green sprouts Silicone Baby Toothbrush

green sprouts Silicone Baby Toothbrush

Nitrosamine free. Keep baby’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. Toothbrush with bristles. Silicone coated polypropylene.

Main features

  • Keep baby’s teeth and gums clean and healthy
  • Toothbrush with bristles
  • Silicone coated polypropylene
  • Nitrosamine free

Verified reviews


Haven’t used it yet but…

Wish it said “Birth-6 months” in the description so I wouldn’t have ordered this for my 18 month old. It is much smaller than it looks in the picture.

Angie Pollock, SD

Sound Effects–

I got this for my grandson when he was maybe six months old as an oral stimulation alternative for him. He was the type of kiddo who always wanted to mouth and chew on things. It worked pretty well. Now he is 19 months old, and his mom and dad use it to brush his teeth. He looks forward to having his teeth brushed with it, I found out when I babysat him tonight. Granted, it does not look all that much like a toothbrush, but HE knows EXACTLY what it is. I could have died laughing when I was brushing the little guy’s teeth, and he started making a krrrrrrrrrrr sound in the back of his throat like the sound his mom and dad’s (electronic) toothbrushes make. 🙂

Angelita Suttons Bay, MI

A hit with my infant

In between brushing, my daughter loves to use this toothbrush and brush her own teeth. She mimics the movements that we do. It is really cute. She obviously doesn’t do an excellent job but it is a nice massager for her gums and teeth. We also hope it helps to instill good habits as well.

Eleanor New Market, AL

This is a great first toothbrush!

Bought this for my grandson, and he loves it! It’s easy to hold, and the guard helps position the brush end appropriately in his mouth. The silicone is soft but bristle-y enough that he loves to chew on it. It seems durable, and the size is perfect for little hands (he’s 9 months old now and has been using it for a month or so.)

Bobbie Buchtel, OH

My little guy loves this!

He brushes his teeth every night while I read him a story. A huge help distracting him since he associates the rocking chair with nursing and tends to arch his head and torso backward in frustration. The round disk is very helpful because I don’t have to hold onto the brush at all. I’ll probably need to get a more "bristly" brush once he has more than one tooth, but this is a great first toothbrush!

Janelle Clio, WV

My baby cries for it!

My baby started teething at 3 months, and I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t adverse to a toothbrush when he got older. This is the perfect size for small hands, and the ring around the brush prevents him from shoving it too far down his throat (which he does with the other side– oh well!). I like that the bristles are made of silicone; they are durable, and they are more of a massager for his gums rather than a traditional toothbrush. I am able to brush his little teeth just fine, but he prefers to chew on it and twist and turn it in his mouth, more like a teether. This toothbrush was definitely an unexpected hit with the little one!

Roslyn Burkittsville, MD

Baby likes it

This is a nice little silicon brush. Baby likes to chew on it. I wish they design one with two of those round protections, one on each side. Because my baby would often flip it and chew the other side.

Emilia Lumberville, PA


great first toothbrush for baby. Our daughter enjoyed this from the time she was 6 months until about 12 months. Then we switched to an actual toothbrush.

Rosa Thornfield, MO

The baby to use it to brush your teeth, like

Very small toothbrush, baby is very interested in it, the material more reassuring, like this brand, in the hope that more products, so we choose

Joy Bryson, TX

brush is great for the littlest of babies to even my 14 …

brush is great for the littlest of babies to even my 14 mo old….love that it prevents you from putting it in too far…and made of all I feel safer about it and what is going in my little one’s mouth

Frances Redding Center, CT

He likes it

My son loves this toothbrush ( he is 12months) but not sure if it really brushes his teeth. He really likes to chew on it and I guess that does something!

Rosie Fairfield, FL

nice toothbrush.

baby likes sucking on sides as much as he does brushing, but I feel good about this toothbrush/ its materials.

Bertie Ocean Gate, NJ

Favorite teether

So, while I got these for my 11 month old twins to start brushing, it’s turned out difficult to “brush” because all they want to do is bite it. Not a product problem, just a mommy problem. I will say I have never seen them give anything such devotion as a chew toy, and they teeth on it more than anything I have seen them get their hands on. Not sure that soft flexible bristles would be very effective at brushing anyway, but when I do get them to let me do a quick brush, it is gentle and not irritating.

Melody Walnut, MS

Could not be happier!

This is SUCH a great little first toothbrush. My baby is only 8 months and has only 2 teeth but we wanted to start introducing the routine of brushing her teeth early on. After looking at many different brushes, this one stands out because it has a protective shield that makes it a little safer for baby to play with and handle. It also has a nice texture – a kind of rubbery silicon – and it’s BPA free.I use this with the Jack and Jill Organic Banana toothpaste and she has always loved brushing time!It’s a little on the pricey side, but for a few extra dollars, you get a much better product for sure. I would highly recommend this toothbrush as your baby’s first!

Brittney Wilson, OK

Great toothbrush, easy to clean, and love the guard.

Soft tiny bristles & the guard make it a good combination when toddler is learning to brush. Easy to clean and my toddler isn’t scared of it.

Lily Fruita, CO

Easy to use and holding up well

This is a great first toothbrush for infants and toddlers. The silicone bristles are soft enough to use on gums and sturdy enough to clean teeth. The flange keeps the brush from gagging my daughter, but has the added benefit of keeping the brush from touching the surface you set it down on. And my toddler likes to bite this brush as I am cleaning her teeth, but it is still intact and working well.

Angelia Sierra Blanca, TX


BPA free, safe, and perfect for teething! While my baby chews on the toothbrush he is also brushing his teeth at the same time. It massages his gums from the soft bristles as well which is so soothing for him.

Beulah Hooks, TX

Perfect First Toothbrush

We bought this for our 7mo old. She currently has two teeth and we didn’t feel the need for a real toothbrush quite yet. This was perfect. It’s soft and gentle. We brush her teeth then she’s able to hold onto the toothbrush and "practice" herself. The brush has a little guard just passed the bristles that prevent choking. Great little toothbrush!

Angelita Strabane, PA

Great brush and teether

My daughter loves chewing on this as a teether and my dentist told me that using a silicon brush every day is all you need until babies are 3 years old. We attach it to her with a pacifier clip. It’s our go-to toy whenever we are out and about.

Heidi Voorhees, NJ

Great 1st toothbrush

I am super happy with this toothbrush, and so is our 1 year old. I bought this one and a finger-type silicone one and this is the one we use everyday. It is well made, the right size, and the guard does a good job. We have been using a tiny bit of Weleda Children’s tooth gel, which is minty and now we have a very excited toothbrusher!

Katherine Arivaca, AZ

kid loves it!

It’s like a party everytime he brushes his teeth! he enjoys this, though often likes to just chew on it, must feel good on his teething gums. We were worried about brushing and as he enjoys this so much we greatly appreciate this product.

Kris Porterdale, GA

My son loves this thing

I purchased this item for my son at the request of my GF. One of her friends’ kid had one and the mom gave very positive feedback. I found the item on amazon and made the purchase. I am pleased that the baby brush is made from silicone. At my previous job, I worked with platinum cured silicone that was used in a disposable unit for carrying human tissue and this looks very similar and if it’s good enough for cycling fluid and human tissue, it’s good enough for my soon. No leaching of contaminants! Anyways, it’a great little brush and it helps soothe him since he’s teething at the moment.

Serena Petty, TX

Pretty good

Pretty good product. We use it on our 9 month’s old 4 teeth and gums. She tries to bite it a little but it makes me feel safe that this is silicone. It also has a stopper so my baby cannot shove it down her throat.

Bobbie West Point, MS

Easy to use

This is great for little ones. Usually I start and get the front teeth, then my one yr old grabs it and does the rest. He thinks it’s just another toy and moves it all around his mouth, not realizing he’s brushing his teeth. The wide guard prevents him from getting the brush too far back in his mouth. Great product!

Karyn Wartburg, TN

She doesn’t brush, but she tries

So an infant seems unlikely to actually brush, but she copies mom and dad and puts this thing in her mouth and moves it around. And that’s the point – to get used to the habit. For that purpose, this is an excellent product because it is safe and soft and not going to fall apart.

Gail Turbotville, PA

great intro toothbrush!!!

My son started getting his teeth just before 5 months. We purchased this and use it as a part of his bedtime routine. He loves it!

Faye Flintstone, MD

Perfect for our 6 mos old.

Our 6 mos old wants to take our toothbrush while we brush out teeth. Given how interested he is and the emergence of his first tooth, we bought this brush and one other style of first tooth brush. This one wins. The pacifier style guard (so that baby doesn’t choke) is perfect. The whole brush part is silicon so it is soft on his gums and easy to wash. It is very small, but it’s perfect for a training/mimicking tooth brush. We also gently brush his one tooth to get him used to what is to come, but he is perfectly happy "brushing" on his own too.

Vanessa Stratton, OH

Favorite teether!

This was our son’s favorite teether. We bought it for him at around 5 months and he immediately went to town with it. It was his favorite possession for the next few months, so much so we bought a replacement when we lost it. It is durable and we appreciated the guard to prevent gagging. (Yes, you can obviously turn it around and jam the other end down one’s throat but he never did that, maybe because the "bristles" are more appealing.) We dishwashered (top rack) often.

Laurie Morrow, GA

Love it!

This is my son’s favorite and I get a lot of coments on it! It is such a neat idea that he gets the comfort from teething as well as getting his teeth cleaned at the same time!

Veronica Miamitown, OH

Like it

Thus is a great product. Soft bristles, the collar helps the baby use it on her own and stop at her teeth, and she definitely seems to like it.

Debora Whitesboro, OK