green sprouts Ring Cool Soothing Teether

green sprouts Ring Cool Soothing Teether

For over two decades i play., Inc. has been researching children’s health issues to make safer feeding accessories that come in contact with babies’ mouths and foods. Due to recent safety issues in children’s toys we saw a need for toys free from potentially harmful toxins. So in 2008 we launched a new line of PVC, phthalate, BPA and nitrosamine free toys. Inside Baby: Pregnancy and early childhood are critical times in babies’ lives because they are growing and developing so rapidly. During this time they are vulnerable to elements in their environment, and parents should protect them as much as possible from exposure to potentially harmful substances. The first priority for growing babies is to make sure everything babies put inside their mouth is healthy, safe and promotes the development of strong immune system.

Main features

  • Help your baby’s teeth come in with less fuss with this cooling teether
  • New BPA, PVC, Nitrosamine and phthalate free
  • Can be chilled in the refrigerator for a soothing effect
  • EVA soother filled with sterilized water

Verified reviews


Couldn’t use it

I don’t know if this teething ring is any good or not, because I wasn’t able to use it from the start. You need to use scissors to separate the ring from its backing, as it’s attached with a small metal wire which was on there so tightly that I ended up accidentally digging the scissors into the ring itself. All the water drained out and the ring was unusable. So frustrating! If you get this ring, be careful when removing it from its backing.

Paulette Lansing, IL

Made in China

I thought the price was too good to be true for a safe teething toy for my baby. Of course, it’s made in China!

Allyson Belgium, WI


it may be a while before my baby needs this she isnt here yet but i know shell put it to good use

Mayra Highland Falls, NY

Great– meant for a child that can hold items in hand for long periods of time

This is the nicest ring I have ever seen for BPA free and water only filled. Very nice and useful product! Hard to describe but every smaller circle has an abrasion on it and helps with the teething process for a child. (Bumps for little gums to chew on in other words)I bought this along with the stacking cups (meant for 6 months plus putting them away for him) and the keys. So far my child loves the keys more than the ring cool soothing teether. I am sure in time he will love this item as well. He is only four months old and this is a little heavy for him to hold currently. I love that it’s only made out of water and is BPA free!UPDATE– NINE MONTHS OLDmy child loves this teether so much I am buying another one. We have the apple teether made by a different company. He doesn’t care for that one as much. The apple teether over time seems like there is not enough water. I am buying another one of the green sprout ones because I want one in the fridge at all times and the water in the teether is lasting a very long time for as much as it’s been bit on and stuck in the fridge. The teether is going strong!The Green Sprout stacking cups are a big hit in the tub! They have holes in the bottom of them and shapes that I know I will use with my child in the future for sand and possibly art projects!

Adele Cable, WI

BPA free great! China made…BOOOOO!

Come on iplay….You go through all the trouble of making your green sprouts products BPA, metal, and chemical free and then you let China make it. Resposibly made is not a concept that China understands. What about producing it in the USA or Europe where standards are better. I can get a similar teether from Natursutten that is European made. I will be returning yours and getting their’s for just a few dollars more. The money is worth it!

Shelly Brownsville, VT

Made in China

My son likes it, and it is a great goto teether. It’s made in China which i didn’t expect (and was a disappoint). Also note that because it is distilled water you can’t put it in the freezer – just the fridge.<follow-up> I accidentally put it in the freezer once! It survived to be chewed another day 🙂

Tessa Harmonsburg, PA

A little big for 6 month old

This teething ring is a little bigger, thicker & heavier than my regular teething pretzel ring. My 6 month old can hold on but not for more than a few minutes with one hand. Also, since it is quite thick, my baby’s hands get very cold after holding this and sometimes that makes her not want to hold it. It does the job for $4 though.

Lakesha Roseville, CA

Too big for 6 month old

I think she’s just too small for it yet….she’s 6 months and it just seems too big for her still.

Melva Schererville, IN

A bit too large for baby’s mouth and cannot be steamed.

Transparency attracted by child. However the "beads" are much larger then a baby’s mouth. He tried a few times but they do not fit from any angle. Also this toy got warped after steaming. It would be an extra benefit to be able to disinfect along with his bottles.

Meagan Belfast, NY

Nice, but a bit big

I’m not crazy about having my baby chew on plastic, but I’m more comfortable with this than with anything else I’ve found out there. Of course I like being able to pop it in the fridge, and the large volume of liquid holds the cool pretty well. But given the choice I would make it somewhat less thick, as he has a hard time getting it into his little mouth.

Bridgett Hobbs, IN

Dissapointed with how hard it is

The ring is by no means "soft", it is a harder "soft" plastic and really requires pressure to squish it! was hoping it would be more like the "olden days" teething rings! I dont hate it, but my daughter doesnt love it, and we all know, its all about making them happy!

Tammi Coalmont, IN

great product!

i was looking for something my 8 mth old could chew on while she was in the bathtub. this is perfect! she loves holding and chewing on it. it floats and rinses off easily too. so much better than the other bath toys that contain bpa. great purchase!! also reccomendBoon Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Netgreen sprouts Stacking Cup Set

Karin Reeder, ND

Good teether but not my son’s favorite

I like that this teether is made of safe materials but it isn’t recommended for the freezer (which I found out by putting it in the freezer and seeing that it swelled up pretty big!) It didn’t crack though and I’ve been keeping my eye on it since then. Now I just put it in the fridge. The other reviewers are right in that the circles are kinda big where it is hard for him to fit in his mouth and bite down. Maybe when he’s older (he’s 5 months now) he’ll like it a bit better. I’m still happy with this teether.

Isabel Lemoore, CA

Not For Babies

My son is 3months old and is teething, this thing is useless to him.Its too big for his mouth and he can’t use it.Only but this if your child can fit it in their mouth.

Katharine Kosciusko, MS

Great and Safe Product!

My 7 month-old daughter loves this teether. It is fun, light, and easy to grab. It fits her mouth better than any other similarly shapped teethers. She likes to suck it at the room temperature and also when frozen. Foremost, it’s safe for babies as it’s PBA-free as well as PVC/pthalates-free(unlike teethers from Fisher Price and Bright Starts, which are only PBA-free at most).

Cortney Danvers, IL

Way too big

Way too large for my son’s mouth, not a good teether. Love that it is squishy and seems like it would feel nice if it were smaller.

Bridgett Bloomington, TX

SAFE teething ring!

I purchased this teething ring for my son because it is made of safe plastics, and is filled with water. If the product were to ever spring a leak (highly unlikely), then I can have the peace of mind of knowing that the filling is not harmful. I wish the teething ring were more colorful, to keep my little one’s interest, but I understand that to do so, it would most likely sacrifice the integrity of this product (i.e. the safety factor).

Dora Alberta, MN

Fun, safe teether

My baby likes this teether, and I like it because it doesn’t have BPA. It’s not as soft or as flexible as the Lamaze ring teether, which is very similar. However, the Green Sprouts Teether is still a good product.

Jacqueline Onslow, IA

safe and helpful

It was a little big for when my daughter first started teething but she was 4 months old then. Now that she’s 6 months she can open up her mouth enough to finally gnaw on it. It’s still a little big but we’ve got a long ways to go still.

Vicki Lake Katrine, NY

Son Loves His New Teether

Just purchased this “green” teether to give it a try and so far its been great! In searching for BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free products we discovered Green Sprouts. This teething ring is the perfect size for our infant son’s mouth and he loves to feel the differents grips too. We only wish that more main-stream stores carried this brand so we can receive it faster…

Margarita Bishopville, SC

good, but…

This is a good quality teething ring, the material feels as though it can really take a lot of biting. I really appreciate that its simply filled with water. The only draw back is my 6 month seems to be bored by it, and usually bypasses this for a more colorful option. If this were available in colors it would be perfect! All in all, still glad to have it.

Ina Lusby, MD

Too big

After purchasing these i saw another brand wirh smaller rings in a set this id sort of big for a baby mouth

Wanda Glenburn, ND

great teether!

My baby loves this teether. It gets cold quickly, has interesting shapes on it, and is the perfect size for her (she’s 6 months).

Lakisha Colton, WA

too big for a baby

this ring is much too big for an infant to teethe on. totally useless if your child is in the early phases of teething.

Christie Gassaway, WV

Way too big for a 6-month old

I ignored the other reviews that said this product was too large for baby mouths, because it looks perfect and is after all designed to be a teether. But they were right — the ring is way too big for my 6-month-old (he’s average size). Maybe when he’s two and getting in molars it will be handy, but it’s going in a box for now.

Roxanne Frenchville, ME

My teething baby loves this.

My baby is teething and she loves this ring. I put it in the fridge and will give it to her when she starts to get fussy. She loves it and will munch on it for a while. It works well even when it isn’t cold. Never leave home without it!

Nicole Norwalk, OH

Good idea but stiffer and thicker than expected

I bought this before our son really started teething. In the beginning it was not a good toy because he had a lot of trouble grasping it. I had expected it to be more pliable like ones I had seen when I was a teenage babysitter. It’s a bit thicker than what a 6-month old can grasp or put in the mouth depending on how skilled they are. Now that he’s 9-10 months, it’s very easy for him to grab and move around. He plays with it for awhile but it’s not a favorite. In general, teething rings aren’t a big hit with our son. Also, because it’s clear, it’s not as visually interesting.

Patty Charleston, MO

Cool Soothing Teether Ring

I got the Ring Cool Soother Teether, Teether Keys, and Infinity Teether. Notice a pattern here? Yes, we are knee deep into teething season around here. She had all 3 of these teethers before I went on my “let’s go eco-friendly and therefore safe” kick. I replaced them all with the Green Sprouts eco-friendly brand and am not disappointed. They all boast PVC, BPA, and Phalate-free. They are made in China.This one can be placed in the fridge to cool it down. It is filled with sterile water, so safe if, heaven forbid, it bursts. I can see how a younger baby would have trouble with it though. It is thicker than the ones they sell like it at Walmart or Target. A baby of an age under 6 months probably would have a difficult time fitting it in its mouth to chew on it. That being said, my baby is 9 months old, has a big mouth (no pun intended) and loves the heck outta this! So glad I found it!

Joni Colonial Beach, VA

A little large for a small teething mouth

The ‘bubbles’ around this teether are just a little large for our teething grandson. He likes other teething rings better. This one is easy to grip, but not as easy to chew on.

Pearlie Sinclair, WY

Great teething toy…

cools quickly and retains the temp. relatively long….great for children that are teething my son loves it, it’s easy to grip and cleans easy too…

Maryanne Minden, NE