green sprouts Silicone Pacifier 2 Pack

green sprouts Silicone Pacifier 2 Pack

New. BPA, phthalate and nitrosamine free. These soft, non porous pacifiers are hypo allergenic for baby’s sensitive skin.

Main features

  • New BPA phthalate and nitrosamine free
  • These soft, non porous pacifiers are hypo allergenic for baby’s sensitive skin
  • Great gift

Verified reviews


Check the pacifiers carefully before giving it to your baby!

I really thought this pacifier would be the one and it was… for about 10 minutes. My son loved it at first but now he can’t seem to keep it in his mouth anymore. I love how it’s made from one piece of silicone BUT there was some left over silicone stuck on one of the pacifiers(please check your pacifier carefully before giving it to your baby! Potential choking hazard) that peeled off after I sanitized it in hot water and pulled it off. I like the simple design but I wish they checked the product before selling it. I also wish it came with a pacifier case.

Maricela Bruce, MS

one-piece silicone

What makes this pacifier so unique is that it is one piece silicone. Most other pacifiers are two piece, which means water/vapor can get inside.In fact, I had a brand new silicone pacifier of another brand. When I sterilized with steam, it got water vapor inside the hollow part of the silicone. You can’t dry that out, and it’ll breed bacteria. So I never even used that one.

Janna Elm, PA


I love that these pacifiers are free of BPA, phthalates and PVC and that they are one piece. I also like seeing my son’s smile through them. I wish they were a little smaller though. Also, now that my son started eating carrots, they stain.

Kelsey Maeystown, IL

cute, but small nipple

VERY cute… huge for a newborn… but my son didnt like this type of nipple. 🙁 I wish they had different nipple shapes!

Evelyn Tahlequah, OK


This paci is rated for a newborn. I had a 9lb 3 oz baby boy with a 98 th percentile sized head – and the paci is a bit on the big side nsearly covering his nostrilsOther than that the design is great i love the one piece and the clear look. We will use these when bubs gets a little bigger

Elba Tony, WI

Good backup

I ordered this pacifier because it looked similar to one I received as a gift and needed more of them. I can’t figure out what the type of pacifier that I have is, but this isn’t it unless it’s a newer design of the same kind. I think it’s a little too bulky around the mouth and it’s quite large so it bumps up to my son’s nose. Every kid is different and others may have more room between the lip and nose, but not this little guy. It doesn’t fit him like the picture. It’s a great back-up if you need something for a moment, but not something I’d want him to use while he’s sleeping because of the nose issue.

Doreen Saint Ansgar, IA

Easy come, easy go….

Pros: they are made of silicone, and are thus BPA and PVC free. I can give it to my daughter and not worry. She seems to like them just fine.Cons: they are clear. Looking for a pacifier in the middle of the night? You won’t see these. Within three weeks I had lost both of them.

Claudine Mansfield, TN

Like not love

It’s hard to find a single piece pacifier that’s orthodontic for an older baby. This does the job, but unless its attached to a paci clip it’s nearly impossible to find since its clear. We also have dogs and it is a fur (and blanket fuzz and lint) magnet, so I am rinsing it off every 5 minutes. My 12M old has no problem switching between this and her Soothies and Gumdrops.

Minnie Haddock, GA