green sprouts Infinity Teether Rattle

green sprouts Infinity Teether Rattle

For over two decades i play., Inc. has been researching children’s health issues to make safer feeding accessories that come in contact with babies’ mouths and foods. Due to recent safety issues in children’s toys we saw a need for toys free from potentially harmful toxins. So in 2008 we launched a new line of PVC, phthalate, BPA and nitrosamine free toys made from materials. Inside Baby: Pregnancy and early childhood are critical times in babies’ lives because they are growing and developing so rapidly. During this time they are vulnerable to elements in their environment, and parents should protect them as much as possible from exposure to potentially harmful substances. The first priority for growing babies is to make sure everything babies put inside their mouth is healthy, safe and promotes the development of strong immune system.

Main features

  • New BPA, PVC, Nitrosamine and phthalate free
  • Figure 8 rattle with beads that twist and turn helps develop coordination
  • Teething surface relieves sore gums
  • Polypropylene and TPE

Verified reviews


easy to grip & a soothing teether

My 6 month old is teething & can easily grip this teether plus it soothes him. I like that it is made from natural material.

Glenna Harvard, IL

Great rattle

Made in china. Hard pastic with some smooth links and some textures links. It does not bend, but you can move it into different shapes because ofbthe different lengths. Not the most stimulating for my son but it is ok.

Betty Haskins, OH

fun but not for teething

Love the concept of the product and even I have fun twisting and turning it. I took off one star because it’s too hard for my baby to use as a teether. She’ll chew on it, then cry because of the pain; not fun for either of us. She does have fun shaking and banging it around until that point. I’ve stopped giving it to her because of the crying (happened every time several times so it wasn’t a fluke/accident). Maybe I’ll try again later when the top teeth are out and she isn’t just chomping down on the hard plastic with her bear gums. Overall, the colors are pleasing and the product seams well made. FYI, it’s bigger than I thought it would be. I should have checked the size but didn’t imagine it would be that big since it’s a “teether.” The thing is longer than the width of my baby’s body. Makes it a little unwieldy.

Concepcion Renner, SD

Well made, lightweight

I purchased this rattle for my 3 month old daughter because it is BPA free and I am very impressed with its quality and versatility. It can twist and bend into shape and while it is relatively big in size, it is lightweight and fits into her little hands. The rattle sound is nice and soft like those waterfall toys; not a harsh, overly loud sound that so many rattles have. I’d prefer brights over pastels personally, but perhaps its the eco-friendly materials they use that limit the dye colors. We like it just the same and plan to buy more products from Green Sprouts.

Francisca Swaledale, IA

Nice dynamic teether rattle

I bought this teether a bit early when the baby was 3 months old. At that time it was a bit too heavy and a bit too big for baby to grab and manipulate. Now baby is 6 months old and he can easily hold it, manipulate it and play with it. He likes this more than his other regular teethers as this rattles and has those “beeds” on it. Also it changes the shapes which keeps the baby interested in it. For a teether its a bit hard. Otherwise its an awesome toy + rattle.

Ana Glenfield, NY

not our favorite but still safe

I like the other green sprout rattles better then this one. This one moves and twists so much that it’s harder for our daughter to hold and shake. I imagine she’ll like it more when she is a few months older.

Monique Ravenswood, WV

Great baby toy!

My son (5 months) LOVES this baby toy. It twists and turns and is just the neatest thing! I purchased the other 2 toys that go along with this toy too. I feel good knowing that he is not putting harsh chemicals in his mouth with this toy. I liked them so much I purchased more to give to a friend who is expecting.

Maureen Hettinger, ND

One of our baby’s favorites

Our baby got one of these as a gift, and enjoys it so much, that we get it as a gift for most everyone who is expecting. There really isnt much to say. The colors, textures and motion all contribute to it being very enticing and enjoyable to play with.

Janelle Canoga Park, CA

Green Sprouts Gets 5***** for This Teether!

Bought this BPA, PVC and phthalate free teething toy for my cousin’s son (4 months old) and he LOVED it! Played with it immediately and we didn’t have to worry about the nasty chemicals harming him either. We will be purchasing more Green Sprouts toys in the future.

Lynette Rush, KY

perfect for 4 month olds +

My three month old didn’t care for this toy because it twists and untwists while he was learning to grasp and bring things to his mouth. However from four months on, he loves it and it really does entertain him. The teething sections are still very hard plastic, with minimal texture compared to other teethers, and I find that my son will suck on this, but does bite it to teethe. It’s a great rattle and hand-eye coordination toy though.

Darlene Nicasio, CA

Baby loves to chew it!

My 5 month old took to this teether right away. He seems to enjoy that it has so many joints that it is twisting around as he chews on it. Nice rattle sound. Glad I bought it.

Patty Carlsbad, TX

6 month old adores it

My son really likes this toy. He’s had it for a couple of months. At first he just chewed, but now he twists it around and plays with it. It keeps him busy while I change his diaper. I love toys that are safe for my baby and the Earth!

Leila East Norwich, NY

Doesn’t Work for Younger Babies

This teether does not work well for younger babies. Here’s why:Doesn’t Fit Well in Mouth: This teether is too wide to fit comfortable into my son’s mouth (he’s six months). At best he can use it on his front teeth and even this is difficult for him. Even as he gets bigger I think the teether will still be too big to comfortably reach his back teeth.Difficult to Hold/Manipulate: The length of this teether (about 6 1/2 inches) and the fact that it twists makes it very difficult for me son to hold this and get it into his mouth on his own.Too Hard/Heavy: Like most young babies my son manages to hit himself in the head with just about anything he can get his hands on. This teether is made out of a hard plastic type material and is fairly thick meaning it can definitely leave a mark if your child hits him/herself with it.I think that this teether would work pretty well for older babies. The rings make a nice rattling sound to capture a babies attention and an older baby would probably enjoy twisting the teether around and sliding the rings around the teether.

Rachael South Ryegate, VT

Infinity Teether

I got the Ring Cool Soother Teether, Teether Keys, and Infinity Teether. Notice a pattern here? Yes, we are knee deep into teething season around here. She had all 3 of these teethers before I went on my “let’s go eco-friendly and therefore safe” kick. I replaced them all with the Green Sprouts eco-friendly brand and am not disappointed. They all boast PVC, BPA, and Phalate-free. They are made in China.This replaced the one I bought at Walmart or Target and I actually like it much more. It’s looser, so it makes it easier for my baby to adjust it, and it has two “beads” on it that slide all around it. I’m just happy knowing it’s safer than the alternative.

Wilda Holden, MA