green sprouts Silicone Teether 2 count

green sprouts Silicone Teether 2 count

For over two decades i play., Inc. has been researching children’s health issues to make safer feeding accessories that come in contact with babies’ mouths and foods. Due to recent safety issues in children’s toys we saw a need for toys free from potentially harmful toxins. So in 2008 we launched a new line of PVC, phthalate, BPA and nitrosamine free toys made from synthetic materials. Inside Baby: Pregnancy and early childhood are critical times in babies’ lives because they are growing and developing so rapidly. During this time they are vulnerable to elements in their environment, and parents should protect them as much as possible from exposure to potentially harmful substances. The first priority for growing babies is to make sure everything babies put inside their mouth is healthy, safe and promotes the development of strong immune system. • PVC free and Phthalate free: PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) is a hard plastic that requires harsh chemical softeners, such as phthalates, to make it appropriate for use in soft plastic baby toys such as squirty toys. In 2003 we discovered that phthalates were shown to disrupt reproductive functions and cause other developmental problems, so we launched a line of toys free from PVC and phthalates. • BPA free: Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in hard, clear plastics sometimes used in baby toys to prevent breakage. In 2006 we learned that BPA also disrupts reproductive functions and causes other developmental problems, so we added a line of BPA free toys to our line. • Nitrosamine free: Nitrosamines are found in latex products such as some infant teethers. They have been shown to cause cancer in many animals, so all our teethers and soothers are nitrosamine free.

Main features

  • New Organic BPA, PVC and phthalate free
  • Soft on baby’s gums
  • Effectively help teeth come out
  • Silicone

Verified reviews


Not for us

I love Green Sprouts and am always excited to give one of their toys a try, but this one was not for us. I was surprised by how small and thin this product was. Because it’s thin, it is easy to fold, and due to the size, I found it too small to be safely given to the baby. I see that there are a lot of positive reviews, and I like the company, so perhaps I am overly cautious, but for us, it was not a safe enough toy to leave with the baby and so we never got to try it out. I’ll stick to the bigger non-toxic teething toys in the future.

Clarissa Glyndon, MN

Great simple teether

My daughter loves these teethers! It’s easy for her to hang on to and small enough for her to chomp on. I love them because I can stuff one in a coat pocket and they wash easily.

Amanda Hinkle, KY

Ineffective, Edit: Possibly effective 🙂

This was not an effective teething product. Both of our sons just looked at it blankly when it arrived. I showed them how they are supposed to put it in their mouths. And then they had fun for the next 20 minutes sticking it… in my mouth. To be fair, my kids prefer to stick dog food, electrical cords, and small plastic pieces from their age inappropriate toys in their mouths over any teething product my wife and I have ever bought. Except one; they do like the widely availableFirst Years Massaging Action Teether; I think it is the active feedback they get from that product. All of these other teething products are pretty boring, far more so than, say, my shoulder or that kid at daycare (sorry!).Edit: My wife has informed me that the kids have continued to occasionally stick this in their mouths. I guess that, as a teether, it is effective, contrary to my previous review. (I still have yet to see my oldest do anything other than point at it, lying forlornly on the ground, and ask “what’s that?”)

Keri Winnie, TX

These teethers are winners!

I was dubious at first about these teethers. They seemed too small and insubstantial to work for my six-month-old, but I was wrong. As soon as he was able to grab them (at more like 7-8 months old) he would choose them over other, bigger teethers. He kept one in bed with him until he was about a year and a half old. Now, his younger brother (8 months old) loves them. Yep, he likes one in his crib with him, too.They’re thin and clear, so they’re easy to misplace and hard for uncoordinated hands to pick up from a hard surface. We fixed both problems by attaching a couple of plastic links (Discovery Toys’Boomeringsare fantastic) to each teether. We didn’t attach them to one another. The links are easy to grab and make the teether easier to see.As with all teethers, wash them before the first use. Wash them (with soap and water) pretty often–the silicone will pick up lint, pet hair, dust, etc. While you’re washing them, examine them to make sure they’re still in good shape. Ours are about two years old now and still intact, but look out for small tears (and stop using them if they’re damaged).Bottom line: Some kids don’t like them, but some LOVE them. They’re worth a try.

Earline Mount Hermon, CA

Great, but easily lost

My baby really likes this teether. Since it’s small and so malleable I only give it to her while supervised. They are small and clear which makes them hard to keep track of. They come in a two pack and I’ve already lost one.

Mayra Mineral Point, PA

Great tethers for the price

My little one loves these teethers. They are clear which makes it a little difficult to see and they are smaller than I was expecting but still a good value, I am planning on buying more for up coming baby showers.

Dena Kivalina, AK

suffocating hazard

Very flexible and small, so a child can push the whole teether into her mouth. This product should be recalled.

Abigail Baldwin, LA

Baby reaches for this every time!

My daughter wasn’t too interested in these at first (around 4 months), but once she got the coordination down to get it in her mouth successfully, it quickly became her favorite teether! Perfect size holes for her little fingers and I love that I don’t have to worry about the plastic. Great safe buy!

Etta Intercourse, PA

My sons favorite.

My teething son LOVES these teethers. They are without a doubt his favorite and I don’t even need to have them refridgerated or anything. He chews on them for long periods of time, even talks to them, lol. They are one of my go to things if he starts to get fussy.

Lenora Cane Valley, KY

nice but tinted one would be nicer

I like that this is light weight and silicone. The only downside is that it’s clear. I already lost one and it’s hard to spot on a solid blanket like white/tan.

Bobbi Babb, MT

baby’s favorite teether

Our baby loves these, and prefers them to all of the other options. She doesn’t seem to like chilled teethers – I think that she gets uncomfortable holding them. These are little, light, and work well for a petite baby. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Sheryl Ellendale, TN

Useful, but not “attractive” enough to get baby/toddler’s attention

I really was excited about these teethers because for once I found one that I was comfortable with my baby putting in her mouth. A guilt-free teether! However, I found that even though *I* thought these were great, my little one really could not be convinced. I think because they aren’t colorful or exciting looking… alas. So, I’d say they are worth a shot (especially if you don’t have any of those pretty colorful ones around), but don’t set your hopes to high.

Miranda Grissom Arb, IN

didn’t work for us — clear is so easy to lose

i really wanted to like these teethers, but they just didn’t work well for us. i agree with the other reviewers who’ve pointed out that since they are clear, they get lost very easily — they blend in with everything. more to the point, my baby didn’t have any interest in them. we’ve had much more success with Combi teethers. if you want to give this type of teethers a try, i suggest trying the white ones instead.

Angelique Coolidge, KS

Made in China

When I got these I was unimpressed at there size and shape. I was also unhappy they were made in China. But they are actually my son’s favorite cold teether. It can easily get lost so I recommend getting a teether leash (similar to a pacifier leash)

Eloise Benedict, KS