Green Sprouts Plant Fiber Dinner Ware Set

Green Sprouts Plant Fiber Dinner Ware Set

Reduce your carbon footprint with reusable, petroleum free bio based dishes. Made from renewable resources. These dishes are a great alternative to petroleum based one which can leach potentially harmful chemicals into food, especially when heated.

Main features

  • Made from renewable resources; Great alternative to petroleum based one which can leach potentially harmful chemicals into food, especially when heated
  • Dishwasher safe biopolymer made from renewable plant fiber
  • Size: Stage 2+ (3 months+)

Verified reviews


Great product!

Using it for about 4 months now. Still intact and the pictures are all there. I like how cute it comes altogether: a bowl, plate and utensils. And they are small enough for my 15 month old.

Antonia Waccabuc, NY

nice dinner ware set except for the fork!

I really like this set of dinner ware; it’s made of safe material, for the most part sturdy and cute! So far the bowl, the plate and the spoon has not been damaged by being thrown and whacked on the counter by a 13 months old. But the fork unfortunately suffered tooth loss rendering it useless from a normal banging from my boy. I think he caught it just at the right angle to break it… But the fork was kind of dull, too dull to pick up food so it’s really no big loss. The spoon is on the bigger or wider side but it works ok with my boy. No complaints about the bowl or the plate. Over all I’d recommend it with a slight reservation.

Florine Normal, IL

Nice and sturdy

I bought these for my 18-month old daughter. They are very sturdy and the graphics have not washed off after a couple of months of use (we hand wash).

Tasha Myra, KY

Very cute and durable

I love this super cute set, and all made with plant fibers – no plastics! Has worn well with hand washing only.

Hallie Hackberry, AZ

Great for lil ones or Non strong kids

I got this set because I have a special needs guy and a 2 year old in the process of using different cups. Winston my 2 years old loves the fork so much he keeps asking for the fok as he calls in. The plate set is really nice set. The ceramic/plastic is very durable and can handle being dropped on all surfaces without shattering or chipping. Washes great hand or dishwasher and the design stays in place. The plate, bowl, fork and spoon are all decent size for the growing fingers and are very easy to hold and grab which is nice. They are on the slippery side, so beware of those messes kids love to create.

Mary New England, ND