubes in another container so the tray can be reused. Clean up’s a snap because our baby food freezer tray is dishwasher-safe. It’s also microwave safe and heat resistant up to 425 degrees. Made in China.

Main features

  • Perfectly portioned for baby’s first feedings
  • Clear lid for covering food & stacking trays
  • Flexible for easy removal
  • 1oz (28 mL) portions; 7″ x 4′ x 1″ (17.8 x 10.2 x 2.5 cm); Materials: Silicone
  • Durable, unbreakable, & heat-resistant silicone
  • PVC-, phthalate- and nitrosamine-free
  • Heat resistant up to 425°F
  • Dishwaher and microwave safe

Verified reviews


Very happy with this purchase

I really like this, especially because it’s BPA free. Once my baby food is frozen, I take it out and store it in labeled freezer bags to keep them fresh. Some reviews mentioned it was hard to remove the cubes…the first one takes a bit of wiggling, but once one is out, the rest come pretty easy. I just push from the bottom and they slide right out. So far I have pureed sweet potatoes and peas…2 sweet potatoes or about 2 1/2 cups of peas thinned out with breastmilk (or formula) seems to be about the right amount to fill up the tray.

Jerry Lewisville, AR

Easy to use

Really easy to use and clean! Just wish it came in 2 oz serving size as well!!

Leanne Westminster, TX

Not that great

I gave it two stars because the tray has decent size of a cube which is 1 oz, and I like the fact that it is not plastic.When purchasing this product I thought that silicone trays are better than plastic ones. Well, aether I was wrong or this product is not good. It is really hard to get cubes out. I wanted something that I would not have to run hot water over in order to get food out of the tray!!! I found, that Mumi&Bubi; Trays are 100% better, you can read about it in my reviews.———————-+ 1 star 🙂 After couple of tries I figured the way to remove cubes without hot water!!! You have to twist it couple of times to the point that cube will not stick to the tray. Remove one cube at a time… You will have your fingers really cold, but, completely frozen baby food. Still I use them only when I make more food then I can put into my other trays… Good as a backup option, but I would not purchase it again.

Francine Bakersfield, CA

Difficult and time consuming

I bought these and One Step ahead Fresh N Freeze 2 oz. Reusable Baby Food Containers: I absolutely love the containers, I hate this tray. It’s difficult to spoon the food into this tray, there’s no cover so I have to put it inside a freezer bag, and it’s extremely hard to get the cubes back out: The food gets stuck and my fingers freeze while I’m fumbling around with this thing. Finally, the cubes are really too small for a meal after the first few weeks of feeding. I highly recommend these instead:Fresh N Freeze 2 oz. Reusable Baby Food Containers 12-Pack

Jessica Winona, OH

Perfect for solids!

I have tried numerous products for freezing homemade baby food in small portions, but this is the only one I approve of! The wells are deep and hold about an ounce each. Also, since it’s silicone, the food pops out easily and quickly. I’ve put all kinds of food in there, blueberries, squash, sweet potatoes, and they don’t stain. They go in the dishwasher, and come out perfect. Love these, and I’ve already ordered more. The best and most effective food storage out there!

Angelita Maineville, OH

Love ‘Em

Easy to get frozen food out, easy to clean. I haven’t used any other freezer trays to compare…but I love these!

Eunice Lewiston, NE

great size- hard to extract

I love the green sprouts products in general so got these for my partner for a gift. The size of the cubes is perfect. It is not only about the right size for my 8 month old daughter’s meal, but the frozen cubes fit perfectly into glass baby food jars so we can send it to daycare easily. The only drawback is that it is hard to get the cubes out of the tray, particularly if you have accidently overfilled the tray.

Myrna Owenton, KY


Food is hard to get out of the individual trays when frozen so I have to skip every other compartment in order to pop cubes out. Or you just can’t fill these things full at all in order to get some leverage to pop the cubes out. I like that they are silicone instead of a more toxic chemical.

Carla Dover, MA

good when given some TLC

This product is great within some limitations. As there isn’t any physical separation between portions, they can all freeze up together. I ran it under warm water for 30 seconds, and then used a butter knife to pop out each portion. It could have been easier to extract the food, but it wasn’t any harder than my standard ice cube trays. Once I got out 2 cubes, the rest were pretty easy. I like that I can make it an adult ice cube tray when it’s done being a baby food tray

Diann Rock Point, MD

Great until you want to get the food out of the tray

I honestly don’t understand the reviews indicating that this is “easy to use”. It’s easy enough to fill and to wash (dishwasher safe), but getting the cubes out after freezing is nearly impossible. In addition to running hot water over them (for a long time), I have to use a knife to pry them out and it’s a struggle. It does help to underfill slightly before freezing, so that the cubes don’t overflow and touch at all on the top. I think the problem stems from the fact that only the outside edges get the hot water and the inner cubes are mostly untouched, so they just want to stay put. TheBeaba Multiportion Freezer Tray – Greenis much easier to use, though not a direct comparison because it’s more expensive and makes fewer cubes of a larger size. But after I got the Beaba, the green sprouts tray hasn’t been used at all.

Marguerite Oxly, MO

Great product!

I bought 2 of these because I make a lot of baby food at once.(I could have used one more). Works great. Be careful not to over fill as the cubes will be harder to punch out. I freeze them in a 1 qt ziplock and label it before I freeze them. Ready to pop out into the bag once frozen. Great for mixing foods to expand a baby’s pallate. (i.e. 1 cube green beans: 2 carrots/zuchini: 1 cube apples/sweet potatoes) Highly reccomend this item!.

Marlene Beaver, AK

great for freezing baby food

We use this to freeze baby food that we make. It’s really easy to squeeze out a single cube of food because of the soft silicone material. We liked it so much we bought a second one.

Frances Little York, NY

Silicone helper

This is a great tool for freezing your home made baby food and storing it for future use. It’s really pretty straight forward. Just make sure to expose the dividers to make it easy to separate the frozen food from the container.

Judi Pleasant Valley, VA

Perfect size and easy to use

We bought this tray to freeze homemade baby food for our son. It works great and freezes the perfect sized portions for him. The food pops out easily and can be stored in freezer bags, so we can use the tray over and over to make a week’s supply of food in one day. I also use it to make ice cubes. Love it.

Mercedes Dunlap, IA

LOVE these trays!

These trays are perfect. I bought these to freeze our baby purees. Plain and simple, they are very flexible, easy to use and easy to clean b/c they go in the dishwasher.We loaned the tray out to a friend who then bought several more for herself b/c she loved them so much.It is very easy to get the cubes out of the tray, unlike hard plastic trays that are generally used for ice cubes. These bend every which way and the cubes pop right out.HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Barbara Mason, IL

green sprouts silicon freezer tray

pros-it is cheaper than other trays that produce < 15 oz-compact-easy to remove food cubescons-i wish this tray had a little extra space per cube so that 1oz isn’t overflowing BEFORE freezing (to account for expanding)-no coveroverall, i am happy with the purchase. i didn’t need more than 1 oz of food cubes because i like to mix different foods together (like pear+asparagus) and end up with the 2 oz of food per meal that my little one would eat anyway.

Bessie Milburn, KY

Freezer Tray Cleanliness

Cleaning would be much easier if the trays had been designed with internal cube rounded off in the bottom but still maintaining the square look on the outside.

Olga Independence, MO

Works well, very pliable, dishwasher safe, and nice small portions

Great for baby food portions. We almost exclusively did homemade baby food for my daughter, so this item saw plenty of use. I really like the thinner silicone for this tray; it’s much easier to get the food out than our other trays. I like these small portions. One for baby then multiple according to the growing appetite. I think the only negative is that it’s difficult to cover. However, I haven’t found a tray that does have a cover that work well. I always used this as a place to freeze overnight, then removed the portions the next day to place in a larger container.

Lauren Maplecrest, NY

Making your own baby food is easy!

I purchased this to make baby purees for my son. It works well, though I sometimes need to soak the tray in water to loosen the cubes before I remove them from the tray. I would assume you would have that issue with any freezer tray, though.

Bethany Belews Creek, NC

Compact, many uses

I’m currently using two of these to freeze baby food in one ounce cubes. It’s very easy to pop out the frozen cubes one by one. After a few hours in the freezer, I put the frozen cubes into freezer bags. It’s really easy to throw a cube of food into a tupperware when you’re headed out the door. The dividing walls are very thin so you get maximum space for food in a small tray size.

Julianne Burton, TX

Useful but messy.

These are great for what they are used for. They work really well and make great sized frozen bars so they are easily stored. Cons-there is no lip on the edge so when add puree to them, it goes everywhere. I would still buy them again though.

Lakeisha Kansas City, KS

Chemical smell after a few uses

I was very surprised by the unpleasant, chemical smell of this product after using it for a couple of months. Don’t feel safe freezing the baby food in it any longer. In all fairness, I also got a Beaba tray and experienced the same issued, but am using breast milk storage bags now to safely freeze and store baby food.

Paulette Fairless Hills, PA

Chemical free but smelly and hard to get cubes out

First baby food I froze in here were baby peas and the smell will not get out. I have to dip them in hot hot water and push will all of my might to get the cubes out. I have to spill the cubes into a large bowl and then into the freezer bag because you have to manipulate the tray so much to get them out and need the wiggle room. I will continue to use them because of the size of the cubes, but they are a pain.

Jordan Gracewood, GA


I use this to freeze all my homemade baby food and it works great!! Easy to pop out each cube! Love it 🙂

Randi Montpelier Station, VA

Needs a lid

The tray is pretty good and the food is easy to pop out. The squares are pretty small and about a 1/2 serving….which is kind of good because I can mix flavors together when I’m heating them rather than having to blend them together before freezing. It needs a lid though, because the food cannot be stored in the tray.

Desiree Coaling, AL

Better than expected!

After reviewing several different products, I decided to try the Sprouts Silicone Freezer Tray for my homemade baby food and I’m glad I gave this a chance! Although the cubes do not pop out as easy as ice in an ice cube tray, the flexibility of the tray makes getting these out pretty effortless. I love that the sides of the tray are sturdy enough that you can pick it up full and move it to the freezer without having to put another tray under it! (Was never a big fan of silicone baking product because they were always too flimsy.) Also like that you know each cube is 1 oz and the whole thing is top rack dishwasher safe.

Traci Kipling, OH

Does the job

This tray is simple and does what it’s supposed to do. My only complaint is that it can be difficult to get that first cube out. I wish there was a hard plastic frame around the top to make it easier to grip when you’re trying to push that cube out. It would also be cool if it came with a lid. But I didn’t dock points for no lid, since I knew it didn’t come with one. It’s just b/c it’s a little tough to empty. Otherwise it’s great. Just fill the tray, freeze, empty, and toss in the dishwasher.

Miriam Manakin Sabot, VA

Needs a lid

Food was freezer burned within the time it took to freeze it. Tried putting the tray in a ziploc bag and it didn’t make much difference.

Casey Smithland, IA

Perfect for freezing baby food

I was looking for a tray that held a small serving, was easy to remove after freezing and that was safe for my baby. This product fit the bill. The cubes are really easy to release (just inside out the tray) and they are the perfect size for new eaters. I only wish that there was a lid, but wrapping it in foil worked just fine.

Marian Clarence Center, NY

love it

I was worried that this would be difficult to use. I am pleasantly impressed with how easy this is to clean and pop the cubes out of.

Sydney West Brooklyn, IL