green sprouts Stacking Cup Set, Colors may vary

green sprouts Stacking Cup Set, Colors may vary

For over two decades i play., Inc. has been researching children’s health issues to make safer feeding accessories that come in contact with babies’ mouths and foods. Due to recent safety issues in children’s toys we saw a need for toys free from potentially harmful toxins. So in 2008 we launched a new line of PVC, phthalate, BPA and nitrosamine free toys made from materials. Inside Baby: Pregnancy and early childhood are critical times in babies’ lives because they are growing and developing so rapidly. During this time they are vulnerable to elements in their environment, and parents should protect them as much as possible from exposure to potentially harmful substances. The first priority for growing babies is to make sure everything babies put inside their mouth is healthy, safe and promotes the development of strong immune system.

Main features

  • New BPA, PVC, Nitrosamine and phthalate free
  • Different sizes and colors keep your baby playing in and out of the bath
  • Cups fit together for easy storage
  • Set includes 8 stackable cups with draining holes

Verified reviews


Best bath toy

Our daughter has always loved the bath. When she was ready for toys, we went straight to duckies. She liked to suck on the duckies heads, but she never really played in the bathtub until we got these cups. Simple? Yes. Fantastic? Definitely. These have different little holes in the bottom of them, so they sink, float, water drips out slowly, quickly, and she loves to run her fingers under the stream. At 9 months, now she’s clapping them together and drinking out of them like a cup (oops! we gotta watch that in the tub!). We have a few more toys that do similar things, but nothing beats the simplicity and versatility of these stacking cups.

Keisha Wildwood, FL

like it’s eco-friendly

But I wish the colors are less “pink and peach”!! – I have a baby boy and it’s kind of silly when we have playdates, all the girls want to grab his stacking cup set.They need to make the colors more “boy friendly”.

Kimberley West Salem, IL

Exactly as described.

Perfect. My baby loves to chew on them during bath time and I feel good knowing that they aren’t full of chemicals.

Dee Houston, AR

Simple toy that will give hours of fun (and dishwashable)

Great toy for toddlers! Teaches motor skills through stacking and building. Fun in the tub! A very simple toy that will give hours of fun, it continues to be a favorite in our household a year after my daughter got them. I have washed mine in the dishwasher when they get slimy in the tub and they held up just fine – look just as new now as they did when we got them.

Marlene Wilkeson, WA

my son loves these cups in the bath and out

These are sturdy, fun little cups. My seven month old has been playing with them for a couple of months now. He loves stacking them, knocking them down, and banging them together to make noise. He plays with them in the tub, too. Great little toys!

Teresa Breeden, WV

One of our FAVORITES!

This cup set it worth every penny! Our daughter LOVES it, and has since she was just a few weeks old. She’s 9+ months now, and these are still one of her favorite toys! Bath time, high chair time, tummy time or ANYTIME! There are holes in the bottom, so bath time water drops are really special for newborns!

Deanne Edinburg, PA

Nice product

Nice product. Was smaller than what I was expecting but my son loves to stack the cups. Great to use in the bath tub.

Amie Berthoud, CO

Good Quality & Simple Fun~!

You can buy all the toys you want for you baby (as I do) but they will never get tired of stacking and unstacking these cups. These are nice sturdy cups at a decent price, you can’t go wrong with these.

Isabella Anton, TX

Smaller than I thought…

We have been using these in bath with our son but I originally bought them as a stacking toy. I liked that its a green product but did not realize how small it would be. I wish they made a bigger version of this!

Candy Oostburg, WI

great product

i bought these for my 8mth old daughter to play with in the tub. i love that they are BPA free. they drain easily since they have the holes in the bottom however the lip on the cups collect water so its important to air them out sitting upright. wish they would get rid of the lip or fill it in underneath so water wouldn’t collect in there.

Josie Rock Creek, WV

great for so little money

My 14 month old loves these – plays with them every day. We always have them in the diaper bag to entertain her. She loves to stack, knock down, match the colors, nest, take them in the bath. My only complaint is that I often have to look for one or two that end up MIA. 🙂

Elise Widener, AR

bath fun

i bought these as bath toys for my nine month old. i liked these better than the ones that squirt water because they’re impossible to dry inside and i’m afraid of subsequent mold growth. yuck. these are very simple cups with holes in the bottom. some have more holes so they drain the water quicker and others drain more slowly. my son is fascinated with these and i’m happy that i can clean them 🙂

Leslie Tryon, NC


He loves to destroy the towers, and to play with them in the bath. He loves watching the water trickle through the cups.

Nichole Shelton, CT

Perfect first toy

Of all the toys we have purchased, this has been that one that endured for close to two years and continues to be a favorite. Great color identification, learning about what fits into what, and the best fun of knocking it over after stacking!

Carey Absaraka, ND

Great cups

My son loves these. He has lots of fun with them in the tub. I like that they are bpa free.

Charity New Milford, CT

Simple, safe, and sooo versatile.

This is one of the simplest toys out there, but is so versatile. We have been using them for about 6 months. (son just turned 1). He has learned to nest them and can do just a very basic stacking. We haven’t even used them in the bath yet and still think the value for these is off the charts. This is an easy recommend.So the reason I took away a star is for 2 reasons:1) because the edges on a couple of the cups on the underneath side of the lip are little sharp. My son hasn’t cut his mouth or anything yet, but he gnaws on these a lot (like pretty much every toy) so it would have been perfect it the edges were a little bit smoother.2) Stacking these is pretty tricky. It will be great when he is older to build up his skills, but at 12months they are too difficult to really stack.Still a must have, so don’t hesitate to grab some.

Myra Fort Bridger, WY

Great cups

I had read that stacking cups were great brain-building toys for babies, so I bought this set for my daughter. I wish the colors were a bit brighter and more varied, but otherwise I’m totally happy with these.My daughter is already playing with these a lot. She likes to bang them together, chew on the rims, babble into them (it makes her voice sound funny), pull the stack apart, and scatter the cups everywhere. Sometimes I stack them up in a tower (they fit together pretty well) or a wall and she knocks them down. Some day, she’ll figure out how to stack them on her own, but she’s enjoying them a lot right now!

Marla Moonachie, NJ

A great toy for baby to toddler

I bought this for my daughter at 6 months. She’s 24 months and still plays with them. They’re made of good quality plastic without any harsh chemicals and don’t smell funky like some other brands. Mine was quite as pictured, the color order was a little different but didn’t make any difference to me. The cups have little holes on the bottom in different configurations so they make good bath toys too. They’re great for teaching colors, big to small, stacking…everything a baby will begin to be interested in when the time is right. Now at 24 months, my daughter likes to use it for "tea time". It’s reasonably priced and will get a lot of use. Totally worth it. I think I love them just as much as her!

Daphne Brownsville, TN

My son is obsessed with these

I don’t know what it is about these Green toys, but my 11 month old son is obsessed with these cups as well as the Green stacker. He doesn’t really stack either of them yet but he carries them around with him everywhere and loves to chew on them, bang them on the coffeetable, and knock them down if someone else stacks them. Sometimes the simplest toys are the best.

Rosanna Centerview, MO

Great product

Great product. Very stackable. And each cup has holes in the bottom so you can use it in water during bath time.

Brianna Hesperus, CO

Unexpected big hit with my daughter!

We received a set of these stacking cups for my daughter when she was born. When I first received them, I wasn’t too excited about them. She is now 7 months old and these cups are one of her favorites! I actually have split the cups – five are cups that she plays with on the carpet and the remaining she plays with in the bath. The cups are easy for her to grasp. She loves chewing on them and since I know they are safe for her, I let her do that. She is so happy just waving them around and grabbing for them. Now that she can sit up on her own, she can play with just these cups for what seems like hours on end. In addition, she loves them in the bath. I was confused by the tiny holes in the bottom at first. But I love how some of the cups have LOTS of holes and thus water rushes out of them. Some have just a few holes and water doesn’t go through them too quickly. I use one to scoop up water and rinse out the baby shampoo. I fill another up with water and let water trickle down her face and she loves it. She even tries grabbing the water as it rains down beside her. I often take these cups with me when I travel and either in the bath or sitting on a blanket they are a big hit. They don’t take up much room and I definitely have gotten my use out of them. I have come to love these cups and so has my daughter! And what’s funny is that she isn’t even old enough to know the fun of stacking and nesting cups and so I know there will be even more fun coming our way with the cups.

Jacqueline Cleveland, MS

My baby can’t get enough of these cups

Whenever we are traveling we always make sure to pack these cups. My baby is always happy to see them. She never grows tired of them.

Angelina Camp Lake, WI

Stacking cups DO stack

I don’t know if the other reviewer meant their baby could not stack them or what, but they stack perfectly if an adult or older kid does it. May be less useful for toddlers to learn to stack, but they fit together well for stacking. I have NO idea why, but my 6 month old LOVES these. Chewing on them, banging them together, spitting up INTO the cup (nice trick!). etc… They have some nice touches. The drain holes are in different and interesting configurations, and the bottoms of the cups have different shapes in raised plastic on them, so even sight-impaired kids would enjoy these, I think, and seeing kids can learn about shapes while playing with them.

Glenda Manakin Sabot, VA

Inexpensive and versitile

These cups are great. They nest. They stack pretty well. They can be used on land or in the tub. Baby likes to watch water come out of the different patterns of holes in each cup. They are compact and portable. Plus eco-friendly! Money well spent.

Jeanette Sussex, NJ

Many uses, best portable toy… and about that stacking issue…

There are so many ways to have fun with these cups:(1) Building sand castles – there are different patterns and shapes on the bottom of the cups for stamping(2) In the bath – there are little holes (in different patterns) on the bottom of each cup to let water drip out(3) Stacking them – turned upside down, various size cups stack on each other (you can make two or three little towers)(4) Knocking over the stacks, banging them together (cheers) or on other things(5) Chewing on them – my baby’s favorite!These cups will last a long time and can be used with different ages. There are 8 cups, ranging from 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. My cups are a different colored than pictured (the largest cup with the logo is blue), and the blue cups are more purplish and not baby blue as pictured. No big deal, though. Baby loves these cups anyway. And they wash easily and nestle neatly inside each other to store away.As for those who complain that they don’t stack well, it’s because the cups must be stacked in the exact order of decreasing size in order to stay stuck together. If you skip one cup, the next one will fall off. BUT two or three cups down (smaller) will stack, even upside down! If you are not intent on trying to make just ONE stack in decreasing order, you won’t have a problem with these. In fact, you can alternate between big and small. Get creative.

Margo Daleville, MS

Smaller than anticipated

These are good for the bath, but they are not really great stackers for tiny kids. The sizes are ultra similar and the colors repeat, so it is not really obvious which goes next. They might be better suited for older kids who are learning more advanced concepts like trial and error.

Aisha Sanostee, NM

Nice, simple set of nesting cups; great for the bath

We received these at our baby shower for our son. He has had a great time playing with them. We have used them in the bath as well. They each have one or more holes in the bottom. We have stacked them but they aren’t very steady for stacking. We would stack some, and our son would knock them down pretty quickly so it didn’t really matter to us that they weren’t great for stacking. We have a little ball from a Fisher-Price stacking toy that we’ve used when playing with this toy as well. It’s fun to put something inside the largest cup and watch your little one figure out how to get it out. Great set of nesting cups!

Dixie Saint Georges, DE

Earth-friendly fun!

My 11 month old son loves the Green Sprouts Stacking Cup set. They are made of safe plastic, so I feel good knowing that when these end up in his mouth, he is not ingesting harmful chemicals or residues. Another fun aspect of these cups, besides the nesting factor, is that if you turn them upside down, you can stack them up and build a tower. Great toy!

Gwendolyn Belleville, MI

Fun, Simple Toy

My son, 11 mos, loves these little cups! They are smaller compared to the ones you usually see in stores. However, he manipulates them very well. He loves to bang them together, stack them inside each other, and just plain chew on them. Since they are free of so many nasty chemicals, I am so glad he can enjoy them without me worrying about them! I recommend them!

Glenda Freetown, IN

Good bath toys

My kids, 4 & 2 1/2, love to play with these in the bathtub. They have fun showering each other or just pouring water on their hands. And an occasional sip of bath water. Ew! Make sure to dump the water out of each one and only stack when they are dry or they quickly mildew.

Lynnette Gerry, NY