green sprouts Natural Wood Cage Rattle

green sprouts Natural Wood Cage Rattle

243700-001-33 Features: -Material: Wood.-Nitrosamine free.-Entertains baby with wood beads spin and rattle.-Sustainable rubber wood is a natural, germ-repellent surface.-Biodegradable and recyclable. Color/Finish: -Color: Green. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 2.5″ H x 4″ W x 6.5″ D. Collection: -Sprouts collection.

Main features

  • Sustainable
  • Nitrosamine free
  • Wood beads spin and rattle to entertain baby
  • Sustainable rubber wood is a natural, germ-repellent surface
  • Biodegradable and recyclable

Verified reviews


Too rough

I wanted to try a wooden teether for my son. In my opinion, this particular teether is too rough and I will not be giving it to my son again. He played with it once after I wiped it down with mild soap and water. I did not immerse the teether in water because I believe the packaging instructs not to (although I don’t have it anymore to double check.) It is a good size for little hands and the circles give it some interest as opposed to other wood teethers that I’ve seen. I really wanted my son to like this and I’m disappointed with how rough it feels.

Audrey Cooperstown, ND

three month old’s favorite toy

As of the date of this review, the product picture above is wrong. The item is a larger ring looped through three smaller rings (see customer photo).That aside, my three month old daughter LOVES this rattle! It’s the first toy she’s had yet that she’s actually become attached to. The size is a perfect fit for her little hands, and in the first few days she’s had it her dexterity has noticeably improved. Of course it goes right into her mouth, so I keep it clean and honestly I feel good about her having a natural wooden toy that she can gum on.Another reviewer mentioned that the wood is rough, and I had the same reaction when I first opened it, but I decided that if my daughter liked it I could always take some sandpaper to it. In the end, that wasn’t necessary. After washing it and leaving it to dry thoroughly, I simply rubbed some cooking oil into it and the texture is lovely now. Still nice and tactile, feels like natural wood as it should, but it’s not dry and coarse as it was at first.

Edwina Greenville, NY

Great rattle!

My son loves this rattle! And I feel much better about him playing with this over all the plastic junk out there!

Ava Summerfield, IL

Just right.

I got the heart shaped one even though that’s not what I ordered but it didn’t bother me. It’s cute, natural (my biggest buying reason), sturdy, not too noisy, and just right for little hands.

Justina Smithdale, MS


My daughter loved this! Despite what others have said about it breaking, my daughter has dropped hers from her high chair and other heights MANY times over the last 6 months (we only have tile and hard wood floors) and it still works perfect!

Phoebe Boyden, IA

Good quality

My 10 month old isn’t crazy about this, but he does play with it sometimes. He likes to move the beads around. It was smooth and very good quality. I wish he liked it more, but he likes it enough that I would still buy it if I had to do it over again.

Robin Montpelier, VA

Great, natural rattle!

Just big enough for baby. Just the right noise level to be entertaining, yet not irritating.Overall, a great baby rattle!

Melba Pear Valley, TX