green sprouts Ring Rattle Made From Wood

green sprouts Ring Rattle Made From Wood

The Ring Rattle is made from natural, sustainable wood without paints or dyes to support your child’s health and well-being. It is easy to hold and shake, makes a playful rattle sound, and the smooth surfaces offer relief on teething gums. The Ring Rattle stimulates baby’s sensory, movement, interactive, cognitive, and creative learning pathways for early, whole development.

Main features

  • Encourages whole learning the healthy & natural way
  • Easy to hold, gum & chew
  • Playful rattle sound
  • Forest Stewardship Council certified
  • Materials: Beechwood
  • Our first priority for growing babies is to make sure everything they put in their mouths is healthy, safe and promotes the development of a strong immune system
  • Wood rings spin and rattle around central ring to entertain baby
  • Wood is a natural, germ repellent surface
  • No coatings, stains or paints

Verified reviews


Good little rattle

I love the sound this rattle makes. It is the right size for my baby’s little hands–she enjoys holding it by the big ring, small rings and ball. And of course she mouths it, so I’m happy it doesn’t have paint on it. For parents against plastic, this is a great toy.

Marcy Holladay, TN

Love this toy!

My daughter LOVES this toy. She loves rings so much for some reason. Being a rattle is an added bonus because it makes a small (not annoying) noise when she shakes it. The ball on it is great too. She likes to chew on it.Unfortunately we dropped this toy in our driveway and it got run over (we take it EVERYWHERE). It was crushed so we will now be ordering another because we love it!

Lorie Sweet, ID

3 month old loves it

She shakes it around and loves the sound it makes. I like it because it doesn’t have any paint on it and isn’t made of plastic.

Alana Pekin, ND

my son liked it untill

our dog chewed it! ugh…lol. its a really nice rattle though. its big enough for him to hold and the sound keeps his attention.

Meagan Little Rock, AR


This rattle was a great choice when there are so many to choose from. Our little one enjoys biting it, shaking it for sound, and spinning the smaller rings. Like a 3-in-1 toy! The wood is a very smooth finish and I don’t worry at all about splinters.Update: After about 6 months of use, one of the smaller rings broke off in 2 pieces. Seeing that it broke made me question how safe it really was and I rarely let her chew on it anymore. She liked to bite the smaller rings and knowing that it one of them broke I worry about it becoming a choking hazard.

Joni Dumont, TX


I think this rattle is really cool because it’s got a nice thick handle and multiple chewable objects. We’ve dropped it multiple times on the floor and it’s been thrown around and hasn’t broken yet. The texture of the wood is fun for baby and it doesn’t taste bad.

Laverne Bryan, TX

Engaging but simple teether/rattle

I bought this because it has a soft rattle noise (which won’t drive me crazy!) and it’s nice to have a more natural untainted option. My son loves it! He enjoys holding the ring as well as shaking it, although he has a hard time making consistently good noise with it. More often he grabs in a spot where the three small rings can’t move enough to make noise.He also likes to chew on it, especially the three small rings. I think the wood has more give than many other tethers, which makes it a great teething surface.Overall this is a great choice for anyone who enjoys natural products, wants something subdued in both color and sound, and has a baby who loves to grasp, shake, and chew. My son was 7 months when we bought the wooden ring rattle and still occasionally pulls it out at 11.5 months.

Judy Asan, GU

Good teething toy, but a little pricey

It’s decent sized and perfect for my 6 month old’s hand. He enjoys chewing on the ball especially, but hasn’t quite figured out the rattle! I actually love that it’s made of real wood, but when I first got it it was a little scratchy so I ran it over my gums because I was afraid it would splinter–it definitely did not! Which made me happy. A little pricey, but my kiddo likes it!

Octavia Mark, IL

Love this rattle!

I love that this rattle is made of natural wood and not treated. It makes it the perfect toy for my teething baby who wants to put everything in her mouth. The rattle makes a nice sound and is the perfect diameter for tiny hands to hold onto. Overall, a great purchase!

Laura Black Mountain, NC

Baby’s favorite toy; all natural wood (other reviewer wrong)

This rattle has far exceeded expectations (I am obviously a new parent). I love that it is all natural wood. The only glue that would have been used would have been to secure the ball into the large ring to finish the circle, but all of the little rings are whole pieces of wood that have been milled into a ring shape (which is in and of itself sort of impressive). The reviewers who said they saw glue seems must have been looking at wood grain and misunderstood the difference. Not sure what kind of wood it is, but definitely a hardwood. It makes a great sound when shaken. The only downsides of this product are two: First, that it is a hard product, so when your baby is first gaining coordination, you might want to sit next to him/her while using it to prevent them from denting their skull with it as they repeatedly impail their forhead with it. Also, I expect that some of the rings will eventually crack in half when thrown from a distance onto a hard floor. Ours has already taken several falls without incident, but I suspect it is only a matter of time. But that is the nature of wood. Overall a highly recommended product!

Merle Huletts Landing, NY

This has been a favorite of Little Man’s since he could grasp

This has been a favorite of Little Man’s since he could grasp. Now 5 months, he shakes, bangs and eats it regularly. It’s been through the dishwasher multiple times and has entertained him for as much as 20 minutes at one time! This is the rattle that started him scooting on the floor!! I would definitely recommend this as a gift for any newbie!!

Cortney Buchtel, OH