green sprouts Stacking Cups, 8 Count

green sprouts Stacking Cups, 8 Count

BPA and PVC free! Colorful stacking cups with drain holes for engaging bath-time fun. Encourages dumping and stacking to develop motor skills. Cups fit together for easy storage. Set includes 8 stackable cups with draining holes. Polypropylene.

Main features

  • Stack, drip and float
  • 8 cups fit together for easy storage
  • Different sizes and draining holes keep your baby playing in and out of the bath
  • Helps teach color and size recognition
  • Polypropylene

Verified reviews


Many uses…lots of fun

Our twin grand babies carry these around as they crawl, teeth on them, bang them everywhere and play with in the bathtub. Muti-functioning toy!!! The surfaces are smooth, with no signs of any paint chipping. Good buy.

Elsie Molt, MT

Tons Of Fun In The Bath!

Whoever came up with this product deserves a medal. It’s deceptively simple… a series of colored cups that fit into each other. But add a varying number of holes to the bottom of each cup, and you’ve got something that will REALLY entertain babies and children during bath time. The first time we used these to dribble water on our 5 month old daughter, her reaction was hilarious! She couldn’t stop staring at the water dribbling down on her from above, eyes enormous with amazement and mouth in an o-shape of wonder. As time has gone by, the wonder has dulled down a bit, but now we can move onto dribbling water from cup to cup, or through 3 cups in a row, or any other combination. It’s fun for us, it’s fun for our daughter, and I suppose there might even be some brain-development support in there somewhere too. Highly recommended, one of the best things we bought for bath time.

Ashlee Tallulah, LA

Best cups for babies and toddlers

I have bought three sets of these both my kids. I have 2 year old and a 6 month old and they both loves these cups. My older child has played with these since he was little and now likes figuring our the order they go in and also using them in the bathtub. My baby loves grabbing them and chewing on them. I really like the new colors, so happy.

Kate Kent, IL

great learning toy

17m old son loves this. he is getting the idea of sizes and colors with this toy. they have holes in the bottom so they don’t hold water. they have designs on the bottom so if played with in damp sand or play dough it will leave its mark

Cathleen Othello, WA

Love these cups

This is the second set I’ve purchased – we have one bathroom set and a bedroom set. Love that it’s BPA free and I don’t have to worry about my kids chewing on them, etc.

Kimberly Peak, SC

We love green sprouts!!

The kiddo LOVES these. He will stack and unstack and restack them over and over. They can even go in the tub! Must have for infants/toddlers!

Suzette Cedar Grove, TN

A+ product

Good product for use in and out of the bathtub. Like the colors, very vibrant. Would recommend to teach motor skills.

Amparo South Berwick, ME


My son loves these cups, not necessarily to stack, but he loves to bang them against other objects. Out of all the fun bright colors in different sizes, his favorite is the tiny pink one! Great quality and vibrant! Your little one is sure to love them!

Felecia Highland Home, AL

Love these

My 10 month old loves these. They have tiny holes in the bottom so they are fun in the tub as well.

Ladonna Lafayette, CO

Great bath time cups

These cups are great for the price. Each cup has a different design on the bottom and different configuration of holes for water to come out of. Baby has a lot of fun with them!

Elba Papaaloa, HI

great little cups

I don’t feel bad that my 7-month old puts these in his mouth, he really likes these cups. My only complaint really is that when upside down they don’t stack that easily. We use them for bath time and play time though.

Bessie Marvel, CO

Great “green” brand and one of my sons favorite toys!

My son is obsessed with these cups and plays with them every single day since they arrived. Even my four year old is amused with them. Awesome company and quality baby toy!!

Sheri Traver, CA

My baby loves these cups

It is a great simple product for my baby. I stack them, and he loves to knock them down. Fun to use in the bath.

Juana Brice, OH

Light, safe and colorful

Our baby girl has been enjoying these cups since she was a newborn. Now at 9 months she is still more interested in mouthing them and banging them against one another, rather than stacking them. These cups usually occupy her for at least a couple of minutes.The colors are very cute. They are safe and light. We are confident that she will continue playing with the cups for months to come and will perhaps start stacking them very soon.Happy with the purchase and would buy again!

Alma Sandia, TX

Four Stars

Good baby toy, although my 4 year old seems to prefer these more than my infants. 🙂

Josie Piermont, NH


My 5 year old daughter LOVES these cups! She sucks on them, clanks them together and watches her siblings build towers with them! I love this toy!

Jeanie Wardensville, WV

Great bath toy

My daughter chews on these in the bath so I’m very happy to have made the effort to find stacking cups made of a less toxic material. They are cute too!

Tracie Killington, VT

I have bought several sets of these.

The babies love these. They teethe on them. they throw them. they take them in the bath. they dig with them…I mean an all around great multi-pupose toy! And they wash up great too!

Bette Beresford, SD

Our son loves these

Our 4 month old is completely mesmerized by these cups. Perfect for bath time fun and I know he will enjoy them even more when he’s a bit older. Each cup has a different pattern of holes so some shower more water than others. The sizes are good for tiny hands, too.

Denice Bricelyn, MN

… was 6 mo and they are still an everyday favorite.

We’ve had these since she was 6 mo and they are still an everyday favorite.

Lou Interior, SD

I love Green Sprouts company and their products

I love Green Sprouts company and their products. I love that they are from recycled material and the colors aren’t hideously bright or boring. Nice and sturdy, not cheap plastic crap.

Janette Hyannis Port, MA

Our son loves these cups

It is funny that something so simple can provide a 11 month old with hours of enjoyment. He loves putting things in the cups and toppling over cup towers. A nice simple toy.

Tommie Kiel, WI